Monday, December 31, 2007


flame pwn

LocoPollo has joined Nice. The official clan of 1337 Pwnage.
Only the most elite players and babes are allowed to join and LocoPollo was chosen.
If you knew how good they are you would think they're modest.


Sunday, December 30, 2007

I was playing Halo 3...

While bored and waiting for KofC members to appear online to play Halo this evening, I decided to waste an hour surfing the vastness of youtube and happened to find the following video.

Although not yet married, I fear this situation (the one depicted in the video) will one day present itself to me. In that fleeting moment, I must ask myself the ultimate question...Take out the trash or play Halo? After contemplating this dilemma, the next question becomes...How much trash do I have? Can it wait until next week? Will my house begin to smell of rotten cabbage and sour milk? If you have a lot of trash, find some hiding place to put your garbage or conceal it with a handy towel or perhaps some newspaper. When the stench becomes so overwhelming that you find it hard to resist all relentless vomit advances, find a nice bottle of Febreeze or perhaps a smelly candle. That should do the trick. And remember to think of the alternatives when confronted with this inevitable paradox. You always have a choice, just as long as your choice involves playing Halo.

Monday, December 24, 2007

Christmas Update: Ratings, Breakings, Noticings

Merry Christmas Eve KofCers!

Sitting here at my parents' computer, I was placed into a dilemma. On one hand I have a small, yet important, update to share with the KofC; on the other I have to use a dial-up connection to do all my internet browsing. My current connection speed? 40.0 Kbps, to put it in KofC terms I am browsing slightly slower than Daymonster plays Halo 3. What does this mean for you? A post devoid of links, pictures, or anything similar to entertainment. What you do get is an update on the ratings calculator...isn't that good enough?

I have good and bad news to report. I'll start with the bad. The previous plan was to use an Applet to put the ratings mechanism on the website. Unfortunately after I had the basic layout and design created and coded, I discovered that Applets cannot "talk" to other servers besides the one they are hosted on unless they are signed. What does that mean? Well it means I would have to go through a long arduous process to get it signed so that I can make connections to Do I wanna do that? Hell no. The other piece of bad news is that after a series of frustrating events led me to punch the power cord on the back of my laptop multiple times in a fit of Dammer rage (see the ice scraper incident), the connection to my laptop has been compromised. Unfortunately both of my batteries are shot as well. What does this mean? This means that I placed an order for a new power supply today and it won't be here until next week perhaps. In other words production has come to a standstill on my end.

The good news: I have made a standalone version of how far I am in the ratings calculator. I plan to package it up and make it downloadable from the website as soon as I can get back onto my laptop. All you need is the latest version of Java to run it. It doesn't do anything yet, but at the least you will see what it graphically looks like. I will talk with Tilla some more, but until we figure some things out the plan is to make this a standalone app that will be available for download off of the website so that you can at least see what's happening. 

Random notes: I came home to find the Luther College yearbook placed in my room. How well was the KofC represented? Here's a breakdown:

DammerWillEatU: 77, 132, 139
Josey Wales: 77
Squatting Bear: 77
Locopollo: 77
Unky Warthog: 118, 120
Unky Eternal: no pages
UnkyPlayboy: don't know his real name

Based on this you would think that page 77 had a great picture of the KofC in action doing something, but you'd be wrong. Page 77 is the page for "Seniors Not Pictured".

That's it, enjoy your Christmas!

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Not So-Happy Holidays

So it's getting close to the highly anticipated holiday break and usually I would be excited to get 12 days off of work and would be even more excited to get 17 days off of the next 20 days. But to be honest I am not as excited as I should be for one reason and one reason alone. These next 20 days will be almost completely devoid of Halo and in turn, the Knights of Cydonia. I wanted to play last night but no one was on (except Adeclipse, but my connection was so terrible I didn't want to subject him to it).

I'll either be at my girlfriends house, in Mexico or in the Bahamas for 99% of the next three weeks. I do plan on bringing my Xbox to Anna's house but I don't think I'll be able to get online. It's use will mostly be her brother and us rocking out in front of her grandparents with Rock Band.

Anyways, I want to know what all you KofC members are doing for the holidays and what you hope to get from Santa Clause?

Also, last night I made the beginnings of a pretty sweet Foundry map/arena. It's essentially what I think Grifball is like (which I haven't actually played or seen) but I added some levels that could make it fun. I wanted to take pictures of it and post them but as what normally happens after a few drinks, I forgot.

Here are three poorly drawn images to give you an idea of what it's like: 1, 2, and 3. It's basically a rectangle arena with the bases completely blocked off and two goals on each side. The walls of the arena have catwalks accessible by stairs at each corner and then the cat walks connect to each other down what would be the mid-line at about 30 feet up. Right in the middle of that catwalk is where the ball spawns so it's a race to the top at the start of each round and after each goal.

Everyone spawns with Grav Hammers and you have 150% speed. Once you control the ball you turn white so you can tell who controls the ball as all other indicators are turned off. The ball carrier has a slightly increased speed. I think this is very similar to Grifball but I think with the addition of the catwalks and ramps it could be fun. I have another idea of possibly raising the goals on the ends as so you have to go up to score either by catwalk or man cannon. Let me know what you guys think. If we can make it different enough I saw we call it KofCcer? I don't know.

Anyways there isn't too much to talk about but I thought I would share a couple of things I have seen today, on what has been the most boring week of work of my life.

Stupid Halo Cartoon of the Day

This video is pretty funny and it features a bunch of stuff I like. Rock Band, Paul Rudd, Darryl from the Office, and Jonah Hill from Super Bad. Check it out.

I don't know if any of you have heard of Brotherhood 2.0 but it's really pretty cool. So these two brothers one lives in Montana and the other in New York and they decided they would not communicate by text for the next year. This was back on January 1st 2007 so they alternate posting video blogs to each other about shit workday of the year. It sounds like it could be lame but it's actually really entertaining. I started watching about a month or 2 ago, but i since have gone back to the first video and have watched everyone. I am now in to June. It's pretty crazy that I have seen these two guy's life for about 5 months, all in two days.

Dammer is working on the Java Performance Calculator App for the website and I am sincerely looking forward to that being completed. He also sent me three articles to post. A whale one, a computing one and a BitTorrent one. Through Dammer's email I have learned a lot, I learned about the Whale, Quantum computing and lawsuits, but mostly I learned that Dammer only gets his news through BBC, and thus is un-American. But better informed.

Not really sure if there is anything else to talk about. If I don't talk to you before tomorrow have a good Holiday break and I'll probably see you online in 2008.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Booze: the KofC's Official Beverage Recommendation

By DammerWillEatU

Seeing as I'm bored at work I think it's time to revisit the clan's health as the holidays arrive and you come into contact with some possibly very disgusting and sickly relatives. As you may remember, a while back we discussed on these very pages the merits of adding the intake of a multi-vitamin to your routine. This may boost the immune system, but what about those quick fixes we sometimes need to clean out the system or provide an instant feel-good moment? Some of you (UnkyDubhawg) may mock what I'm about to present to you, but rest assured most of you will probably agree.

Beer, beer the magical food, the more you drink the more you...die? As Lee Corso would say, "Not so fast my friend!". I've always been a proponent of the healing powers of alcohol, but it is beginning to look like the rest of the world is jumping on the body-building booze bandwagon, and with alliteration like that who wouldn't be!? Seriously though folks, we've all witnessed the amazing and various powers of booze. It's been known to increase speed, strength, intelligence, and even looks.

Look deep into the recesses of your booze-soaked brain and think about some of your greatest drinking accomplishments. Have you ever grinded on a chick at the local club before? Not sober! Have you ever thrown booze bottles onto the street? They go a lot farther when you're blitzed don't they. Who here plays Halo? Oh you all do? Ok then you all know about the "perfect Halo state", that magical place where your BAC is just right and you focus so intently on playing that every decision you make and every shot you just right for the situation.

