Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Halloween Costume Pt 2.

So Adeclipse's idea of "God's Gift to Women" made it to number 7 on the "20 Costumes that will earn you a Halloween Beating"

But I think this one is way worse.

Get it? Hung like a horse! Cause it's a horse where his penis is and there is a noose around it. Wow, that is rich!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

KofC Podcast Episode 2: Auntie Eternalex Edition

Welp, I finally finished editing the second edition of the podcast. It's about 13 minutes long and mostly features an interview with Unky Eternal's "adoring" friend, Auntie Enternalex. It ends fairly abruptly at the end, because I couldn't find anything good to end it with. I still have some good audio of us playing drinking games and talking about religion, but that will have to wait for episode 3.

Something things I learned while doing this:
1- I talk really loud when I am drunk (who doesn't)
2- I get a speech impediment when I am drunk
3- It's really hard not to say peoples real names
4- I kept saying, "this is a really good podcast" and "this is good stuff" and the amount of time we have been recording, which after editing, is never accurate.
5- Puyo talks very quietly so he is impossible to capture on audio tape.
6- Some people think it's called a blogcast. Which I kind of like.
7- I thought I edited some of this crap out, but when I went back to it, it was all still in there, and I was too lazy to do it again.

Here you go, you can download the mp3 here (right click, save target).

Or you can stream it here:

Friday, October 24, 2008

Saw V and Halloween

Who knew a 2 day work week could still suck so much?

Anyway, as I am sure you are all aware, two of my favorite movie series are premiering tonight. High School Musical 3: Senior Year and Saw V. Squatting Bear, I am sure you are planning on seeing Saw V? Do you think you will have to walk out in the middle of it and come back like you did with The Strangers?

Which I just realized Dennis from Always Sunny is in that movie... strange. (no pun intended)

The recordings from last weekend are pretty interesting and sometimes annoying. Will hopefully have it up and ready to go this weekend. It would have been a lot easier to edit it if Josey wouldn't have kept calling certain girls by their full first and last name.

Halloween is almost here. What do you think the top costumes are going to be? Sarah Palin for girls? Leger Joker for guys? What is the KofC dressing up as?

I am going as a Ghostbuster and or Greenman.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Spoiler pics: Burr/Unky Warthog buys a new car

Unky warthog decided to run over all his poker opponents using his warthog skills and won some poker tournaments. Now, Unky Warthog has purchased his brand new, personal warthog-car..spoiler pics below!!!

Congratulations Unky Warthog!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Attention all Knights.

Dear Knights,

Before I begin my law work for the day I felt like we needed to clear up what is going on tomorrow. I was unable to get a reservation before 9:30, and many of you have indicated you just cannot wait that long to eat. So we must consider alternatives.

It dawned on me just moments ago that I have not participated in a large lan party in a long time, and from the poll I see many Knights would like to eat at the K of C house. Thus, I am proposing we have a lan, eat some steaks, and get wasted all night long – can anyone say Halo 1. We are going to need some more TVs and Xboxes but I am sure we can come up with those.

Please Knights share your feelings about this new idea and what you would like to do tomorrow so I can cancel the reservation if no one wants to go. If people would like to have a lan please begin debating about teams for Halo 1, Halo3, and COD4 now.

Thank you, Josey Wales

P.S. Loco is on my team.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Saturday Evening Post (Get it?)

So looks like the tentative plans are to go to Manny's at 9:30pm. From some of the comments I am not sure if everyone is on board. Before I say anything further, I want everyone to thank Josey for getting us that reservation. But Pablito, Eternal, Warthog and I are all a little concerned about the late eating time.

Some possibilities are:

  • Try and get a reservation at Ruth's Chris Steakhouse.
  • Go somewhere that is not a steakhouse. (Josey, I know, out of the question, I'm just saying)
  • Grill at the KofC Clubhouse
  • Other

I know Josey wants to make sure we go out somewhere. Understandable for a man in his situation, while the KofC is a great group of people, we don't have too many vaginas in the clan (Except maybe Adeclipse, oooh burn).

I really could care less if we go out, would rather not go to a "club" unless it's Stargate. I never made it in there last time as when I came back in the limo, there was a drunk SB wandering around the parking lot.

Nice clubs probably won't let me in with my new mustache anyway. Vote for what you want to do on the right, and comment on specifics.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

KofC, I need your help!

So I need to host a booth at my companies party about our soccer team and I need some help.

A. I need to dress up like something that has to do with soccer. I could do the classic "dress up like a soccer player" but that seems kind of lame. One idea is to some how use my new full body green spandex suit. Any ideas?

B. I need to create a booze drink that is soccer themed. This is where I feel like you guys could really help.

C. I need to create some sort of activity at the booth. Like shoot a ball in a goal, but better than that.

Seriously I need to come up with this stuff by the end of the day so anything would be helpful.

