Friday, October 5, 2007

Knights of Cydonia: Get to Know 'Em (Unky Warthog)

Every week (or so) there will be a Bio for each member of the KofC. Who better to start it off with than our newest member and team chauffeur, Unky Warthog.

Name: Unky Warthog

Age: 20

Which of your many nicknames is your favorite? Hmmm... Unky, Burr, or Two-Ton? It's gotta be Unky.

If you could go out drinking with any three people (alive, dead or video game characters) who would they be? Chris Farley and his two best friends.

Favorite Drink? Rockstar Energy Drink

Favorite Food? Pizza Hut Pepperoni Pizza

Favorite Sports Team(s)? Atlanta Braves and Dallas Cowboys

Prediction for the World Series? Rockies in 6

Favorite Video Game system? XBox 360

Favorite Video Game? Final Fantasy VII

What is your favorite Halo 3 weapon? Warthog [I was really hopping this was true according to his Bungie stats but unfortunately, it would be the assault rifle]

What is your favorite Halo 3 map? Epitaph

Halo 3 Game type? Team Slayer

Which is the best, Halo, Halo 2 or Halo 3? Halo 3

What is your favorite warthog to drive, the machine gun hog, the Gauss hog, or the 6 person transport hog? Standard Warthog please.

Your greatest Halo memory/achievement? The first day I sat in the driver seat of a Warthog in Halo 1. This is probably the greatest memory of my entire life.

Your worst Halo memory? I was standing on the middle platform in Wizard shooting a huge nub, ChrisSchveiger, when I anticipated him going up a side ramp. As he went up I threw a perfect 'nade that would have surely killed him, but because he is such a huge nub he randomly decided to turn around and run the other way.To this day I have no idea what he was thinking. It was against all reason.

What kind/size of TV, Xbox, controller, setup do you use when you game? I play on a standard XBox 360 with a black, wireless controller on a 32"Samsung LCD. To keep maximum attention, I play on a Full Tilt bar stool while I play, approximately 3 feet from my television.

There you have it. By the way, word on the street is that Mikalla69 (or something like that) wants to join the KofC too.

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