Wednesday, December 5, 2007

SB's Confession and Guardian Discussion

Last night I got a text and an IM from Squatting Bear with the simple word "Halo." Once I received said messages, I left work, chased down a bus that just passed me, ran about 2 blocks (felt like 2 miles) finally caught the bus, crammed myself on to it, much to the dismay of the elderly passengers filling up the space by the doors. Twenty minutes later I was off the bus and running into my apartment.

I get into my apartment, turn on the Xbox and anxiously anticipate a night of Halo. Squatting bear is online. Sweet.

We play a game of Team Doubles and get owned on Narrows. "It's okay I think to myself, this is just a warm up game. We have plenty of time to get things going." I think to myself.

"Oh, Shit. Rose just called," says Squatting Bear.

"What? Who cares, just ignore it, let's keep playing," I reply.

"I can't. I need to go. I need to bake with her, I must bake with her, I am nothing without her, I love her, I want to marry her. I am going to ask her to marry me tonight," screams SB as he leaves the game.

So I play a few games with some chap from England, until I finally sign off. Wondering where all my teammates are. Then I get a phone call from Pablito.

We got a good 7 games in last night. 4 Wins 1 Tie and 2 Loses.

Here was the spread:
Me: 86 Kills, 17 Assists, 62 Deaths
Pablito: 58 Kills 29 Assists, 51 Deaths

Not too bad.

KofC Picture of the Day
During last night's games I had this double sniper kill. I certainly didn't see the cloaked (seen somewhat transparent in the foreground. When I was trying to kill the guy hiding behind this wall. It was just an added bonus.

I think this discussion went pretty well yesterday so I figured we should just keep it going.


I think we have a lot of this stuff figured out but there are a few things I think we could clarify. Yesterday I took some screenshots of some areas where I think we could be more specific.

Often when we let someone know where others are we are giving general descriptions of the area for a couple reasons. A) by the time we let them know/can get there they have most likley moved and B) We are not exactly sure where they are specifically.

Times when we could be very specific is when they are crouched and hiding around a corner. Nothing can be more rewarding when you can tell one of your teammates exactly where someone is that is camping.

I am not exactly sure what we should call this area. Possibly Blue Room Lift?

I am inclined to call this the Tree Fort or Forrest. And the area where the Bubble Shield is we could call The Stump. Thoughts?

This Could be called the Branch, or Branch Ramp or some variation. (Example: He is on the branch going towards overshield. Or he is on the branch towards the Tree Fort)

This is often called sniper or over shield. I think if there is someone camping around the corner we should be able to describe it. Possibly, top of sniper ramp or bottom of sniper ramp?

Anyways, I think Elevator Room, Blue Room, Shotgun, Cloak, Middle, Hammer are all pretty straight forward. What is your guy's opinion? If this gets worn out/solved I will move on to Snowbound.

(Also, the SB conversation might have been a bit exaggerated, but much of the facts are true.)


Daymonster said...

Where is everyone?

Dammer said...

I'm having a busy day, sorry man. 3 of the pictures on this post don't show up for me either sadly. Nice cloak ownage too by the way, tis a nice little surprise.

Dammer said...

The two hallways on the side of Blue Room need names. There is the shotgun dropdown hole at the end of the one, "Above Shotgun" to mean this hallway specifically. I was leaning towards barrells until I remembered there are barrels at each tower's launcher spots. Perhaps "Wallbarrels" since they're built into the wall?

Daymonster said...

Im not sure what hall way you are talking about exactly. I get the above shotgun hall which leads to the blue room.

That ramp that goes up to the blue room from the blue room lift, and the area that is between the blue room and the elevator room. This is getting confusing.

Is toby alive?

Dammer said...

Yeah I guess the second hallway isn't a hallway. I was thinking of that handy/annoying seethrough screen thing on the side of Blue Room (upper G10). I just got what you meant by Blue Room Lift (lower G10?), you mean the launcher below the aforementioned screen area that takes you to...uh..."Upper Sniper Tower" (I7 & I8)? The ramp between OS and the forest needs a name, and it should probably be broken into two since it has a corner. Maybe upper/lower forest ramp or something. It's pretty nondescript.

Daymonster said...

The reason I thought like Branch ramp or branch could work is that the ramp is supported by the large branch but it doesnt matter as long as it's different from the other descriptions and we all use it.

Squatting Bear said...


i'm going to stab you.

Daymonster said...

in RL? anyone playing today, ill be on in 1.5hrs.

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adeclipse said...

What the crap is the post about this about? We're not getting spammed ads on the blog?

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Pablito Neal said...

this latest spammer doesn't even make an attempt to look legit. the previous two at least made me think we had some weird spanish fans out there

Daymonster said...

looking at old posts make me laugh... esp when they mention girls.

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