Friday, December 7, 2007

Possible Future Knights of Cydonia: Get to Know 'Em (Adeclipse)

As Pablito eluded to in his earlier post. We received an email from this guy who said, "You guys have probably the best and most up to date website and blog I've seen for any groups." So he obviously has good taste.

None of us have had the chance of actually playing with him this but here is his interview, through these answers below we must decide if he is KofC material. Besides his response on the importance of assists, he had the fastest turnaround of any of us on the interview answers so he already has my vote. But I am only one man and KofC is a democracy. You all be the judge.

Name: Adam Spiess

Age: 24

What does Adeclipse mean? It doesn't really mean anything, I just happened to like the word eclipse when I was young, and since it was taken I just combined it with the first 2 letters of my name.

If you could go out drinking with any 3 people, alive or dead, who would they be? Man, that's a rough one. I guess I'd have to say George Bush just cause I bet he can hold his liquor and he'd have some interesting stories to tell when he was drunk, Homer Simpson, because that would just be awesome, and then last probably Chuck Norris because he can count to infinity... twice.

Same question, replace drinking with video games: Chuck Norris, because I want to see him lose it and break the video game and also everyone else in the room, plus I'm from Texas so I watch Walker Texas Ranger every day obviously... j/k, Tiger Woods second just cause I want to see if he's any good at his own game, Chris Farley would be last just because he seems like he'd be fun to play a video game with. [Editor's Note: Possible unhealthy obsession with Chuck Norris]

Halo 1, 2, or 3? I'd have to go with the 3. No reason really besides that they keep improving it in my opinion.

What is your favorite Halo 3 map? Guardian. I like creeping around and ambushing people with the shotty.

What is your least favorite Halo 3 map? I really don't like Isolation because of how it slopes in the middle and how it makes it hard to use the battle rifle or sniper.

Preferred Halo 3 weapon? I love the Battle Rifle and sniper. [Editor's Note: Bungie Stats say: AR, Melee and BR]

Least favorite weapon? The needler. They've just screwed it up so that anyone who doesn't know how to play can use it and get a few kills.

Preferred Halo 3 vehicle? How could you say anything but the warthog? I suck at driving though.

Least favorite vehicle? Banshee, because you have to have one of a few different weapons to bring it down.

Greatest Halo memory? When me and a friend were quitting from playing team doubles, walked away only to realize after about 2 minutes that we hadn't backed out of the lobby. When we came back we were down by like 6 or 7 in a doubles game. We ended up winning 25 to like 18.

Worst? I Played a big team battle once with a random group, had like 18 kills, and our team lost like 100-12 or something. My team was stupid and kept killing each other over and over then quit out. [Editor's Note: That might have been us.]

What is your favorite beverage? Bud light. Hey I'm from Texas what else can I say?

What is your best drinking accomplishment? I sang front stage at a Green Day concert once while drunk. Later I found out it was my bathroom. [Editor's note: So confused]

What size and type of TV do you play on? I play on a 62 inch Toshiba DLP HD.

What are your halo 3 strengths? I'm good at playing back with the Battle Rifle and Sniper, at creeping and staying hidden until the time comes to strike.

Weaknesses? I have my setting turned down on sensitivity a bit so close combat sometimes becomes an issue for me when the other person is all over me.

Best drinking memory? I have a few, but my best would all probably entail me hanging on to the top of a boat sail as it was sinking into a lake. It sounds like a good story, but then if you take into account that we had sunk 2 other boats that same day it just improves it. Keg stands on a boat are harder than they appear too.

Best drinking blackout(s)? Had a friend show up and downed 2 ½ bottles of J├Ągermeister, ended up falling over outside while playing Marco Polo with him in my backyard. It rained that night too.

Do you have a good Internet connection... On a scale from Daymonster to T1. (Daymonster connection=horrible to T1 = best possible)? I have a stable connection. Never have had a problem with it, but it's not T1.

What kind of player would you say you are (bear, spider) etc? Pit viper, I like to lay and wait for people to come to me sometimes. [Editor's Note: I forgot to include the link to the descriptions of the play styles, which would explain his answer. But judging on his answer I think he is a spider.]

