Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Welcome to the KofC Site

Soooo... what is with my recent obsession with blogs? Well, maybe its that I have a true love for journalism, or it's the fact that I really like having something to check constantly throughout the day. My guess is it's the second reason.

But in all fairness, this really won't be much of a blog in the true definition of the word. This will be a place for us (read: mostly me, I'm guessing) to constantly post anything and everything. Everyone is invited to have posting rights, anyone can comment and even change the format of the blog (like that random shit to the right ->)

Basically, I just wanted a place to say, "Hey, I plan on planning Halo 3 after my night class tonight (around 9pm CDT). Please feel free to join me." I think this could be a valuable resource for us as we pass the time until this.

Also, with the new options Halo 3 offers any screenshots or video clips can be posted on here as well.

And a final note, I am not sure, if Dammer, Tilla or Pollo want to be involved in this, but I put them on the members list anyway. I need their emails so I can send them invites so if you know please send them to me.

That is all. Feel free to use this as you want.

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