Friday, October 9, 2009

Broken Lizard

Now you may list different movies in your own top 5 or in your favorite movies on Facebook, but none of us (except maybe Adeclipse) can deny that the most influential film we've seen is Beerfest. It shaped our formative college years and introduced us to the wonderful lifestyle of beer games. Tomorrow night could be our one and only chance to see Beerfest's creators live and in person. I did the ticketmaster 'search for tickets' for best available and there are still tix in the lower level so there's not exactly a rush to buy them, except that the show is tomorrow (Saturday 10/10) night.

I'm honestly not sure what the presentation will be, whether it's stand-up comedy or sketches. I'm sure we could find out, but I'd prefer to be surprised.

Dammer: please consider a visit up here for this once in a lifetime opportunity. Maybe it could be your belated bachelor's party since I don't recall being invited to one before your wedding...

Puyo: I don't think you got as much enjoyment from this landmark movie as the rest of us back in school but I'd recommend re-watching it tonight or tomorrow during the day to guage your response.

Daymonster, SB, Unky's, and most importantly Josey: no excuses, we're going.

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