The Daymonster

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

FuggFirst/FuggFrist/Holla10/MCHolla Sighting in Chicago??

So I was riding the El the other day coming home from class, and I thought I saw Holla's slightly handicapped, larger twin brother. I thought he resembled Holla so much that I took this crappy picture with my phone. The dude behind him and his GF (not pictured) thought I was taking a picture of them and followed me off the train, or they happen to live near the same stop, either way.

I showed this to Pablito and he seemed to agree with me saying. "haha, is that [Holla] super drunk or something?"

That built my confidence that it looked like him. But then I showed it to Unky Warthog, arguably Holla's closest friend and best knower of his intricate facial features. He thought I was trying to say it looked like Josey. This is the conversation, and I think my point is a salient one.

me: does this look like anyone?
Unky Warthog: no
me: you're a fool
Unky Warthog: i mean from the title i assume you mean Josey
me: no Holla10
Unky Warthog: na
me: i don't respect your opinion
Unky Warthog: haha i know what Holla looks like better than you
me: exactly, you know what he looks like tooo much
Unky Warthog: perahps
me: you don't see his facial features in an objective way, it's all about emotions for you.
Unky Warthog: lol. i just don't think thye look that similar. i'd say if they did
me: it's like if someone showed a picture of someone they thought looked like someone I cared about I wouldn't think it looked like them, even if it did.
Unky Warthog: yeah
me: I mean Holla knows his face better than anyone, but I wouldn't believe him if he said this didn't look anything like him

So does the above picture resemble an ogreish looking Holla10? If you don't know what he looks like, you can take a look at this picture. Vote in the side bar on what you think.

UPDATE: After the Vote it was 17 saying it was a "solid impostor" and 3 saying "didn't look like him". I think it's safe to say all 3 of those votes came from Warthog.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Wins for Warthog

A week ago today things weren't looking too great for Unky Warthog. My 360 had gotten RROD for the 2nd time, I had <$1000 to my name, and for the first time in my life I was beginning to buy low-cost off-brand items at Walmart to save a few pennies.

But then I won a bunch of money. Last Tuesday night I won a $1000 tournament for $77,000 and then got 2nd in a $150 tournament for $19,000. Though I won $96,000, I kept only $36,000 because of the financial deal I was in with a very good man who may be visiting this weekend.

I was lucky enough to have Holla10, SB, Unky Eternal, and my backer stay up with me through the wee hours of the night and managed to keep the noise down while my unaware roommates slept upstairs. When there were 50 people left in the tournament Eternal asked if I would buy a carton of cigarettes if I won, and as sure as my name is Unky, I did! I bought a carton of cigarettes! Still many packs left.

The next day I went on a massive shopping spree at Walmart. I bought a new 360, a plug and play, 5 bottles of booze, a wireless router, and countless other goodies. While my poor friends were returning cans for a five cent refund I was strolling the aisles w/ Eternal putting whatever I wanted in the cart. Not since freshman year have I had money that I could be so reckless with.

And things only got better. On Friday SB, Holla10, and Auntie Eternalex (eternal's GF), came down and we partied pretty hard. Some highlights included beers at a restaurant/bar, boots, beer pong, Family Table, Great Dragon, and a case b/w SB and Holla Saturday afternoon. We also played some live poker and I swiped SB clean. That night SB and Holla were pretty strung out but they managed to muster up some strength and party once more.

We went to the local club and when the lights turned on for closing time the bar was astonished to see what was about 2L of blood on the dancefloor. Apparently some girl stepped on a bottle. Soon an ambulance came and it sounds like the girl will be alright. Much to the chagrine of Auntie Eternalex, SB woke up at 8:45 the next morning and made her give him a ride home. Holla10 and I played poker all day, with no luck, but fun was surely had by all.

I look forward to a trip to St. Paul this weekend. First clan gathering where everyone is of legal age?

Saturday Night?

This Weekend:
So as some of you know, I am making my way to Minnesota this weekend and I cleared my schedule for Saturday night. I know you guys just had a major Boozeapalooza party and are in the planning stages of a Halloween party or something, but I will be in town and I would like to hang out with as many of you as possible.

SB, I will most likely be spending the night at the KofC Clubhouse. Hopefully on a couch and not freezing my ass off under the beer pong table with my hands inside my sleeves, or on a random persons porch, or in the back of Dammer's truck.

Josey, I want to celebrate another law school victory with you, and possibly get in an argument.

Pablito, we only have so much time together before you become are first member to actually move abroad for real. Unky, Malta doesn't count.

Also, when I worked at CareerBuilder for a very short and un-enjoyable time, this dude was kind of my boss.

"That Timberlake Kid" not Christian Laettner.

Video 2:

Check out Soulja Boy talking about how he is the best at Halo 3. Sweet K/D ratio of .91.

Why are the Vikes so bad? 12 points against the Lions? Seriously?