Now I've run many miles in my life, and I can tell you that if I'm in a short sprint contest, I want to be drunk. Have you ever felt faster than when you're sloshed? Personal experience of running back to my dorm from the bar late on a Saturday night tells me that SB is the fastest man alive.......when drunk. Sprinting is not the only way to run that benefits from booze though, endurance is also greatly increased if you're going slow enough. My Sunday long runs with the cross country team sucked regardless of whether I was sober or not, but at least if I was still drunk I didn't feel the first 5 miles. And sometimes I was even drunk enough that I couldn't get out of bed to go (chalk one up for getting the recommended amount of sleep). I can think of a certain clan member (Unky Eternal) that has no problem going on long drunken excursions, much like this fellow. How tiring would that have been sober? Plus, who here has had a drink or two to get over a hangover? Yeah that's right, IB Profin and alcohol, a hangover's worst enemy...or is it this? (my personal thinking is that if you combined that with a multivitamin you would have a cure for almost any ailment)

Enough about the magical powers though, what about the health benefits I first mentioned? Well obviously if you're running faster and longer you will increase your physical health. If you're grinding on chicks you will have a greater chance of contributing to healthier relationships with the opposite sex (not necessarily the same sex however), thus resulting in a more complete and healthy mental disposition. Now thanks to a new study, you should also know that beers defined as a stout, not a lager, work to decrease your chance of having a heart attack by reducing your bloods ability to clot. Unfortunately for us, the KofC drinks heavily of the latter. This isn't all that discouraging however, considering that the KofC's top beers of choice (Coors, Busch, Keystone) placed well in a recent Consumer Report study. Some of us at the KofC do enjoy a nice glass of red wine anyway, whos health benefits have been proven time and time again.

What is the bottom line here folks? It's quite simple. DRINK YOUR BOOZE! And don't worry about those folks that say you're killing your brain cells. There's proof that they come back anyway, and at the rates they're talking it may be best to live the rollercoaster lifestyle the KofC is known for.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Tuesdays with The Daymonster

Well, I am beginning to worry that most of my posts these days have been random thoughts by me instead of the hard hitting well written news-worthy stories that you have come to expect.

Nothing makes me more mad when I get to work and don't have a good idea of what to talk about (other than the fact that I am at work). So, in honor of that I am going to make the longest random notes and thoughts post yet in hopes that it will soon rid me of this terrible writer's block once and for all. Ready? Go.

Last night I was pretty tired but I threw this wallpaper together. It is of me and Tilla but I figured it was good to have a fairly generic one until we each get our own.

- The last game we played on Valhalla, I went back and watched the film and saw three sweet kills. I assume this would be boring unless you were there so I will explain it quickly. The first one was right at the bargaining, I grabbed the missile pod and hit the man cannon, as I launched toward the center I fired at their base and I got a kill. I thought that was sweet but when I watched the film, I hit the other guy with the missile pod in midair in the face going off the man cannon.

- The second and third kill was a double kill that featured two somewhat random long range lucky grenades. One frag that made the 'hog do a barrel roll and the second plasma that stuck the bottom of the 'hog during its flip killing all on board. Believe me it was cool.

- One thing I have noticed is that every single woman who works in an office has one thing on her desk. A bottle of lotion. I think it's hand lotion but I have not investigated further. I urge you to go to a co-workers desk (SB, Josey, Unky's, take my word for it) and check out their desk. You will undoubtedly find a Jergen's, or a Vaseline labeled squirt bottle. What is it about women's hands that get so dry.

- Last night the Minnesota Vikings beat the Chicago Bears, 20-13. Even though the hometown Vikings won the game it was a brutal game to watch. But last night while I was at a bar, the Vikings came to a 4th in 1 in the 4th quarter up by 7. It was about at midfield and the Vikes decided to punt. I am not sure if you guys know my stance on punting. I am almost entirely against it. I have read some articles about it and with very limited research here is a short summary. With Devin Hester returning the kick the Vikings take an intentional delay of game to get moved back 5 yds. This time Chicago sends everyone in an attempt to block the kick and Hester gets stuffed inside the 15 yd line. It worked out this time, but I think 9/10 times you should go for it on 4th down when at half field or beyond.

- Speaking of Devin Hester. I hate him. I think he is overrated. Not overrated as a returner, but as an offensive player. Yes he is fast but he cannot catch worth shit.

- Super Crazy Guitar Man Deluxe 2 is a pretty fun game that is like a weird cheap version of Guitar Hero for Flash but it's surprisingly fun and difficult.

- 52% of all Xbox 360 owners own Halo 3. So why does everyone hate it?

- Pablito Neals love is coming into the country this week and this means we will not be playing with him for a while. At first I was very sad because it will suck to lose a good teammate during the importance of this holiday season. But then I realized it is better than the alternative of him going off to some far off land to be with her for good.

- Why did back in the day when you would take a video tape from a camcorder did it still have all that info on it. Like how much battery was left. I don't know why you would need to know that when putting the video in the VHS player. Did they not have the technology to keep that off the tape?

- Can anyone explain what MLG is really. I mean I know they have a pro circuit and stuff but. They chose their own game types and there are MLG gamers and they play over XBL. I'm just confused.

- Anyone know how the custom power up works? Where can you set the attributes. I know one MLG game type on The Pit has one that's a 3x over shield.

- Anyways, I apologize for the poor writing, and half-thought out ideas but I just want to get something out there to get some comments going.

Monday, December 17, 2007

When the Knights are Away, Unky Will Play

Sometimes being done with school is not always so great. Sure, you get to sleep in until 11 or 12, or whenever Unky Deb decides to pester you with some chores. But what is there to do once you actually get up?

Of course, I browse ESPN, reliving Sunday's unfortunate happenings and pondering outlandish obsessions (Dammer?).

Then I check my e-mail only to find that no new soft-core porn has arrived from the various sites I subscribe to.

Next I log onto KofC to find what tidbit of brilliance Daymonster has for us today, when I see a great post about Damnation! So I quickly log onto bungie. net only to find Unky has no friends online. How upsetting!

Left with a choice between trying to resurrect my dying poker career or playing H3 without the Knights I choose the former. I make a few bones, but it's really not all that much fun. And I find myself making some poor plays. So here I am, waiting until the Knights log on so I can pwn some nubblets. Hopefully I'll be able to rank up 3 to a 30. But let's face it, Unky's destined to, forever be, a Grade 3.

Ode to the Greatest Map in the World: Damnation

According to the Weekly Bungie update they are currently playing a new batch of Downloadable Content. I am sure this won't be released for sometime but it did get me thinking. Specifically, when the Bungie people said the next installment of maps could include "Returning classics demanded by the fans."

Now, I don't think my dream has much of a chance of coming to fruition as I think I am one of a few people that loved this map. But I want to make my case to the people at Bungie to remake the greatest map in this history of all maps.... Damnation. Who could forget that lovable, Covenant Hydro-Processing Center.

I am very sad to say I cannot find a decent screen shot of any action in Damnation. The only thing that even comes close is this.

I will make my case with this following list entitled: Reasons why Damnation kicked so much ass and should be made into a Halo 3 map.

