Friday, October 5, 2007

Friday's Link-O-Rama

Yeah, I stole Aaron Gleeman's Friday post idea. Deal with it.

But before we get to the links, it looks like the votes are in. Welcome to the Knights Unky! As the newest member of the KofC, there is a mandatory interview process the questions and answers will be posted on the site. We all had to do it, just ask us.

Speaking of Unky, looks like we know what his favorite weapon is outside of Halo 3, roofies!

Not that this is a surprise to any of us, but it's impressive none-the-less.

Twins fan and plays Halo 3? Sounds like KofC material to me. Although he probably sucks because he hasn't even heard of Mountain Dew Game Fuel.

This is a little creepy, I am looking forward to all the spam, junk mail and telemarketer calls all at the same time.

Good to see LocoPollo's started a blog. I've already spent hours reading it today.

As for the rest of you, send me your email addresses so I can add you to the contributor's and you can post or whatever you want. You should already have my email address.

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