Thursday, February 5, 2009

Breaking Down Fugg First's Stats

Even though no one knows his name, (FuggFirst, FuggFrist, MCHolla etc.) and he never posts and presumably never reads the blog. He is still apart of the Clan... a clan that is falling apart, but a clan no less. If you don't know FF is currently playing the game of American Basketball at a small Division III liberal arts school somewhere in the midwest. I think everyone (except for Adeclipse) has an idea of what that is like.

Well anyway, let's have a look at FF's numbers this season.

20 Games
18 Games Started
Averaging 20.7 min per game.

31 FG/67 FGA
46.3 FG% (Highest of the team that has played more than 20 min total)
FF is the third lowest player for shot attempts, and since FF is the best shooter on the team, this is discouraging.

4.2 PPG. Like I said KofC thinks you should shoot more. While getting a lot of assists is good (see "Misc." below, let's be a little more selfish. Okay?)

Behind the Arc:
7 3FG/23 3FGA
30.5 3FG%
Surprisingly, FF is the second worst 3 point shooter on the team (besides the 0 for 1 big men) yet 30% is very respectable.

Free Throws:
15 FT/27 FTA
55.6% Free throw shooter.
Wow, come on FF that has to be better if you want to make the draft. While still considerably better than my 11% free throw percentage in 7th grade, I think someone needs to hit the gym.

2.1 Rebs a game. Pretty solid.
55 Assists... wow. FF more than doubles the teams average assists per person (excluding bench scrubs)
29 Turn overs
19 Steals.
1 Block Shot. (Would like to have seen that)

Okay, so you need to shoot more, work on your free throws and imrpove the Steal to Turnover ratio.

As a team you are basically getting beat in every statistic except assists and deadball rebounds. It's a good start.


Unky Warthog said...

I'd like to point out that FF leads the team in Assist to Turnover ratio.

locopuyo said...

anyone else playing the halo wars demo?
The demo is only single player. I've done the tutorials and a couple campaign missions so far. After I do those I'm looking forward to skirmishing the AI.

locopuyo said...

I just played 2 skirmishes against the AI. First one I did on normal and just rushed them and camped their spawn till i destroyed their base.

The second game I played on Heroic, the demo doesn't have legendary. I tried rushing again but they had more guys which I defeated, but they had some turrets up so I couldn't finish them off. They put up a pretty good fight and countered when I was attacking their base so I had to come back and defend. There were several big battles and I was the victor in all but 1, but I held it off with reinforcements. I destroyed the enemies final base just as I was ready to rock out with spartan lasers.

So far it seems pretty awesome for multiplayer. Single player was pretty meh.

I'm not sure if the full game will have legendary difficulty, because the option wasn't listed and greyed out. According to the greyed out options the biggest battles you can do are 3v3 and there are only 14 maps, which is kind of skimpy for an RTS.

The game controls really well, and the resource system and stuff seems good. I don't think you ever stop getting resources as long as you have the supply depots, but you can't just hole up and defend forever because you are limited to 4 turrets at the corners of your base for defensive structures. There is a pretty big variety of different units you can get.

locopuyo said...

Good morning Dammer.

I beat skirmish on Heroic a few more times as humans. It's super easy for me now and I think I have some good strategies ready to pwn nubs with online.

I don't have covenant down as well yet. Elites seem to be your main pwners for that. I think I like being the humans more, but I haven't made up my mind yet. Hopefully you can be the flood too, but they probably pussed out and don't let you so it isn't too much like starcraft.

Dammer said...

Yeah, I was going to comment on the Assist to Turnover ratio, but U-Dubs beat me to it. That's a solid shooting percentage, which is why the free throw percentage is so surprising. Alas, not even some of the greatest players of all time could shoot free throws.

Squatting Bear said...

i've played halo wars a fair bit, and agree with puyo's assessment. from the little i've played, i think it's the best RTS i've played on a console. i think it will be super fun to play with fellow clan members online in 2v2 and 3v3 battles. plus we can strategerize on the blog.

Daymonster said...

I know there is legendary difficulty on the full game, i read it on the internetz.

I downloaded it but didn't get a chance to play it yet.

I'll get it and we can add another game to the clan that we play for a couple months.

Pablito Neal said...

sb, you like it more than civ rev??

locopuyo said...

youtube vid This is the 4th game I played on skirmish. I haven't really refined my strategy yet. I think it might be better to build the lightning thing first, then another warthog, start grabbing crates, then build supplies and a barracks. Research hog turrets as soon as the lightning thing is done. Putting marines in the 2 middle towers is pretty good. I usually get a vehicle factory eventually, and upgrade my supply things. I'm not sure it is really worth getting a second base most of the time int his map. I upgrade my spartans a lot.

locopuyo said...

I came up with some sweet secret strategies that I don't want other people to know about yet. I have youtube videos up but made the private. If you add me as a friend I'll give you access
After the game is released and people start to know about them I'll make them public.

Daymonster said...

i befriended you.

Also you could have won the one posted on your youtube account right away