  • Damnation had great scale and vertical variation. It played so well with varied ways of avoiding enemies with misdirection and circling behind them.
  • There were several ways to get across the map, each had their advantages and disadvantages. But there wasn't one that was better than the rest.
  • The power-ups and powerful weapons (Rockets, Overshield) were low on the map requiring constant movement.
  • The weapons re-spawned fairly quickly also adding to the constant movement and exciting encounters.
  • It was not a symmetrical map, which is great for Team Slayer. But it played like one with objective game types.
  • You could grenade the power-ups to provide exciting moments to battle for power-ups (more of an attribute of Halo CE than Damnation but I think it still applies).
  • The portals created an inherent danger more than man cannons have in Halo 3. There was something exciting and awesome about a door you couldn't see through. (Unlike the standoffs between the shield doors in Snowbound, for example).
If anyone out there from Bungie is reading this (about as likely as me not getting sick from these Chipotle Burritos, yes Burritos,) please make a Damnation version for Halo 3. Here are my only suggestions for change.
  • Make it so you can't sit in the portal and constantly melee.
  • Make the low waterfall route a little more accessible and useful.

Friday, December 14, 2007

Fridays Are Cool I Guess. Vol. 2

I will make this post short for three reasons. A) Dammer made a really good post, I suggest you all read it below. 2) I have to leave in like 30 minutes for my work holiday party (yes, I had to come in to work for 1 hr before the party... lame. Here is where the party is at, I'm skeptical but I'll let you know how it is, and finally D) I don't have that much to say.

Let's get into it.

Actually before I start. Dammer I did download the Mitchell report and by the end of the day yesterday I had read to about page 100. I plan on reading the whole thing (what else do I have to do), but I did skip around to some of the good parts (i.e. Roger "Barry Bonds if he were a pitcher" Clemens' 8 page investigation and Chuck Knoblauch's 2001 failed act of desperation). It's a good read.

Anyway... I decided that we all need to have customized KofC member wallpaper. I started with Tilla's but I am going to make at least one for everyone. Also I am working on a few that are just standard KofC imagery. Here is Tilla's, it comes in 1920 x 1080 for the wide screen users and 1600 x 1200 for the rest of you. Let me know if anyone else wants one, and any ideas you can think of.

Speaking of Tilla, while I was looking to see what his emblem looked like, I came across a screenshot he took. I don't have a problem with the fact that he took it, I do have a problem with what he labeled it. I don't know which is more funny, the fact that I only got 1 kill, or the name of guy with the most kills on the other team. Yes, Corndog that hoe!

That's all, I hope to play some Halo tonight or at least this weekend. Let me know.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Thursday's Notes and Links

Pablito Neal is nearing the 1.00 K/D ratio. He is currently at .98 and climbing. Pablito has made it his goal to reach this mark by the end of the weekend. For him to do it he would have to go +54 over the next 4 nights, or about +14 kills each night. I think he can do it and we should all cheer him on... Go Pablito!

I, however, seem to be on the opposite track. Last night was by far my worst night of play since Halo 3 came out. I should have quite after the first few games. Although throughout the night, the teams I played on had a record of 11 wins and 6 losses. I posted a absolutely terrible -42 Kills to Deaths. I averaged 11.5 kills, 6 assists and a terrible, 13.25 deaths. I apologize to all of the KofC members I played with last night, but most specifically Tilla and Loco, for my -21 in the two games I played with them.

The most interesting game of the night had to be our loss to some dbags on Snowbound. We lost 50 - 38 on Team BRs. You can check out the game here. The fact that we lost isn't there interesting point, it's the fact that we had 38 kills as a team and 38 assists as a team. 100% of all the kills we had were assisted. The chances of that happening on a map with a shot gun, a sniper rifle, a laser and a ghost seem incredibly small but some how we did it. No one had less than 6 assists and I, somehow acquired 17. Earlier in the night Squatting Bear had 16 on a Team BR Isolation game.

Speaking of SB, he had some good games last night, which might explain why he wanted me to enter all the stats from last night into the new (and possibly almost done) formula. I am working on getting it all finalized, but Pablito isn't on Google Chat. I think he called in sick and is cuddling with his kitten while watching Oprah right now.

You know all those people on Live that say they are going to totally kill you in real life.? Well they might be getting a call from the police in the future. Some douche in Maryland, Allieu Shaw, has been charged with two misdemeanor counts of disrupting a school operation. He was making threats over XBL about shooting up a school while playing COD4. He faces a maximum penalty of one year in jail and/or a fine of up to $5,000... sucker.

Mini Link-O-Rama:
If anyone is in the market for a huge, yet, sweet computer, check this one out.

Squatting Bear get these rims for you car... now.

For the other guys who are rotting at work with nothing to do except imagining customizing Foundry in forge, Bungie was thinking of you. You can download this pdf and draw your changes so as not to forget them when you go home tonight.

I think we should find a bar where we could host an event like this. How sweet would it be to play rockband with lights on stage through the sound system. We just have to make up a charity.

There's a sweet Halo pic on the BBC website and a good corresponding article. w00t!

If anyone has played BioShock, this will be awfully impressive. And you can buy it on ebay!

Someone found a love letter from Unky.

Congratulations Playboy!
Congrats goes to UnkyPlayboy (why no space?) on being the latest member to join the KofC ranks. No one seemed to oppose the new, supposedly charismatic young member so I can only assume we would like him in the clan. We just don't like his name, I guess. Since we really don't have the proper medium for a speech or anything, please say a few words of gratitude and thank whomever you wish in the comment section.
Not much is going on today in the world of KofC I don't think. So please get some good discussion going so I can pass the time until I go out drinking tonight.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Possible Future Knights of Cydonia: Get to Know 'Em (Unky Playboy)

Well, there is a lot of news going on today. But I will post about that later (if I have time). But first we have another interview of a person who wants to join the reputable Knights of Cydonia. Although he holds the name "Unky" it is up to us decided if he is a full fledged member or a sometimes called upon alternate.

Discuss his credential's below.

Name: Unky Playboy (AKA: Casey Rigdon)

Age: 20

Why the name Unky Playboy? Freshman year my roommates decided to call me Playboy because they claimed that I could date any girl that came into our room. I disagreed but the name stuck... Unky is self explanatory.

If you could go out drinking with any 3 people, alive or dead, who would they be? Harrison Ford, Van Morrison, John Lennon.

Same question, replace drinking with video games: The Unky Trifecta (Warthog, Eternal, and Yeager you guys might meet him soon)

Halo 1, 2, or 3? 3 and 1 cannot be compared so I like them both the most. 2 blows.

What is your favorite Halo 3 map? Pit or Valhalla depending on size of the group...however, Standoff has some promise

Least favorite Halo 3 map? Isolation

Preferred Halo 3 weapon? Plasma Grenade

Least favorite weapon? Brute Spiker or SMG

Preferred Halo 3 vehicle? Warthog

Least favorite vehicle? Brute Chopper

Greatest Halo memory? My brothers, Alex(17) and Jake(14), came up with my parents to visit so we of course had to play Halo (this is before three was out so we were playing one) My 17 year old bro is around my skill level most of the time and my other one is equivalent to the king of the 4th North Nubs. So the unkys, Eternal, Warthog and Yeager, challenged the brothers to a battle. We lost the first game but...fighting for my brother's honor in the next, I led my team to victory with a kill count of 32 and a death count in the single digits.

Worst? Whenever I get splattered by a Mongoose or killed by dual SMGs

What is your favorite beverage? Black and Tan....Pepsi if without alcohol

What is your best drinking accomplishment? I gargled with Hawk for 15 seconds....sober.

What size and type of TV do you play on? Eternal's 56" DLP Samsung.

What are your halo 3 strengths? The Grenade and then I'm pretty versatile.

Weaknesses? Fighting for my honor too much.

Best drinking memory? Drinking with my admissions counselor at the Hay market

Best drinking blackout? The night that I made strange noises for Unky Warthog...ask him about it.

What kind of player would you say you are (bear, spider, etc.)? I would say I am probably a mix between an amoeba and a mongoose.

Who would win an Halo 3 Team Slayer game? Brothers Rigdon or the Dammers? I'm biased, so brothers Rigdon.

