Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Josey to *actually* Quit Halo 3 'til after Finals??!?

Recently, I posted a blog about Josey quitting Halo 3 and Law School to pursue a career as a male model. Now, some of you may have picked up that I posted this as a joke. This blog, however, is entirely too serious:

It was about 9 p.m. last night, and Rose had just come over. The two of us were going to watch some Heroes on DVD. I wanted to watch Heroes in the big TV room, as opposed to my room, because 1. It is more comfortable, and 2. The TV is much much bigger. However, being the considerate friend, roommate, and clan member that I am, I first asked Josey if he was planning to play Halo later, as I would not want to get in the way of a fellow member's training and fun. I thought Josey would respond that yes indeed he was playing later, and we would then watch Heroes in my room. HOWEVER, that is far from the response I got. Instead, Josey responded with, and I quote here essentially word for word (as close as I can remember): "No, I won't be playing any Halo until after finals are over."

Now, let's all take a moment to appreciate the magnitude of that statement. No Halo. At all. Until after finals.

(Squatting Bear lets it sink in...)

(a bit longer...)

Okay. Josey, you do realize that is over a month of no Halo at all. Your considerable skills will rot, and KofC will be missing a key member. I post this blog not to call you out, but instead as an attempt to rally the troops and bring you to your senses. We need you Josey. I need you. I'm a mess without you. I miss your scent.

Fellow KofC members, please post your outrage and desire for Josey to return to Knights of Cydonia here.


Daymonster said...

Shutup Josey. Get your ass back to Halo 3. Halo 3 teaches you a lot about torts and civil procedure.

We need you, as I consider you the best communicator in KofC.

Unky Warthog said...

I have also thought about quitting Halo 3, but for entirely different reasons. Unky needs some money for when he travels abroad and Halo 3 is taking up for too much of his time. I have not played today and am certain this is the first day I have not played while I have had access to a console.

Josey, I hope you do not leave, but I understand your situation.

Dammer said...

Josey, your excuses for taking a leave of absence are far to ridiculous to fathom. Finals? Who needs em? You know that in the time you say you will be "studying" for finals you will be completely distracted thinking about Halo 3 anyway. Plus, might I remind you it is mere weeks away from when snow begins to fall? As soon as that happens you'll be polar bearing your way to class, making snow-master-chiefs, and using your snowboard for its true purpose instead of as a cooling rack for all of Squatting Bear's baking. You won't get a damn thing done anyway. Do the responsible, sensible, and logical thing here Josey. The KofC needs you. SB needs you. I need you. Daymonster needs you, but not as bad as he needs new internets.

Anonymous said...

Yesterday, Unky tried to tell me he was quitting and I laughed in his face. He was getting pwnt by some nubs while we were drinking some Hawk shots, (while Dave valiently carried the team). Unky finally got so frustrated that he threw down his controller (similarly to the outburst when he broke his mic). Less than a day later I caught Unky checking stats and comparing himself to the other clan members.
Already showing signs of giving in, Unky's halo deprivation doesn't look like it'll last much longer.