Saturday, October 24, 2009

UFC 117

The Daymonster deliberately dominated BJ Penn in the last match but he'll be up against it when battling number one contender Toby 'Pablito' Neal this Saturday.

The match between Daymonster and the Prodigy went the full 5 rounds before the challenger edged a decision with a unanimous vote to take the belt. BJ will not be pleased because his submission attempts were useless against a non-tapper like the Daymonster. Against a normal opponent he would have won via a devastating armbar in the second round. Unfortunately for BJ, Daymonster refused to give in and was able to escape every submission attempt to put the champ on his back and reverse the advantage. Daymonster had a brutal ground and pound which resulted in the Prodigy being treated after the fight by the fight doctor for a broken nose. BJ barely pulled himself together to approach the ref in order to have Daymonster declared the unanimous winner.

Pablito, on the other hand, has had a quiet rise to the number one contender position. He is only 5-1 after his first 6 UFC fights holding wins over his training partner Sean Sherk and the newly promoted from WEC champ Ben Henderson. The unlikely challenger is able to fight for the belt due to the unexpected losses by Eddie Alvarez and Joachim Hansen to Gilbert Melendez and Tatsuya Kawajiri respectively. These unexpected results allowed Pablito to jump up in the rankings to now have the ability to challenge for the Lightweight belt.

Tune in this Saturday to see who comes out on top. UFC 117!!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

LOL Runner Available Now on the Xbox Live Marketplace!

LOL Runner is now on the Xbox Live Markteplace and can be found under Indie Games in the new games section.

Race against ninjas, pirates, robots and zombies! Unlock more than 10 different runners and 5 different tracks in campaign mode. Race against or with your friends in relays, three-Legged races and more!

Download it here.

LOL Runner Official Site

Monday, October 12, 2009

Mr. and Mrs. WillEatU

I've been married now for 19 days! It was a long and stressful process, and I'm so happy it's over and done with. That Friday I was anxious and nervous all day long, and I thought the actual ceremony would never come. However, I will tell you right now that the best moment of my life so far was watching DanaWillEatU walk down the aisle. She looked totally amazing, unbelieavably attractive, completely arousing, and wondrously beautiful. Seriously....breathtaking. 

Has anything changed? Oddly We've gained some material possessions and dropped our insurance rates. I have a new piece of hardware on my finger that'll make it easier to give Unky Warthog black eyes. DanaWillEatU has changed her name. Between DanaWillEatU and I though there really hasn't been a difference which I think is a good thing. I will say that the stress level has decreased and we're breathing a lot easier thanks to the wedding being done and payed for. It's so nice to just come home with nothing to take care of and no one to call.

What about the honeymoon you ask? Well DanaWillEatU and I went to Des Moines for 5 days. Yes Des Moines. I realize it doesn't seem all that exciting, but we were able to keep our total expenses fairly cheap, and we really did have a blast. The best part is that we agreed a while back that if we went somewhere cheap right now, we'd have a hell of a trip in a couple years. So I have something to look forward to. In Des Moines we ate good food, played arcade games, saw a show, relaxed in our whirlpool, etc etc. Basically we just relaxed and enjoyed each other's company. I also learned about a new beer, Baltika. I had the #3 and the #5. Both are really smooth and delicious, and I highly recommend giving this beer a whirl if you can find it anywhere. It's probably the only Russian beer you'll be able to find.

In current news, we went to the movie "Couples Retreat" after work yesterday and enjoyed it quite a bit. It was a good date movie for DanaWillEatU and I since it had some stupid humor but also some chick humor, unlike "The Informant" which neither of us really enjoyed at all. Also I just bought some new tires for the truck and am pretty pumped about not having to fear dying in a horrible crash anymore.

So.....when's the Beerfest?

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Sunday update and questions

So it looks like the blog could be back, so I feel I should just say what's up.

Josey's informal engagement party was a success, last night. We watched a very exciting USA vs Honduras game where the US qualified for the World Cup.

Today, SB, Unky Rod, Pablito and will be on our way shortly to the Twins playoff game. One of us will take a few pics to share with the group.

Also, we still need to go to the Water Park of America soon. That's about it, it's Sunday, the Vikes are 5-0 and the Twins are in the playoffs.

Also, here is a video of little kids in some strange half wrestling, half MMA fighting:

Here are some questions for the members...

Dammer, where is the post-marriage post?

Puyo, update on your video games?

Unky Warthog, does law school still suck? You a douchebag yet?

Josey, what were you thinking? (joking)

Kelly Wales, what were you thinking? (serious)

Pablito, when will you get me an application?

SB, I don't really have a question for you since you are sitting right here?

Adeclipse, you alive?

Unky Eternal, are you kind of mad you don't have that lovely wedding gift?

Unky Playboy, who are you again?

Tilla, uhh, how's it going?

Friday, October 9, 2009

Josey Is Engaged

Yes, that’s right, Josey Wales is now engaged. I got engaged this afternoon to my girlfriend. I am pretty sure you have all met her, except Adeclipse, and I am under the impression that she has Clan approval. There is not much else I can say, I just thought the Clan should know.

On another note, I was recently informed there have been talks about a Beerfest reunion, and not the one mentioned below. It is my understanding that it will be a get wasted Beerfest reunion. I really hope this event takes place, I am already looking forward to it.

Yours truly,

Josey Wales

Broken Lizard

Now you may list different movies in your own top 5 or in your favorite movies on Facebook, but none of us (except maybe Adeclipse) can deny that the most influential film we've seen is Beerfest. It shaped our formative college years and introduced us to the wonderful lifestyle of beer games. Tomorrow night could be our one and only chance to see Beerfest's creators live and in person. I did the ticketmaster 'search for tickets' for best available and there are still tix in the lower level so there's not exactly a rush to buy them, except that the show is tomorrow (Saturday 10/10) night.

I'm honestly not sure what the presentation will be, whether it's stand-up comedy or sketches. I'm sure we could find out, but I'd prefer to be surprised.

Dammer: please consider a visit up here for this once in a lifetime opportunity. Maybe it could be your belated bachelor's party since I don't recall being invited to one before your wedding...

Puyo: I don't think you got as much enjoyment from this landmark movie as the rest of us back in school but I'd recommend re-watching it tonight or tomorrow during the day to guage your response.

Daymonster, SB, Unky's, and most importantly Josey: no excuses, we're going.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Knights Attend Most Exciting Baseball Game Ever

Many of you may have seen this game on TV but several of the knights were in attendance to see this memorable match. Unky Eternal, MCHolla, and I were up in the cheap seats while Squatting Bear and Daymonster overcame all odds to get screwed over by a scalper and sit in the lower level. First, we in the cheap seats bought our tickets legitimately by driving to the Metrodome and purchasing the only tickets available, far away in the upper deck in straight away center. SB and Daymonster originally had commitments to coach high school soccer but the games were rained out. Then the power went out at the KofC clubhouse preventing the guys from even watching the game on TV. Luckily they decided to head to the stadium and pay double face value to see the game in person.

Anyways, for a description the game, just read the article. After an almost 5 hour game, one player who didn't start the game, Carlos Gomez, scored off a weak hit through first and second by another non-starter, Alexi Casilla. Below is a picture taken by Daymonster.