Explain your affinity for sticky grenades. Plasma grenades are sweet. I'm left handed so I naturally squeeze the left trigger first. I think that if you can make a stick count from just outside of close range or even more so from long range, they can be one of the most effective weapons in the game.

How come you play so many video games but do not own a system or hdtv? Well I have a high def-tv at home, and a wii at home with my bros. And I have a Super Nintendo here. So I technically do have a system, but not a 360. It is on the wish-list.

Why don't you spend more time gaming and less time finding album art on iTunes? Because I have to keep up with my collection. Besides, I have to give the nubs their time.

Classic Rock or 80s? Classic Rock...but 80's is my guilty pleasure.

How much Halo 3 are you going to play in J-Term? There is no such thing as too much, but if there were, it would be that amount.

How badly do you want the Knights to come down and play as well? Really badly, its unfortunate that Luther's connection blows so bad. It would be fun to play system link with people that aren't nubs.

In 6 words or less, give your best description of who you know (but have not met) as Big Guy. "Big Tan Eighties Music Loving Man-Crusher"....or at least that's what I get from the Unkys.

Who won H3 heads up match, you or Eternal? Lets not talk about that.

You are in Choir, is that more or less lame than these three: a. being a secretary, b. having a cat, c. going tanning? Well, I would say that Choir is much less lame than all three of those. The lamest however, would probably tanning if not in preparation for a trip to somewhere warm.

You were awfully demanding with your email asking to be in KofC. What makes you KofC material? Well I didn't mean to be demanding... I just recognized the existence of my stats on the blog. I feel like I could definitely contribute to KofC because I was given the Unky title by Eternal and Warthog during the first halo match I ever played against them. And I'm pretty good.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

My Perfomance Rating Formula Suggestion

We all have been playing with the idea of some sort of efficiency index of some sort. Here is my suggestion:

Where: K=Kills, A=Assists, D=Deaths, B=Betrays, S=Suicides, Sp=Best Spree and AL=Average Life (in seconds)

Essentially this equals out to a number between -500 and 500. 500 being a 50 kills streak with no deaths, and -500 being 50 deaths and no kills these extremes are obviously highly unlikely. Most PR ratings are between -50 and 150. A PR of 0 or below is pretty bad, where as a PR of 100 or over was a very good game, with the majority of our games falling in between the 0 and 100 marks.

I used this formula on the 7 games, Pablito, SB, Adeclipse and I played last night. The spreadsheet can be found here.

The highest two PR's of the night were by SB and Adeclipse. Adeclipse had a 115.3 on Guardian (13K/7A/6D/4Sp/63AL) and SB had a 114.9 on Snowbound (10/5/3/4/159).

The lowest of the the night was also by Adeclipse who post a lack luster -31.8 on Isolation (9/7/16/1/22), but to be fair that is his least favorite map.

I however never broke the 100 mark, unlike all of my teammates. Adeclipse had two games over 100 and SB and Pablito both had one. Everyone had at least one game at or below 0.

Here were the average PR's from the 7 games last night.
Adeclipse: 50.3
The Daymonster: 43.8
Squatting Bear: 30.5
Pablito Neal: 26.6

I am definitely open to suggestions to the formula, but once we are set on it, we can never explain it to anyone other than "It's complicated, and it takes into account a bunch of stuff", that way it will seem way cooler. The one thing I do like about this is how it works pretty easily with bench marks (i.e. Negative=Bad, Over 100 really good, etc.)

Monday, December 10, 2007

Pablito's Useless Stats

I do a lot of looking through statistics on trying to figure out what, if anything, can be deduced from them. Here are my two most recent ventures. The first is each clan member's K/D ratio for the 6 most common weapons and the second is about assists and has some interesting results. Read on to find out...

KofC K/D by Weapon
Pablito Neal:
Melee = 1.15
AR = 0.69
BR = 1.20
Sniper = 0.64
Shotgun = 0.74
Frag Grenade = 1.57

The Daymonster:
Melee = 1.01
AR = 0.70
BR = 0.63
Sniper = 0.72
Shotgun = 1.86
Frag Grenade = 1.30

Squatting Bear:
Melee = 0.95
AR = 0.98
BR = 0.96
Sniper = 1.04
Shotgun = 0.93
Frag Grenade = 1.29

Josey Wales:
Melee = 0.91
AR = 0.58
BR = 1.59
Sniper = 1.64
Shotgun = 1.35
Frag Grenade = 1.31

Melee = 1.07
AR = 0.92
BR = 2.11
Sniper = 1.22
Shotgun = 0.76
Frag Grenade = 0.96

Melee = 1.05
AR = 0.98
BR = 2.60
Sniper = 1.26
Shotgun = 0.65
Frag Grenade = 1.30

Unky Warthog:
Melee = 0.93
AR = 0.72
BR = 1.56
Sniper = 0.75
Shotgun = 1.82
Frag Grenade = 1.40

Unky Eternal:
Melee = 0.86
AR = 0.80
BR = 2.12
Sniper = 1.00
Shotgun = 1.08
Frag Grenade = 1.05

Melee = 1.02
AR = 1.23
BR = 2.97
Sniper = 2.22
Shotgun = 1.47
Frag Grenade = 1.13

Melee = 1.04
AR = 1.26
BR = 2.94
Sniper = 2.04
Shotgun = 2.27
Frag Grenade = 1.30

This can be added to the assist discussion. It is the percent of kills which were assisted in all of my Team Slayer matches.

4v4 Wins: 51.7%
4v4 Losses: 54.4%
3v3 Wins: 38.9%
3v3 Losses: 53.1%

Does this mean assists are important, in a bad way? This is from the team total, not just my kills/assists but it clearly shows that assists are more prevalent in our losses. I could use more games, the average sample size is about 20 but what conclusions can you other clan members draw from this?

Notes from Monday

There is actually a lot to talk about today, which normally would get me all excited. But for some reason I am not in a posting mood. Yeah, it's crazy, I know. So while much of this could be expanded on, I am going to make this post relatively short, and hope you guys pick up some steam in the comments.

First and foremost, I think we are all in agreement on this, but Pablito and I wanted to make it official. We would like to formally welcome Adeclipse to the Knights of Cydonia. [Hold for Applause] Pablito and I had the pleasure of playing with him on Friday night. We played 7 games of a mix of Team Slayer and Team Doubles and we won all 7 games.

Here was Adeclipse's averages for the night: 11.5 Kills/Game, 6.7 Assists/Game and 10.3 Deaths/Game. I can say with honesty that he is a good player who communicates well and will fit in nicely with the KofC style. I was worried at first that a possible southern drawl would come off difficult to hear or annoying but, to be honest, it was quite soothing.

Although he does throw like a girl.

But anyways Christmas is getting closer and if anyone out there wants to get me anything they could get me this. It's pretty sweet but I am hoping they come out with a needler version soon.

Speaking of things getting closer, the three new maps will be released tomorrow. I am not sure how it works. Will they be released at midnight tonight? Sometime Tomorrow? I am not sure, but what I am sure of is that we should all play tomorrow night and test them out.

A lot of people have been talking about all the matchmaking shit that goes with the new maps. Well, I really suggest you read the latest update from Bungie. Looks like there are a lot of things that are going to be changing on matchmaking within the next few months. Nothing made me upset, which is rare.

A few things that actually effect us:
- They are going to be "some long requested BR Start variants and a wider map selection in the ranked play lists." I am not sure what maps they are going to change the BR start points but hopefully it will be beneficial to us.

- Team Objective will be focused on CTF (both One Flag and Multi Flag variants) and Assault. Territories, OddBall and VIP will be taken out of TO and moved into a different Matchmaking called Team Control.

- They hope to have a ranked BTB sometime in January.

