Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Possible Future Knights of Cydonia: Get to Know 'Em (Unky Playboy)

Well, there is a lot of news going on today. But I will post about that later (if I have time). But first we have another interview of a person who wants to join the reputable Knights of Cydonia. Although he holds the name "Unky" it is up to us decided if he is a full fledged member or a sometimes called upon alternate.

Discuss his credential's below.

Name: Unky Playboy (AKA: Casey Rigdon)

Age: 20

Why the name Unky Playboy? Freshman year my roommates decided to call me Playboy because they claimed that I could date any girl that came into our room. I disagreed but the name stuck... Unky is self explanatory.

If you could go out drinking with any 3 people, alive or dead, who would they be? Harrison Ford, Van Morrison, John Lennon.

Same question, replace drinking with video games: The Unky Trifecta (Warthog, Eternal, and Yeager you guys might meet him soon)

Halo 1, 2, or 3? 3 and 1 cannot be compared so I like them both the most. 2 blows.

What is your favorite Halo 3 map? Pit or Valhalla depending on size of the group...however, Standoff has some promise

Least favorite Halo 3 map? Isolation

Preferred Halo 3 weapon? Plasma Grenade

Least favorite weapon? Brute Spiker or SMG

Preferred Halo 3 vehicle? Warthog

Least favorite vehicle? Brute Chopper

Greatest Halo memory? My brothers, Alex(17) and Jake(14), came up with my parents to visit so we of course had to play Halo (this is before three was out so we were playing one) My 17 year old bro is around my skill level most of the time and my other one is equivalent to the king of the 4th North Nubs. So the unkys, Eternal, Warthog and Yeager, challenged the brothers to a battle. We lost the first game but...fighting for my brother's honor in the next, I led my team to victory with a kill count of 32 and a death count in the single digits.

Worst? Whenever I get splattered by a Mongoose or killed by dual SMGs

What is your favorite beverage? Black and Tan....Pepsi if without alcohol

What is your best drinking accomplishment? I gargled with Hawk for 15 seconds....sober.

What size and type of TV do you play on? Eternal's 56" DLP Samsung.

What are your halo 3 strengths? The Grenade and then I'm pretty versatile.

Weaknesses? Fighting for my honor too much.

Best drinking memory? Drinking with my admissions counselor at the Hay market

Best drinking blackout? The night that I made strange noises for Unky Warthog...ask him about it.

What kind of player would you say you are (bear, spider, etc.)? I would say I am probably a mix between an amoeba and a mongoose.

Who would win an Halo 3 Team Slayer game? Brothers Rigdon or the Dammers? I'm biased, so brothers Rigdon.

Explain your affinity for sticky grenades. Plasma grenades are sweet. I'm left handed so I naturally squeeze the left trigger first. I think that if you can make a stick count from just outside of close range or even more so from long range, they can be one of the most effective weapons in the game.

How come you play so many video games but do not own a system or hdtv? Well I have a high def-tv at home, and a wii at home with my bros. And I have a Super Nintendo here. So I technically do have a system, but not a 360. It is on the wish-list.

Why don't you spend more time gaming and less time finding album art on iTunes? Because I have to keep up with my collection. Besides, I have to give the nubs their time.

Classic Rock or 80s? Classic Rock...but 80's is my guilty pleasure.

How much Halo 3 are you going to play in J-Term? There is no such thing as too much, but if there were, it would be that amount.

How badly do you want the Knights to come down and play as well? Really badly, its unfortunate that Luther's connection blows so bad. It would be fun to play system link with people that aren't nubs.

In 6 words or less, give your best description of who you know (but have not met) as Big Guy. "Big Tan Eighties Music Loving Man-Crusher"....or at least that's what I get from the Unkys.

Who won H3 heads up match, you or Eternal? Lets not talk about that.

You are in Choir, is that more or less lame than these three: a. being a secretary, b. having a cat, c. going tanning? Well, I would say that Choir is much less lame than all three of those. The lamest however, would probably tanning if not in preparation for a trip to somewhere warm.

You were awfully demanding with your email asking to be in KofC. What makes you KofC material? Well I didn't mean to be demanding... I just recognized the existence of my stats on the blog. I feel like I could definitely contribute to KofC because I was given the Unky title by Eternal and Warthog during the first halo match I ever played against them. And I'm pretty good.


Dammer said...

I'm fairly certain that my brother and I would probably be beat. However I am also fairly certain that my if my brother Ben played Halo he would be much better than me, perhaps as talented as Puyo. A 4 man team of Dammers would be decent methinks.

Oh yeah. I vote let him in, the more the merrier. Plus then we can do custom games and forged maps and stuff.

Squatting Bear said...

Let him in. Although I do not know him and have never played with him, I trust unky w's and unky e's judgement. Also, apparently he can bring hordes of hot chicks to KofC gatherings, which is always a plus.

Daymonster said...

Has anyone noticed (besides pablito) playboy's picture?

Dammer said...

Lol...I didn't look at it long enough I guess. Too enamored with comments.

DJmaestro said...

I must say that even though my skills are rusty the Dammer Bros would definately destroy. We're pretty intense when our reputation is on the line. Oh and daymonster I did notice the picture change almost immediately since I am a slow reader.