Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Unky date > Halo!?

The following conversation occurred on AOL Instant Messenger at 9:21pm CST. This is copied and pasted and is word-for-word and completely accurate*

*except for the last sentence

Daymonster: halo... now.
Unky: can't
Unky: unky date
Daymonster: liar
Unky: it's true
Unky: i'll have a good blog tomorrow
Daymonster: prove it
Daymonster: as long as we have pic and lots of info
Unky: haha
Unky: i promise i will give all details and include nude pic

I think we can all look forward to Unky's next post.


Josey WaIes said...

Really looking forward to this post, hurry up Unky!!!!

Dammer said...

AGREED! I can't laugh to myself in my cubicle without something to laugh about.

hellja03 said...

Hurry Unky Hurry!! The anticipation of laughing really hard is killing me.

PabIito NeaI said...

unky, i'm eagerly awaiting the recap of this date.

Josey WaIes said...

ZOMG, there is no post yet!!

I am currently outside of the app, becuse the one time bumb gets up before noon, i dont have my keys and he locked the door and went some place, (take rose home for sure) I was really hoping a good post from Unky could bring me joy in my current hardship. I cant fucking wait for the nued photo!!!

Squatting Bear said...

unky, make with the goddamn post!