Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Tuesdays with The Daymonster

Well, I am beginning to worry that most of my posts these days have been random thoughts by me instead of the hard hitting well written news-worthy stories that you have come to expect.

Nothing makes me more mad when I get to work and don't have a good idea of what to talk about (other than the fact that I am at work). So, in honor of that I am going to make the longest random notes and thoughts post yet in hopes that it will soon rid me of this terrible writer's block once and for all. Ready? Go.

Last night I was pretty tired but I threw this wallpaper together. It is of me and Tilla but I figured it was good to have a fairly generic one until we each get our own.

- The last game we played on Valhalla, I went back and watched the film and saw three sweet kills. I assume this would be boring unless you were there so I will explain it quickly. The first one was right at the bargaining, I grabbed the missile pod and hit the man cannon, as I launched toward the center I fired at their base and I got a kill. I thought that was sweet but when I watched the film, I hit the other guy with the missile pod in midair in the face going off the man cannon.

- The second and third kill was a double kill that featured two somewhat random long range lucky grenades. One frag that made the 'hog do a barrel roll and the second plasma that stuck the bottom of the 'hog during its flip killing all on board. Believe me it was cool.

- One thing I have noticed is that every single woman who works in an office has one thing on her desk. A bottle of lotion. I think it's hand lotion but I have not investigated further. I urge you to go to a co-workers desk (SB, Josey, Unky's, take my word for it) and check out their desk. You will undoubtedly find a Jergen's, or a Vaseline labeled squirt bottle. What is it about women's hands that get so dry.

- Last night the Minnesota Vikings beat the Chicago Bears, 20-13. Even though the hometown Vikings won the game it was a brutal game to watch. But last night while I was at a bar, the Vikings came to a 4th in 1 in the 4th quarter up by 7. It was about at midfield and the Vikes decided to punt. I am not sure if you guys know my stance on punting. I am almost entirely against it. I have read some articles about it and with very limited research here is a short summary. With Devin Hester returning the kick the Vikings take an intentional delay of game to get moved back 5 yds. This time Chicago sends everyone in an attempt to block the kick and Hester gets stuffed inside the 15 yd line. It worked out this time, but I think 9/10 times you should go for it on 4th down when at half field or beyond.

- Speaking of Devin Hester. I hate him. I think he is overrated. Not overrated as a returner, but as an offensive player. Yes he is fast but he cannot catch worth shit.

- Super Crazy Guitar Man Deluxe 2 is a pretty fun game that is like a weird cheap version of Guitar Hero for Flash but it's surprisingly fun and difficult.

- 52% of all Xbox 360 owners own Halo 3. So why does everyone hate it?

- Pablito Neals love is coming into the country this week and this means we will not be playing with him for a while. At first I was very sad because it will suck to lose a good teammate during the importance of this holiday season. But then I realized it is better than the alternative of him going off to some far off land to be with her for good.

- Why did back in the day when you would take a video tape from a camcorder did it still have all that info on it. Like how much battery was left. I don't know why you would need to know that when putting the video in the VHS player. Did they not have the technology to keep that off the tape?

- Can anyone explain what MLG is really. I mean I know they have a pro circuit and stuff but. They chose their own game types and there are MLG gamers and they play over XBL. I'm just confused.

- Anyone know how the custom power up works? Where can you set the attributes. I know one MLG game type on The Pit has one that's a 3x over shield.

- Anyways, I apologize for the poor writing, and half-thought out ideas but I just want to get something out there to get some comments going.


Dammer said...

I whole heartedly agree with your stance on punting. I read Page 2 on ESPN.com daily, and the TMQ (Tuesday Morning Quarterback) never fails to provide me with great examples of when you should man up and go for it. I think you should go for it on the opponents side of the field from 3 yards out, and maybe even further. Punters screw up the coffin corner so many times anyway I'd rather have the ball in the hands of my skill players instead of boomed out of the end-zone for a net gain of 15 yards. My high school coach always said that all you have to do is average 3.3 yards per carry and you'll get a first down for every four downs (obviously his math is a little off). Prime example: Ravens vs. Dolphins at the end of the game. 4th and .5 to win the game......and you tie to eventually lose. What happened to playing with guts and/or nuts?

