Friday, December 19, 2008

Great article.

Anyone who follows football at all should read this Bill Simmons article:

A few excerpts:

Gift No. 2: A Blu-Ray player ($200-250). Better than DVD in every conceivable way. I won't recommend a brand because I don't want to offend a potential sponsor. (By the way, I didn't write that last sentence.) Make sure you also buy an HDMI cable as part of the gift; women always forget that part. Would we buy you a vacuum without a great extension cord? Of course not.

I thought reader Ian in Portage, Mich., summed up the season nicely: "Hey, check out what I did for the last six hours trying to make this work all the way through. OK, Kansas City beat Oakland, which beat Denver, which beat Cleveland, which beat Cincinnati, which beat Jacksonville, which beat Green Bay, which beat Seattle, which beat San Francisco, which beat Buffalo, which beat San Diego, which beat New England, which beat the N.Y. Jets, who beat Arizona, which beat Miami, which beat St. Louis, which beat Dallas, which beat Washington, which beat New Orleans, which beat Tampa Bay, which beat Minnesota, which beat Carolina, which beat Atlanta, which beat Chicago, which beat Indianapolis, which beat Baltimore, which beat Philadelphia, which beat the N.Y. Giants, who beat Pittsburgh, which beat Houston, which beat Tennessee, which beat Detroit, which beat NOBODY."


"Surely, you grew up with Bob Barker and 'The Price is Right.' Hell, who didn't? Well, I hope you saw this call by Drew Carey from the Showcase Showdown. It makes Buck's call of the Helmet Catch sound like Gus Johnson. This is the new high point of announcing low points. As anyone who has watched this show knows, you rarely see anyone sniff $500, let alone $100 of their showcase showdown total. So what do you have here? The first contestant comes within $500 of the Showcase Showdown, then her opponent beats her by hitting the number right on the head!!!! He got it exactly!!!! This could have been -- in the arms of a decent game-show host -- the greatest game show moment of all-time. For God's sake, Drew couldn't have even faked some excitement as he paused and read off the guy's final dollar total? Would that have killed him? Instead, he looked like he just found out that tapioca had been taken off the menu in the CBS cafeteria. There has never been a worse announcer EVER! Seriously, Bob Barker needs to re-enter this show one day, WWE-style, and take Carey out. Oh My God!!!! It's the Undertaker!!!!!!!!"

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Wu-Tang Clan Ain't Nuttin' ta F*&! Wit!

As promised, I'm taking some time now to write a quick blog about the Wu-Tang Clan concert SB and I attended on Monday. That's right, the Wu-Tang Clan. I'd seen the concert advertised for a while and thought it would be interesting to go because I used to listen to them back in the day as a rebellious teenager and I still pop in a Ghostface CD every once in a while in my car. So on Sunday I asked SB if he was interested and much to my surprise he said "yea, bring da muthaf%$#in' ruckus!"

I bought the tix and then we realized we were little scared. Neither of us had been to a rap show, would there be thugs and gangsters poppin caps in the dorky white guys there? We overcame our fears (and the rotten weather) and it turns out most of Wu-Tang's fans are nerdy white guys just like us. We learned another valuable lesson too, rap shows have complete disregard for the scheduled start time. It was supposed to start at 8:00 but I suggested we show up late so we wouldn't see the opener. We got there at 8:45 and waited over an hour before the screen hiding the stage came up. And then the opener came out! They were a Wu-Tang affiliate called Ice Water. They did a few songs then the screen came back down for about another hour before we finally saw Wu. The concert finally finished up at about 1 AM, resulting in me calling in sick the next day for work.

You can see it was actually quite similar to the last concert SB and I went to, Weezer. Each band has similar gang signs and a fanbase of dorky, urban white dudes...

Here's a quick vid I took with my phone.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

The Fly Plane

Click on link then scroll down

Does anyone want to help me make this?

Monday, December 8, 2008

Laser that burns things

All you need is an old Xbox HDDVD drive and some other stuff that I don't really understand.

But you can light matches with the laser. I am sure I have a need for that.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Daymonster's Christmas List

Here is a list of some of the stuff I hope Santa Claus brings me.

1. Nerf N-Strike Vulcan EBF-25
It's a fully auto nerf gun that has a rate of fire of about 2-3 darts per second. It has a tripod for holding down the base or a strap to carry it around Josey style.

2. Wild Planet’s Spy Video ATV-360
That little eye piece fits over your eye and the ear phone goes in your (you guessed it) ear. You drive this bad boy in the girls locker room and well, you get the idea... too bad you can't record on this thing.

3. McDonald's Gift Cards

Even though they got rid of the Double Cheeseburger and now call it the McDouble because it only has one slice of cheese, I don't care I can eat it without ever leaving my building at work.

What kind of crap to you guys want?