I don't know how much stuff you guys read on the internets, as many of you have far better things to be doing (SB winning monies, Tilla getting married, Adeclipse being married, Josey tanning, etc.) but here are a couple of good videogame blogs I often check during my day.

And last but not least, I would like to revisit the idea of standard KofC emblem. Seems we ran into a little wall a week or two ago. I really don't care what it is and I am not sure who actually does. I think the person who cares the most on what emblem it is, might be Josey (no disrespect). So what if Josey determines his emblem (Green Wolf perhaps?) and we can either adopt it or then determine what should be the common theme.

I also, if I have time plan on making a few sample ideas and posting them so be on the look out for that! Exciting I know.

Friday, December 7, 2007

Possible Future Knights of Cydonia: Get to Know 'Em (Adeclipse)

As Pablito eluded to in his earlier post. We received an email from this guy who said, "You guys have probably the best and most up to date website and blog I've seen for any groups." So he obviously has good taste.

None of us have had the chance of actually playing with him this but here is his interview, through these answers below we must decide if he is KofC material. Besides his response on the importance of assists, he had the fastest turnaround of any of us on the interview answers so he already has my vote. But I am only one man and KofC is a democracy. You all be the judge.

Name: Adam Spiess

Age: 24

What does Adeclipse mean? It doesn't really mean anything, I just happened to like the word eclipse when I was young, and since it was taken I just combined it with the first 2 letters of my name.

If you could go out drinking with any 3 people, alive or dead, who would they be? Man, that's a rough one. I guess I'd have to say George Bush just cause I bet he can hold his liquor and he'd have some interesting stories to tell when he was drunk, Homer Simpson, because that would just be awesome, and then last probably Chuck Norris because he can count to infinity... twice.

Same question, replace drinking with video games: Chuck Norris, because I want to see him lose it and break the video game and also everyone else in the room, plus I'm from Texas so I watch Walker Texas Ranger every day obviously... j/k, Tiger Woods second just cause I want to see if he's any good at his own game, Chris Farley would be last just because he seems like he'd be fun to play a video game with. [Editor's Note: Possible unhealthy obsession with Chuck Norris]

Halo 1, 2, or 3? I'd have to go with the 3. No reason really besides that they keep improving it in my opinion.

What is your favorite Halo 3 map? Guardian. I like creeping around and ambushing people with the shotty.

What is your least favorite Halo 3 map? I really don't like Isolation because of how it slopes in the middle and how it makes it hard to use the battle rifle or sniper.

Preferred Halo 3 weapon? I love the Battle Rifle and sniper. [Editor's Note: Bungie Stats say: AR, Melee and BR]

Least favorite weapon? The needler. They've just screwed it up so that anyone who doesn't know how to play can use it and get a few kills.

Preferred Halo 3 vehicle? How could you say anything but the warthog? I suck at driving though.

Least favorite vehicle? Banshee, because you have to have one of a few different weapons to bring it down.

Greatest Halo memory? When me and a friend were quitting from playing team doubles, walked away only to realize after about 2 minutes that we hadn't backed out of the lobby. When we came back we were down by like 6 or 7 in a doubles game. We ended up winning 25 to like 18.

Worst? I Played a big team battle once with a random group, had like 18 kills, and our team lost like 100-12 or something. My team was stupid and kept killing each other over and over then quit out. [Editor's Note: That might have been us.]

What is your favorite beverage? Bud light. Hey I'm from Texas what else can I say?

What is your best drinking accomplishment? I sang front stage at a Green Day concert once while drunk. Later I found out it was my bathroom. [Editor's note: So confused]

What size and type of TV do you play on? I play on a 62 inch Toshiba DLP HD.

What are your halo 3 strengths? I'm good at playing back with the Battle Rifle and Sniper, at creeping and staying hidden until the time comes to strike.

Weaknesses? I have my setting turned down on sensitivity a bit so close combat sometimes becomes an issue for me when the other person is all over me.

Best drinking memory? I have a few, but my best would all probably entail me hanging on to the top of a boat sail as it was sinking into a lake. It sounds like a good story, but then if you take into account that we had sunk 2 other boats that same day it just improves it. Keg stands on a boat are harder than they appear too.

Best drinking blackout(s)? Had a friend show up and downed 2 ½ bottles of J├Ągermeister, ended up falling over outside while playing Marco Polo with him in my backyard. It rained that night too.

Do you have a good Internet connection... On a scale from Daymonster to T1. (Daymonster connection=horrible to T1 = best possible)? I have a stable connection. Never have had a problem with it, but it's not T1.

What kind of player would you say you are (bear, spider) etc? Pit viper, I like to lay and wait for people to come to me sometimes. [Editor's Note: I forgot to include the link to the descriptions of the play styles, which would explain his answer. But judging on his answer I think he is a spider.]

How important would you say assists in Halo 3 are? Probably one of the most important if you're in a team game. It makes it a lot easier for a teammate when you're helping them. I would say assists are equal to a kill. [Editor's Note: Incorrect]

What is your general strategy at Isolation? In Isolation my strategy is normally head up top for a Battle Rifle and shotty, then depending on what the other team is going for heading down into the caves or working the top/sides of the map. I try to use Battle Rifle on this level still, so I'll try ranging enemies, even though you can't see them coming up on you as quickly.

You're married. What's that like? It's different. Not like being single. I like it because I no longer have to go through the whole dating scene. Also, my wife likes that I play video games and will buy me games and things randomly. She keeps trying to get more involved with video games too.

From your email you imply that you have been married at least 2.5 years and you are 24, did you get married when you were 21? I was 22 when I got married. I'll be 25 in March. My wife had just finished college at Baylor University where I'm currently at still.

Follow up question, what were you thinking? You know everyone has asked me that question. But hey, I don't have to clean, cook, and do a lot of other things that were a pain in the butt.

You live in Texas. Which of the following people who were born in Texas are you most proud of and why? Owen Wilson actor, Cowboy Troy country music rapper/singer, Hillary Duff singer/actor, Meatloaf singer, Lance Armstrong Cyclist? Lance Armstrong. He might have doped, but I really don't care. He's the only Cyclist I know, he's kind of like Tiger Woods in the way that he's the only reason I ever watched or kept up with the sport. [Editor's Note: The correct answer was Hillary Duff.]

How do you feel about a large fence to keep Americans from getting in to Mexico? You have it right, we just want some alcohol and they are trying to prevent us from getting to it. I'm outraged.

How many guns do you own in real life? Now that's an embarrassing question because I guess I do fit the stereotype. I probably own 7-8.

What guns from Halo can you buy at the corner gun store in your town? (ex: Spartan Laser) It sounds funny but there is a gun for sale down near some land we hunt on in south Texas that's a 50 MM Sniper Rifle. That's about as close as I could get. I mean they don't sell the Spartan Lasers in the corner gun stores, you have to go to a Wal-Mart here for those

Are you wearing cowboy boots (with or without the spurs) right now? I am not, but I do own a pair, and yes my family does own cows which I have to work sometimes. They are the dumbest animals on the face of the earth. [Editor's Note: Is Josey jealous?]

Why do you have such a good K/D ratio but you have such a low skill ranking and have played a lot of games? It's because I have been playing with some real life friends that aren't exactly good at Halo. I'm used to playing some team double games where I'll have 18 kills and still lose. That's kind of why I'm looking for some other people to play with. I mainly play with those people just to have fun not as much for a rating.

Assists: Are They Important?