How important would you say assists in Halo 3 are? Probably one of the most important if you're in a team game. It makes it a lot easier for a teammate when you're helping them. I would say assists are equal to a kill. [Editor's Note: Incorrect]

What is your general strategy at Isolation? In Isolation my strategy is normally head up top for a Battle Rifle and shotty, then depending on what the other team is going for heading down into the caves or working the top/sides of the map. I try to use Battle Rifle on this level still, so I'll try ranging enemies, even though you can't see them coming up on you as quickly.

You're married. What's that like? It's different. Not like being single. I like it because I no longer have to go through the whole dating scene. Also, my wife likes that I play video games and will buy me games and things randomly. She keeps trying to get more involved with video games too.

From your email you imply that you have been married at least 2.5 years and you are 24, did you get married when you were 21? I was 22 when I got married. I'll be 25 in March. My wife had just finished college at Baylor University where I'm currently at still.

Follow up question, what were you thinking? You know everyone has asked me that question. But hey, I don't have to clean, cook, and do a lot of other things that were a pain in the butt.

You live in Texas. Which of the following people who were born in Texas are you most proud of and why? Owen Wilson actor, Cowboy Troy country music rapper/singer, Hillary Duff singer/actor, Meatloaf singer, Lance Armstrong Cyclist? Lance Armstrong. He might have doped, but I really don't care. He's the only Cyclist I know, he's kind of like Tiger Woods in the way that he's the only reason I ever watched or kept up with the sport. [Editor's Note: The correct answer was Hillary Duff.]

How do you feel about a large fence to keep Americans from getting in to Mexico? You have it right, we just want some alcohol and they are trying to prevent us from getting to it. I'm outraged.

How many guns do you own in real life? Now that's an embarrassing question because I guess I do fit the stereotype. I probably own 7-8.

What guns from Halo can you buy at the corner gun store in your town? (ex: Spartan Laser) It sounds funny but there is a gun for sale down near some land we hunt on in south Texas that's a 50 MM Sniper Rifle. That's about as close as I could get. I mean they don't sell the Spartan Lasers in the corner gun stores, you have to go to a Wal-Mart here for those

Are you wearing cowboy boots (with or without the spurs) right now? I am not, but I do own a pair, and yes my family does own cows which I have to work sometimes. They are the dumbest animals on the face of the earth. [Editor's Note: Is Josey jealous?]

Why do you have such a good K/D ratio but you have such a low skill ranking and have played a lot of games? It's because I have been playing with some real life friends that aren't exactly good at Halo. I'm used to playing some team double games where I'll have 18 kills and still lose. That's kind of why I'm looking for some other people to play with. I mainly play with those people just to have fun not as much for a rating.


Pablito Neal said...

I like the word eclipse as well. It was always my car of choice in Need For Speed: Underground.

Based on the interview I vote to accept him. Now we need to play a few games with him.

Josey WaIes said...

My vote is accept.

There is nothing wrong with liking chuck norris.

Tom how is your day going with three posts, have you had to go home and change your pants yet or did you make it to the bathroom before you blew your load?

Daymonster said...

I made to the bathroom the first time, but not the second, third or foruth time.

P.S. Based on your posts I really want to read your law school briefs that you have to write and stuff.

Dammer said...

I vote accept. I also feel this guys pain working with cows, they truly are the dumbest most delicious animals in the world.

Squatting Bear said...

mmmmmmmmmm cows. manny's anyone?

i vote accept. welcome to our clan.

Dammer said...

Squatting gf wants to go eat Thai food in the cities sometime...wanna go? (obviously I already know the answer)

Josey WaIes said...

Why did you not ask me asshole (dammer), you know I would actually eat the food.

Dammer said...

That's precisely why I didn't ask you, hence the joke. If this were to actually happen you'd be there in a heartbeat.

Daymonster said...

They have good thai food in chicago (probably). come visit. we can make a snowman.

adeclipse said...

Mmmm. Thai food. We don't have a Thai restraunt here that i know of. Thanks for the posts too guys. I look forward to playing some with y'all. Thank you by the way Dammer on agreeing me with the cow issue. Dumbest animals, but they are delicious.

locopuyo said...


Daymonster said...

indeed Loco, indeed.

Dammer said...

Lol, well put Pollo.