Thursday, December 6, 2007

Some KofC Statistics

I'd be lying if I said I was pleased with the clan participation on the site in the recent weeks. It's very selfish of you guys to not be checking/commenting every few minutes. So I had some free time since no one was on the blog and did a couple things.

New Maps Update: With the new maps less than a week away, posted some more pictures of Rats Nest, Foundry and Standoff. Or you can check out this review by some dude at HBO, it's pretty good.

And after I looked at all the cool new pictures, I took a look at some of the stats just to see what was going on with KofC.

All of these stats are for Ranked games, obviously game type choices (Team Slayer, Team Objective, Doubles, etc.) might effect these stats but they are still interesting thing to look at.

First I just wanted to see what peoples favorite weapons are it is in order of who has played the most games. It is interesting and should be noted that everyones top 3 results in somewhere between 44% and 53% of their kills (except for Tilla at 59%).

Josey Wales: 416 Games
Sniper 16.80%
Melee: 13.99%
BR: 13.42%

Unky Warthog: 398 Games
Melee: 18.07%
AR: 17.05%
Shotgun: 12.86%

The Daymonster: 365 Games
Melee: 17.32%
Shotgun: 16.30%
AR: 12.20%

Squatting Bear: 336 Games
AR: 20.37%
Melee: 14.24%
Sniper: 11.12%

TILLA1234: 281 Games
BR: 28.50%
AR: 17.19%
Sniper: 13.33%

DammerWillEatU: 255 Games
BR: 23.33%
Melee: 15.14%
AR: 15.08%

Pablito Neal: 237 Games
Melee: 24.08%
AR: 13.29%
BR: 11.62%

LocoPollo: 205 Games
Sniper: 18.72%
BR: 16.99%
AR: 15.08%

Unky Eternal: 124 Games
BR 16.99%
AR: 15.40%
Melee: 14.97%

The Second thing I looked at was average kills per game and average deaths per game. This is a little different than the K/D ratio we are so used to looking at. And I think this might be an interesting stat to look at. It's not on the Bungie website so we have to do the math ourselves. I think there is a real opportunity here. I think we could be looking at the next Moneyball.

Here is the graph of the average deaths per game, sorted from fewest to the most. Loco, Tilla, Eternal and Pablito are all under 10 deaths/game. I think that is a good goal for us all.

This is a graph of the average kills per game.

I am trying to come up with some sort of formula that can put a number on ones impact on a team. And my main question is how import are deaths, assist and kills. Obviously you can't lose if you don't die, and you can't win if you don't get a kill (besides 0-0 ties of course). What do assists do? Just thinking out loud.


Dammer said...

I don't know about assists, but if I had one of these I would play a lot better.

Anonymous said...

wow locpollo is good

Daymonster said...

Yes, Yes he is, if we could just get him to play more. Which reminds me, doesn't he have some sort of secret to update us on?

Dammer, that is sweet, did you check out the full webpage on how he made it? I really want a machine that coats things in fiberglass. Everything I had would be reinforced with fiberglass it would be sweet.

Squatting Bear said...

is it possible to look up assists easily on

Pablito Neal said...

no, you need to sign up for

Josey WaIes said...

Assists tell you people are backing up their teamates, or finishing off eneimes that are weak, which is similar to backing your teamates up.

No one likes to have thier "kills stolen" but I would be more than happy if someone "stole my kill" every time I lowerd a guy half way but he was able to ducked behind something or get around a corner.

The point is its annoying when you shoot a guy but are unable to finish him off before he escapes, this happens alot when when your fight is not super close range. I get really pissed of when this happens.

I think it is good to value assists for this reason, also note that if you are in a battle and get killed, lets say you both throw that finish blow up close and you dont win, well if someone else was there, somebody would get an assit and there is a good chance both K of C memeber would come out alive. This would be a two point swing, i.e. K of C member survives the battle so the opposing team falis to get a point, and K of C gains a point for the kill.

Point is if you see someone shooting someone shoot them too, or go help out, get the damn assist. Any K of C memeber can take a kill from me any time I will be happy with the assist if we both walk away from the fight alive and the enemy is dead, we will win more games!

Josey WaIes said...

website toby posted is sweet

Pablito Neal said...

it's really sweet but there's such a backlog of games to upload. i signed up for it a couple weeks ago but it still only has my games up to oct 20

Josey WaIes said...

is it free, i admit i did not look at it for long

Daymonster said...

I think toby posted that sight in the links section a while ago. It's pretty cool, but I really wish I could trust the stats, until they are close to bungies I am looking at the stats with a grain of salt.

Daymonster said...

and by sight i mean site