Daymonster and I (well pretty much Daymonster and everyone) have been arguing back and forth on the issue of how important assists are and whether or not they are a sign of better teamwork. Monster had a good point with his observation that assists would be more likely to come from a player's weapon choices. People who prefer being in a pack with BRs will likely produce more assists or someone with a sniper can pretty easily get one bodyshot and have a teammate who's nearer the opponent finish them off, while players who use the power weapons more (shotty, rocks, sword) will rarely get assists. This doesn't necessarily mean the player with the power weapons isn't being a team player, he could very well be protecting his teammates, who are zoomed in on long range targets with their sniper or BR, from opponents coming in at close range. And of course there's no recordable statistic for verbal assists which come from good communication. We can always improve on that.

Another assist disagreement came from what Daymonster and I thought counted as an assist, a difference that could've strongly influenced his belief that they weren't important. If a player lowers an enemy to the brink of death and a teammate comes and finishes the kill with point blank shotty blast, does the first player get an assist? Daymonster argued no since the shotgun would've killed the enemy in one shot anyway, whether or not his shields had been gone. I argued yes because I always assumed it was that way.

So last night we did an experiment in a custom game where me and Monster logged in and he had his second controller as a dummy player. We found the player and Daymonster lowered his shields while I finished him with a point blank mauler, point blank shotty, carbine headshot, hammer then sticky grenade. We ended the game and out of these 5 trials Monster was attributed with 4 assists.

Let's please continue to debate this issue and I'll get a poll up about it.

In other news, we had a request from a guy in Texas to join our clan. He complimented this blog and has really good stats, but most importantly he sounds like he'd fit in with us. Daymonster should be posting his Get To Know 'Em very soon and let's all try to play with him this weekend.

Studying for Contracts < Posting

This is a two part post, we will start with the fun. As you can see I have posted a picture of some dude going off a sweet jump. I would like to know which K of C members would like to join me on the slopes this coming holiday break to go off some sweet jumps. My last final is the 17 after that I hope to be either playing halo, killing a deer, or going off sweet jumps with my snowboard. Please K of C members share your thoughts about when you would like to organize a trip to the slopes. I say we should all go together one day, and then come back and pick up some rollers. Slopes close around 9 so we would have plenty of time to hit the liquor store and play some halo. I know some of you are thinking why the hell do I want to go skiing or snowboarding with Josey Wales? Just because he enjoys hobbies shared by most 14 kids and I some how ended up in his halo clan does not mean I have to do shit like this does it? Well there are a few good reasons you may want to join me.

Squatting Bear, you need to get outside, you need a break from baking with Rose, and there will be booze.

Unky Eternal, you enjoy snowboarding, and there will be booze.

Unky Worthog, if you dont come who the hell is going to tell everyone else they are acting stuipd or like a little kid, who is going to get pissed when we all get wasted, and who is going to attempt to be the voice of reason when we start going of big jumps when we are drunk, no one thats why you have to come. Plus we like hanging out with you.

Pablito, championship manager and guitar hero will be there when we are done, and the soccer matches will be replayed later in the day on Fox Soccer Channel and you know it! (feed the cat before we go)

Dammer, we never fucking see you, you need to get away from your girl frined and come hang out with the losers you used to before you got your life together, and your girl friend attached that ball and chain.

Loco, seroulsy loco, where the fuck are you?

Tilla, you have to come because no one knows who you are, I mean we have never met you, which might be a good thing because you may want to drop out of the clan after you meet us. O and I realize you went to Luther, and you probably saw us a all the time, but you can go ahead and assume we were wasted all those times and dont remeber, sorry.

Finally The Daymonster, you need to get back to Minnesota to see your friends, you need to get away from your girl friend (dont tell her you are haning out with us, please!). Daymonster the slopes are the winter version of tubing, there are tons of assholes all around and you can battle them, you can yell at them from the chair lift, or waiting in line, or while you are actually going down the hill, so many people for you to battle trust me you will really enjoy it.

Yes we will also be drinking on the slopes, in case anyone forgot.

Second, it has come to my attention from Unky Eternal that someone is conspiring against K of C. Unky Eternal informed me last night that someone has conspired against the Unkys, SB and JW so we can not play together. I checked this out and it is in fact true. When SB and JW start searching for matches some warning flashes across the bottom of the screen for a second. I am not sure what this is but it is most likely part of the reason. I do not know what is causing this, but I am sure Unky is right and it is part of some larger conspiracy against our clan. I also realized that a few weeks ago Tilla was unable to join a game with SB and JW for probably the same reason, to the conspiracy is larger than we might think.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Some KofC Statistics

I'd be lying if I said I was pleased with the clan participation on the site in the recent weeks. It's very selfish of you guys to not be checking/commenting every few minutes. So I had some free time since no one was on the blog and did a couple things.

New Maps Update: With the new maps less than a week away, posted some more pictures of Rats Nest, Foundry and Standoff. Or you can check out this review by some dude at HBO, it's pretty good.

And after I looked at all the cool new pictures, I took a look at some of the stats just to see what was going on with KofC.

All of these stats are for Ranked games, obviously game type choices (Team Slayer, Team Objective, Doubles, etc.) might effect these stats but they are still interesting thing to look at.

First I just wanted to see what peoples favorite weapons are it is in order of who has played the most games. It is interesting and should be noted that everyones top 3 results in somewhere between 44% and 53% of their kills (except for Tilla at 59%).

Josey Wales: 416 Games
Sniper 16.80%
Melee: 13.99%
BR: 13.42%

Unky Warthog: 398 Games
Melee: 18.07%
AR: 17.05%
Shotgun: 12.86%

The Daymonster: 365 Games
Melee: 17.32%
Shotgun: 16.30%
AR: 12.20%

Squatting Bear: 336 Games
AR: 20.37%
Melee: 14.24%
Sniper: 11.12%

TILLA1234: 281 Games
BR: 28.50%
AR: 17.19%
Sniper: 13.33%

DammerWillEatU: 255 Games
BR: 23.33%
Melee: 15.14%
AR: 15.08%

Pablito Neal: 237 Games
Melee: 24.08%
AR: 13.29%
BR: 11.62%

LocoPollo: 205 Games
Sniper: 18.72%
BR: 16.99%
AR: 15.08%

Unky Eternal: 124 Games
BR 16.99%
AR: 15.40%
Melee: 14.97%

The Second thing I looked at was average kills per game and average deaths per game. This is a little different than the K/D ratio we are so used to looking at. And I think this might be an interesting stat to look at. It's not on the Bungie website so we have to do the math ourselves. I think there is a real opportunity here. I think we could be looking at the next Moneyball.

Here is the graph of the average deaths per game, sorted from fewest to the most. Loco, Tilla, Eternal and Pablito are all under 10 deaths/game. I think that is a good goal for us all.

This is a graph of the average kills per game.

I am trying to come up with some sort of formula that can put a number on ones impact on a team. And my main question is how import are deaths, assist and kills. Obviously you can't lose if you don't die, and you can't win if you don't get a kill (besides 0-0 ties of course). What do assists do? Just thinking out loud.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

SB's Confession and Guardian Discussion

Last night I got a text and an IM from Squatting Bear with the simple word "Halo." Once I received said messages, I left work, chased down a bus that just passed me, ran about 2 blocks (felt like 2 miles) finally caught the bus, crammed myself on to it, much to the dismay of the elderly passengers filling up the space by the doors. Twenty minutes later I was off the bus and running into my apartment.

I get into my apartment, turn on the Xbox and anxiously anticipate a night of Halo. Squatting bear is online. Sweet.

We play a game of Team Doubles and get owned on Narrows. "It's okay I think to myself, this is just a warm up game. We have plenty of time to get things going." I think to myself.

"Oh, Shit. Rose just called," says Squatting Bear.

"What? Who cares, just ignore it, let's keep playing," I reply.

"I can't. I need to go. I need to bake with her, I must bake with her, I am nothing without her, I love her, I want to marry her. I am going to ask her to marry me tonight," screams SB as he leaves the game.

So I play a few games with some chap from England, until I finally sign off. Wondering where all my teammates are. Then I get a phone call from Pablito.

