Monday, December 3, 2007


Happy Birthday to the KofC Blog. It turned 2 months old yesterday!

Well, I did not receive any emblem ideas so that whole plan might be a bust. I am pretty much down for almost anything and I think so is everyone else (besides Josey) so let me know.

I was looking for cool emblem combos and I came across this contest from a while back. Sure wish I would have seen that at the time, I've got some cool ideas in my head (might post some original ideas later). If you were wondering what emblem won it can be seen here (It was the pirate).

Kind of funny list of things this guy learned while playing Halo 3. The comments are pretty funny as well.

In about a week the map pack gets released. Everyone is buying it we can all play together right?

I just realized on thing. Next time I buy a baseball videogame the first thing I am going to have to do is trade Santana back to the Twins. The only question is, from what team?

Also, is anyone interested in buying a Johan Santana Twins Jersey?

Pablito Neal rearranged his living room this weekend as to improve TV visibility from the kitchen as well as (I assume) reduce any glare for gaming. In a related story, I, The Daymonster also rearranged my living/bed/kitchen/hallway-room but once I moved everything I realized that my Xbox needed to be near my Computer for easy Ethernet-cord switching and had to move everything back. I got about half way done and laid down on the couch and fell asleep.

That's about all I got for today. Let's discuss something good in the comment section. Also, I plan on playing Halo today around 6pm CDT. How does that sound?


Pablito Neal said...

6 pm sounds good to me. i'd like to try out my new arrangement to see if the altered feng shui helps my play.

Daymonster said...

where is everyone... i am worried about them.

Pablito, have you heard of the new game kwari? Im goint to blog about it tomorrow but you should read about it.

Dammer said...

6 is good. Tilla will be on by then probably. I've been down in a test lab all day, with the speakerphone on so I could listen to the great on-hold music Adobe Support plays for you while you wait to rip into them about how horrible CS3 is to install/uninstall.

Daymonster said...

dammer you are such a baby. If adobe didn't make all the apps work so seemlessly together it would be easier to install.

Take the good with the bad.

Also, can you please send me a copy. And I am not joking.

Dammer said...

Good sir I wish I could but alas I cannot. There are certain...shall we say....License....Agreements...that prevent me from doing such things. Sorry I wasn't on yesterday. My gf lied about her work schedule and didn't have last night off like I thought. Post-bowling today though I will be on.