Monday, February 23, 2009

Quick Update

Did this Halo 1 LAN happen? On my way back to Chicago now, no job, so plenty of time for vids.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Happy Birthday Eternal and Other News

Happy Birthday Unky Eternal.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Breaking Down Fugg First's Stats

Even though no one knows his name, (FuggFirst, FuggFrist, MCHolla etc.) and he never posts and presumably never reads the blog. He is still apart of the Clan... a clan that is falling apart, but a clan no less. If you don't know FF is currently playing the game of American Basketball at a small Division III liberal arts school somewhere in the midwest. I think everyone (except for Adeclipse) has an idea of what that is like.

Well anyway, let's have a look at FF's numbers this season.

20 Games
18 Games Started
Averaging 20.7 min per game.

31 FG/67 FGA
46.3 FG% (Highest of the team that has played more than 20 min total)
FF is the third lowest player for shot attempts, and since FF is the best shooter on the team, this is discouraging.

4.2 PPG. Like I said KofC thinks you should shoot more. While getting a lot of assists is good (see "Misc." below, let's be a little more selfish. Okay?)

Behind the Arc:
7 3FG/23 3FGA
30.5 3FG%
Surprisingly, FF is the second worst 3 point shooter on the team (besides the 0 for 1 big men) yet 30% is very respectable.

Free Throws:
15 FT/27 FTA
55.6% Free throw shooter.
Wow, come on FF that has to be better if you want to make the draft. While still considerably better than my 11% free throw percentage in 7th grade, I think someone needs to hit the gym.

2.1 Rebs a game. Pretty solid.
55 Assists... wow. FF more than doubles the teams average assists per person (excluding bench scrubs)
29 Turn overs
19 Steals.
1 Block Shot. (Would like to have seen that)

Okay, so you need to shoot more, work on your free throws and imrpove the Steal to Turnover ratio.

As a team you are basically getting beat in every statistic except assists and deadball rebounds. It's a good start.