Unky Warthog said...

For the most part, I agree that teams punt way too often. But yesterday, with the Bears not being able to do anything on offense, I don't really mind punting. The chances that the Bears go 80+ yards to score a touchdown are so low, and even if they do, it's only a tie game. Almost any other situation, I agree to go for it, but with how many tackles for losses the Bears were getting and how bad their offense had done, I agree with the call.

Daymonster said...

I guess what bothered me about it was how the announcer, can't remember who. Wasn't Tony but I can’t remember. He said, "It's all about percentages" and I really don't think that’s true.

Just like you said the Bears Offense had been horrible (which was true their running game sucked, but our pass defense sucked even worse and you could be damn sure they were going to start passing)

Then, when you add Devin Hester you risk the bears getting even better field position than if you go for it and fail with a big return or TD. He averages probably 15 yds each punt return. I mean reasonably you are protecting 15 being liberal, 30 being conservative yds of field position for a team you said was terrible on offense.

If you make the 1st down it almost finishes the game right there. And I think the Vikes O-line should be able to push back the Bears 1 foot. I still think it was a bad move. Not as bad as others but still not a good move.

But yeah, on a fun note. I bought my plane ticket today.

Dammer said...

That was Jaws (Jaworski) I remember that comment. He's a huge dumbass. Every single time he opens his mouth I wanna put a needler in it and pull the trigger until it goes click. Either way Mike Tirico sucks too. Tony is the only reason to pay attention to that announcing crew.

Also, I just realized I referred to my high school coach above. It was actually my middle school coach seeing as I didn't play in high school. Although if I did it would have been something like this.

adeclipse said...

Guys you have to look at it another way. If you punt the ball things like this could happen.


This is my school playing about 2-3 years ago. I was at this game, and the crowd went crazy when that happened. The punter actually is the Steelers punter now. He was a dick in school especially since i had him in a bunch of classes, but it was funny to see him make that hit. He was actually recruited by Baylor to be a linebacker.

Unky Warthog said...

Weird. I really like Tirico and like Jaws for the most part. I don't think Tony has any value for his football insight and his humor is no longer funny.

Daymonster said...

I can't get the link to work addy. put it in the link here tags

Also, I kinda miss theisman the uncomfortablness with Tony and him was funny.

Daymonster said...
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Dammer said...

Really Unky? Tony gives actual insight instead of cliched sayings for me. I don't want him to be funny, just smart and non-generic. To each his own though. I'm sure there are people out there that like Madden....those horrible horrible fools. The sad thing is that he's not even at the top of my list of most hated sports analysts/announcers. That would be Skip Bayless by far.

Daymonster said...

is this the hit?

Anonymous said...

those old camcorders had options to have it on or off just like the new ones, i have one from the 80s

Dammer said...

Yeah that's it. That's a big hit. Reminiscent of how I would hit things if I was a player in the NFL and in shape.

Daymonster said...

Right... but why would you ever want to know how much battery was left when you filmed it on the VHS tape.

adeclipse said...

Yeah that's the hit daymonster. The guy hitting the returner was our punter. He probably had more hits on returners than anyone else on our team. That one made sportscenters top play. It doesn't show it in that shot, but he actually pushed a few of the gunners and guys out of the way so that he could make the hit. It was awesome.

Dammer said...

You would then know whether you need to stop recording and charge your battery before you start filming something extremely important/memorable and have the camera go dead. My pappy was pretty smart about it, he would quickly turn it on so he could see how much he had at various times of filming and then turn it off again. Of course back in those days the cameras could almost double as an ATV for how big and clunky they looked.

Daymonster said...

as big as a mongoose?

Dammer said...

Almost as big. Definately not as fast. Probably not as agile.