We got a good 7 games in last night. 4 Wins 1 Tie and 2 Loses.

Here was the spread:
Me: 86 Kills, 17 Assists, 62 Deaths
Pablito: 58 Kills 29 Assists, 51 Deaths

Not too bad.

KofC Picture of the Day
During last night's games I had this double sniper kill. I certainly didn't see the cloaked (seen somewhat transparent in the foreground. When I was trying to kill the guy hiding behind this wall. It was just an added bonus.

I think this discussion went pretty well yesterday so I figured we should just keep it going.


I think we have a lot of this stuff figured out but there are a few things I think we could clarify. Yesterday I took some screenshots of some areas where I think we could be more specific.

Often when we let someone know where others are we are giving general descriptions of the area for a couple reasons. A) by the time we let them know/can get there they have most likley moved and B) We are not exactly sure where they are specifically.

Times when we could be very specific is when they are crouched and hiding around a corner. Nothing can be more rewarding when you can tell one of your teammates exactly where someone is that is camping.

I am not exactly sure what we should call this area. Possibly Blue Room Lift?

I am inclined to call this the Tree Fort or Forrest. And the area where the Bubble Shield is we could call The Stump. Thoughts?

This Could be called the Branch, or Branch Ramp or some variation. (Example: He is on the branch going towards overshield. Or he is on the branch towards the Tree Fort)

This is often called sniper or over shield. I think if there is someone camping around the corner we should be able to describe it. Possibly, top of sniper ramp or bottom of sniper ramp?

Anyways, I think Elevator Room, Blue Room, Shotgun, Cloak, Middle, Hammer are all pretty straight forward. What is your guy's opinion? If this gets worn out/solved I will move on to Snowbound.

(Also, the SB conversation might have been a bit exaggerated, but much of the facts are true.)

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Map Confusion and Clarification

I think we have all been there when we wanted to explain to a teammate exactly where someone is. And we have all been there when we couldn't quite explain it.

Pablito and I decided that we should post a couple maps at a time with a grid and have a discussion on what we should call certain parts of the map. I feel like the maps in Halo 1 and 2 were easier to describe where things were. I could be mistaken but I feel like the symmetrical maps don't have as obvious of sides as in previous Halos. For example "The Pit" we are constantly referring to things as what side we spawned on, or on "Snow Bound" we refer to the different maps as what gun spawns there as opposed to blue or red side, or big and little bases like in previous maps.

Some things are more obvious than others, the devastating weapons like rockets and sword are always a good way to describe areas, but confusion can still happen with certain weapons like sniper areas. Does that describe where it spawns or where 99% of people use it like in "Guardian".

Anyways, enough of the explanation. Here are the maps of The Pit and High Ground.

The Pit

I added a couple of weapon spawns there so you can get your bearings. I somewhat arbitrarily decided on a direction which is open for discussion. I think we need to pretty much find a name for almost every 2-4 squares (that might not make sense). For example D2 and E2 can be described as the West Ramp going up to Sword Room, or the West Ramp going down to the Overshield. This might be overkill (no pun intended) but it could really help us working as a team.

After finding a video walk through of the Pit, I noticed the different sides have different names. or letters I should say. I took some screenshots, they can be seen below. M is the side we originally decided would be West, while K would be East. East Shotgun Room would be M1, while the East Blue Room is M2. I don't think this is any better than East or West but at least we have writing on the wall to help. Just a thought. (Also, any rhyme or reason they went with K and W?)

High Ground

This map is obviously pretty large and might not work well with this small of map, but it might help to get the discussion started.

Anyways, what's your take on the locations within these two maps?

Monday, December 3, 2007


Happy Birthday to the KofC Blog. It turned 2 months old yesterday!

Well, I did not receive any emblem ideas so that whole plan might be a bust. I am pretty much down for almost anything and I think so is everyone else (besides Josey) so let me know.

I was looking for cool emblem combos and I came across this contest from a while back. Sure wish I would have seen that at the time, I've got some cool ideas in my head (might post some original ideas later). If you were wondering what emblem won it can be seen here (It was the pirate).

Kind of funny list of things this guy learned while playing Halo 3. The comments are pretty funny as well.

In about a week the map pack gets released. Everyone is buying it we can all play together right?

I just realized on thing. Next time I buy a baseball videogame the first thing I am going to have to do is trade Santana back to the Twins. The only question is, from what team?

Also, is anyone interested in buying a Johan Santana Twins Jersey?

Pablito Neal rearranged his living room this weekend as to improve TV visibility from the kitchen as well as (I assume) reduce any glare for gaming. In a related story, I, The Daymonster also rearranged my living/bed/kitchen/hallway-room but once I moved everything I realized that my Xbox needed to be near my Computer for easy Ethernet-cord switching and had to move everything back. I got about half way done and laid down on the couch and fell asleep.

That's about all I got for today. Let's discuss something good in the comment section. Also, I plan on playing Halo today around 6pm CDT. How does that sound?

Friday, November 30, 2007

Offical KofC Emblem Discussion

Well, some of us (Squatting Bear and I) were thinking about the idea of an Official KofC Emblem. Originally we were not big fans of it, but the more and more we thought about it, the more we liked it.

First, when we play against other clans with the same emblem it could lead to some further trash talking and future set up clan matches, which would be fun. Second, studies have shown that clans with the same emblem get 30% more kills than similar clans with different emblems. And finally, it might be a good way to show support for fellow KofC members.

Anywho, there are two general ways clans have their emblems. Either everyone has the exact same emblem in the clan or everyone has some sort of variation of an emblem where each member can make it their own.

I am not partial to either one of these schools of thought. But, I think I might be getting ahead of myself with all this talk. First we need to decide if we want to even discuss a clan emblem.

But, since I already have all this thought out in my head I am going to go ahead with it as if we thought it would be a good idea to explore the option. But if we all agree it's a bad idea, at least I wasted some time in my day.

First, I suggest everyone check out the Halo 3 Emblem Generator. This is an easy way to try out different combinations without having to be on your Xbox. Also it lets you direct link to the emblems you come up with so we can all see your sweet ideas. I think everyone should come up with some ideas of what they would like either the exact emblem to look like or the basis on which we would develop our clan emblem theme.

For example: I spent a couple minutes at the Generator and came up with this idea.

Obviously the theme is the grey box with the blue background (KofC colors). But everyone is free to use what ever logo they want, (Josey, Wolf. Daymonster, Bad Ass Unicorn. etc.) I haven't see this type of theme used before so I think it's a bit original, but, maybe not.

That's just one idea, I have millions (well maybe not millions, but tens) of ideas. I think we should go with an Official Song style vote. But maybe each person can propose two emblems with a short sentence or two explaining how it would be used and it's reason (example: colors changeable, background changeable, etc.)

You can email me the link to the image that the generator provides and the reasoning for it. If everyone thinks this is lame... screw you guys.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Thursday's Thoughts

I was hoping to post Unky Eternal's interview but he is undoubtedly too drunk/hung over to answer the questions... ahh, to be young again. I can say things like that because I am currently sitting in my cubicle drinking earl grey tea and an orange juice. While I keep checking my inbox for a response from Eternal I will pass the time with a couple KofC housekeeping issues.

KofC Picture of the Day
Random Screenshot I found while scouring, might be the picture that goes up on the website.

The KofC website is up. I welcome all criticisms and suggestions. If you are viewing it with IE the front page might look goofy, which I will fix soon. But in the mean time just download Firefox, it's way better anyway.

Official Song
I was thinking about the KofC Official Song, and I wanted to add this one to the conversation. Some of you have heard it but maybe someone here hasn't. I like it and so should you. Make sure you listen to the words and the shout outs at the end.

