Monday, December 24, 2007

Christmas Update: Ratings, Breakings, Noticings

Merry Christmas Eve KofCers!

Sitting here at my parents' computer, I was placed into a dilemma. On one hand I have a small, yet important, update to share with the KofC; on the other I have to use a dial-up connection to do all my internet browsing. My current connection speed? 40.0 Kbps, to put it in KofC terms I am browsing slightly slower than Daymonster plays Halo 3. What does this mean for you? A post devoid of links, pictures, or anything similar to entertainment. What you do get is an update on the ratings calculator...isn't that good enough?

I have good and bad news to report. I'll start with the bad. The previous plan was to use an Applet to put the ratings mechanism on the website. Unfortunately after I had the basic layout and design created and coded, I discovered that Applets cannot "talk" to other servers besides the one they are hosted on unless they are signed. What does that mean? Well it means I would have to go through a long arduous process to get it signed so that I can make connections to Do I wanna do that? Hell no. The other piece of bad news is that after a series of frustrating events led me to punch the power cord on the back of my laptop multiple times in a fit of Dammer rage (see the ice scraper incident), the connection to my laptop has been compromised. Unfortunately both of my batteries are shot as well. What does this mean? This means that I placed an order for a new power supply today and it won't be here until next week perhaps. In other words production has come to a standstill on my end.

The good news: I have made a standalone version of how far I am in the ratings calculator. I plan to package it up and make it downloadable from the website as soon as I can get back onto my laptop. All you need is the latest version of Java to run it. It doesn't do anything yet, but at the least you will see what it graphically looks like. I will talk with Tilla some more, but until we figure some things out the plan is to make this a standalone app that will be available for download off of the website so that you can at least see what's happening. 

Random notes: I came home to find the Luther College yearbook placed in my room. How well was the KofC represented? Here's a breakdown:

DammerWillEatU: 77, 132, 139
Josey Wales: 77
Squatting Bear: 77
Locopollo: 77
Unky Warthog: 118, 120
Unky Eternal: no pages
UnkyPlayboy: don't know his real name

Based on this you would think that page 77 had a great picture of the KofC in action doing something, but you'd be wrong. Page 77 is the page for "Seniors Not Pictured".

That's it, enjoy your Christmas!


Daymonster said...

Good luck with the laptop. I have sympathy for you as I have broken many things in fits of rage.

Merry Christmas all, I'm off to Mexico.

locopuyo said...

It says they listed my name there in the index but they didn't. lol
There are a lot more seniors without their picture than with a picture.

Tilla said...

Where the hell am I in the yearbook??? Oh wait, I was only there for a semester last year and missed pretty much everything. Anywho, Dammer and I will definately make some headway on the ratings calculator. Now that I am back home I can actually look at stuff. Although I had 5 days off for Christmas, only the last 2 hours of it will actually be spent doing nothing...Yippy, 4 straight days of Christmas...

Dammer said...

Yeah I did see that Puyo. I looked up your name and it directed me to a swimming page or something like that. I also randomly flipped to a page and saw both Kay and Random Chick on it. I almost burned the book on the spot.

Dammer said...

Thanks to this article I no longer have any fears associated with drinking whatsoever.