Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Video Post

Nice work Josey... good post. How much do you think Master Chief makes? I don't mean to double post over yours but I really want to show some of these videos I have been collecting over the past couple days. Happy Halloween.

I'll rank them by how sweet I think they are.
Zanzibar Level Made of Legos

Greatest (in-game) stick I have ever seen:

Pwned by Traffic Cone in The Pit

Those are a few videos that I think are worth your time.


Josey WaIes said...

wow that guy just got wrecked from that cone, so sweet

Josey WaIes said...

I downloaded a better stick, off xbox live a few weeks ago, I will have to transfer it to you on live or something, that one is good but the one i have is even better

Dammer said...

Wow. I'm gonna try so hard to kill someone with a cone now. Stats are gonna go waaaaaaaay down.

Tilla said...

I don't think there is any way to even recreate that cone rape. I wish I could do that, maybe not in a ranked playlist because that would suck...but alas, t'would be quite entertaining to actually see that in my own game.

Pablito Neal said...

burdette street gang or whatever? ha, my grandpa's name is burdette.