New Google Maps!
I just upgraded to the new google maps for my blackberry. It can tell where you are without using GPS, using the towers to triangulate your location. It's cool because it's faster than GPS and it works indoors but it's not as accurate. I know what you are thinking, Big Brother right? Well, this technology is used everyday and has been used on your phones for years, so I am not worried... yet.

Best Video Game Commercials
You owe to yourself to check out GameGirl's post about the Top 7 best Video Game Commercials. The list should really be the Top 7 funniest commercials, but they are all really good. My favorites are the Zelda one and the Banned Xbox 360 one with the accompanying audition clip. Enjoy.

Shit We Need to Learn How to Do... ASAP

I have tried this stuff over and over again but I can't seem to get it, anyone want oto play around in the maps tonight and try it out?

Clan Matches
We have been challenged by a couple of clans to some Halo 3 matches. The Winged-Warriors Clan and the UK GAMERS clan. I am not going to sugar coat this: The Winged-Warriors are way better than us. Here are some of their stats: Pastemaster, WW Horizon, Phade. But to be fair they are never drunk when they play, so it's really not a fair comparison.

Not much is known of the UK GAMERS except that they are 6 hours ahead of us, that might work for SB and the Unky's but some of us gots to get our sleep.

Essentially, I'll play whoever, it will be very depressing when we lose, but we gotta try to play some other people time. We would need to agree on our 4 people who would play, I would be out probably because we cannot risk someone lagging out in the middle of a close match.

Call Sign Conundrum
Pablito recently changed his call sign to "T08" which is supposed to resemble "TOB", he brought up the idea that we all make our names easy to decipher, I know "S27" and "M84" represent SB and Josey respectfully, but I don't remember anyone elses. It's a thought that there should be some rhyme or reason to the call sign, tonight I'll change mine from "O07" to something different but I am not sure what exactly. Suggestions?

Crossword Answers
Pablito wins the prize for finishing the crossword, he got almost all the questions right, and I am sure he is the only one who tried it so he wins the prize. You can view the answers here. The prize is.... ummm... at any point in any map you can ask me for a weapon I have and I will give it to you. Yeah, that's it. Sorry it's all I could come up with.

YouTube/CNN Republican Presidential Debate
I was so upset last night about getting booted out of two games in a row due to lag, that I actually watched the republican debate on CNN, twice. Almost all the questions and answers can be seen here. It was funny watching Guliani and Mitt going at each other over immigration, and then McCain and Romney going at eachother over Waterboarding (aka torture). But my favorite part had to be when Jay Fox asked a question about gun control.

Anyway, that's about all I got for today. Please people, keep commenting and chatting, today is going to be a long day and I need KofC members to get me through it.

Pollo's Whereabouts?

While typing my Environmental Economics (FWIW, public smoking ordinances seem to have no effect on the revenues of bars and restaurants. So if we were planning to look into smoking policies before buying our bar, there seems to be no need.) paper I engaged in this conversation with Loco:

locopuyo (1:39:17 AM): muahahahahahahahahhaa
biGpaPacRusTer (1:47:07 AM): wut
locopuyo (1:47:41 AM): secrets will be revealed
locopuyo (1:47:45 AM): soonh
biGpaPacRusTer (1:47:52 AM): plz do
locopuyo (1:47:55 AM): in a few days or so
biGpaPacRusTer (1:48:05 AM): will they explain your whereabouts in the past 3 weeks/
locopuyo (1:48:03 AM): muahahahahahaha
locopuyo (1:48:09 AM): mebe
locopuyo (1:48:24 AM): NOM NOM NOM
biGpaPacRusTer (1:48:31 AM): they betta
locopuyo (1:48:31 AM): = clue

Stay tuned.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Crossword Puzzle Challenge 2007!

So, no one seems to be online today and no one is commenting (entertaining me) today. So I took matters into my own hands. I have made a KofC Crossword Puzzle. The first person to complete the crossword puzzle will win a prize, a prize not yet decided. But believe me it will be a good one.

The questions are part; how well do you know your fellow KofC member, part how well do you know Halo 3, and how well can you answer a couple random questions.

Below is the crossword puzzle you can download the image by clicking on it or you can download the word document. Either way complete it, return it to me, and you will win something so valuable and awesome that I cannot even explain it on this blog.

1 Developer of Halo 3
5 Too busy to play from sex.
7 Engaged KofC member.
10 Press X you bitches.
11 Hidden things in campaign.
12 Greatest Halo 3 clan ever.
16 Squatting Bear's favorite Vehicle.
17 Will be the best map once released.
18 Green mist thing that I never use
19 Has a cat.
20 Fourth grenade that has never ever been used.

2 Delicious Citrus Cherry Soda.
3 Josey's obstacle in playing Halo (besides school).
4 Goes tanning.
6 Dammer and Daymonster's least favorite Halo 3 weapon.
8 Josey's favorite map
9 What comes before Killtacular.
13 Underused game type for team slayer.
14 Who you want waiting at the back of the base when you have the flag.
15 Kill ten opponents within 4 seconds of each other.

Good luck. (Estimated time before Josey complains about one of the questions, 15 minutes. Starting.... now.)

Halo Madness

"It's called... 'TRASH TALK'"

"Ugly racial slurs, anti-Semitic rhetoric, homophobic chat and sexual innuendo... and guess who's listening? YOUR CHILDREN!!!!"

It's like a 21st century Reefer Madness, well maybe not that ridiculous, but pretty ridiculous none the less. It's your classic over-the-top sensational tabloid style reporting we have come to know and love, not just from Fox news but a majority of the TV news networks. Do you know where else there are swear words, homophobic and racial slurs? The playground, the school bus, TV, movies etc.

The report switches wildly between accusations of racism and warnings of credit card theft, before attempting to terrify parents by suggesting children could be abducted by sex offenders should they play on Xbox Live.

Now that I think of it, we should get some credit card numbers tonight.

Kof C Picture of the DayUnky and friend riding the 'goose together

Downloadable Content Alert!
The Halo Theme MJOLNIR Mix by Martin O'Donnell & Michael Salvatori is available for FREE on the Xbox Live Marketplace. It's actually a pretty fun song to play.

That's all I can think of for today, someone email me some questions for Unky Eternal.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Tuesday Tidbits

Not too much is going on today, at least in my world, so if anyone has anything pressing please feel free to post it or add it to this post.

Amazon's deal of the day is the Halo 3 Legendary Edition for $59.99 with Free Shipping. Essentially you can get your own Master Chief collector's helmet and Halo 3 for 54% of the regular price with out paying tax or shipping... tempting.

KofC Picture of the Day
Dammer's Screenshot of a stick he had on Narrows.

Speaking of Dammer, his shitty Steeler's barely squeeked by the winless Dolphins 3-0. Wow, was watching the MNF game really better than playing halo?

I just completed the replacement program for the Rock Band guitar. As I told you the other day my guitar is broken but fortunately the replacement process seams pretty easy, I just told them the issue I was having, gave them my address and they should send me a new guitar with a prepaid box to send my broken one back in. Until then they put a $125 charge on my credit car to ensure I send back my old one. And they said they weren't selling individual instruments. Liars.

Bahamas is looking more tempting by the minute. My only question is: this place is like a resort, I am worried we can't just walk in and sleep in your room. There might be some restrictions on things like that and the last thing I want is to get down to the Bahamas and not have a place to sleep. Well, it's not exactly the last thing I want, but it wouldn't be as cool as mooching of SB for the week.

As most of you saw from Josey's comment, Target is selling a Def Leppard guitar. I have included a picture and description from Target's website. The only question: is it compatable for Rock Band?

Lastly, we need something to get excited about again, like the Get to Know 'Ems, or the Official K of C Song (which, I believe is "Immigrant Song") anybody got any ideas?