Thank God the Bears lost, one of the best ends to a game I have seen in a long time.

Does anyone play video games anymore? Puyo, how is the 2009 Pontiac G8 GT?

got em!

After a long, trying sunday full of donkaments I figured out how to post under my name for the site (with the help of some unky's). I must admit that it was today's greatest accomplishment.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Knights of Cydonia Podcast: Episode 1

Like any good blog/website you need a podcast. So Pablito and I made one last night. Trust me it's really, really, really good. It's about 60 seconds long so be prepared to be amazed.

NOTE: It's recorded in Stereo so if you are listening to it with headphones make sure you have both in. If you don't you might only hear part of the interesting conversation.

You can also download the mp3 for listening on your iPod or other portable music player here.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Minnesota Bound

No, not the show with Ron Schara and his dog Raven.

I am going to be coming to Minnesota Friday Oct 17 and leaving Wednesday Oct 22nd. I am not sure exactly what the plans are but I will be in the area. Possibly Saturday night or on any of the weekday nights? Anyone have any plans?

Monday, October 6, 2008

Thoughts on the Death of Summer and Birth of Autumn

Well it's been official for a little while now, but it didn't finally sink in to me until this last weekend. The summer is over. Does anyone else feel like they didn't get all that they wanted out of their summer? I didn't go tubing once, which is super sad because I love tubing. I didn't go mini-golfing at the place two blocks away from me. I went actual golfing probably 6 times, which isn't too bad, but it didn't end up being enough to justify buying a new set of Pings. Maybe that will be on a wishlist for Christmas. The nice thing about Pings is that they are customizable and they have a cool website to do the sizing for you. Of course, it's better to have the sizing done by a golf pro, but at the least if you think it can be better the clubheads can be adjusted as many times as needed. I went fishing two times, neither of which was all that productive. So this made me think, what the hell did I do with my summer? Well, I played a lot of disc golf so I can't feel too bad about that. I probably went 10 - 15 times, at an average of 4 - 5 beers per time. I took a couple Saturdays to go to a city park with some coworkers to grill food, drink beer, and play bocce, horseshoes, softball, lawn golf, etc. I went to one Twin's game and watched Baker pitch a two-hit loss. I started running routinely and have lowered my weight to about 195, a ten pound drop in probably 3 months time. I also went to a couple parties in various places, and took a trip to Colorado with DanaWillEatU. Oh yeah we got an apartment together so I suppose that's a plus.

So as you can tell, the summer wasn't all that exciting. At least there's room for improvement though right? I mean, bowling league started last week and I went 105-166-212 for my first series. I switched my flex day to Friday so that Thursday night bowling can turn into Thursday night bowling and happy hour. I spent this last weekend in Ames, Iowa watching the Iowa State Cyclones almost beat Kansas. Now, I'm an Iowa fan so I don't know why I've been to an ISU game each of the last two seasons, but in either case last year was Oklahoma and that was almost an upset so I figure I've probably seen the two best games of the respective seasons. I've decided to go watch some curling matches (if that's what you call them) here in town when the season starts to see if that's a sport worth dabbling in. Pheasant season back home will start and I'll probably try to shoot me a few over Thanksgiving. In any case, I'm wondering what the Knights have planned for the fall and if anybody has anything exciting worth talking about...anyone?

Odds and ends:
- I remembered this video the other day and started to laugh to myself.
- The Vikings are beating the Saints right now, I'm fully expecting a collapse but who knows.
- SB after your last mowing attempt you should probably get one of these.
- If the company I work for wasn't lame, I'd be buying this stuff constantly.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

5 friends uncensored

I was told to send this to 5 friends, and since I don't have any friends I thought I would just post it on here.

Some of it is funny, and it mentions Halo.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

News from the Monster

After a terrible night watching the Twins season end. I have some things I want to talk to the KofC about. It's been a while since a real post and I can't say that this one will be that well written, but some of it should be interesting.

I am not exactly sure when it is, but I think it's exactly our one year anniversary. Halo 3 came out on September 25th, 2007 and it looks the first post was on Oct 1st, 2007. So to all Happy Anniversary. A lot has happened in the last year.

- Some clan members got married. (Can't find link... but it was Tilla)

- Some clan members "betrayed" the clan.

- We almost got sued.

- We talked about assists and efficiency formulas.

- We added several new members: Unky Warthog, Unky Playboy, Unky Eternal, Adeclipse, DJ Maestro, McHolla and Shoes McGee.

There is probably more than that, that has happened, but oh well.

UPDATE: Not-so-Bad News:
Squatting Bear's mom told my mom that Squatting Bear would be televised on ESPN2. I stayed up the whole time watching and I never saw him. I wasn't paying enough attention to see him in the background or something but I was paying fairly close attention to the others at the table.

SB, what gives? Were you on there? Who was at your table on day 3?

Nevermind... I found it.

Go to 6:43. Look to Phil's left.