Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Knights of Cydonia: Get to Know 'Em (The Daymonster)

I didn't want to have to post my own Get to Know 'Em, but after I sent back my answers to Squatting Bear over two days ago, I got fidgety and posted them myself. (I promise, I did not come up with these questions they came straight from Squatting Bear, which explains why there are so good and thought-provoking)

Name: Daymonster

Age: 23

If you could go out drinking with any 3 people, alive or dead, who would they be?
The CEO of RCN (my cable company), Bill Gates and the Lead Designer of the of Halo series, so I could bitch about everything that is wrong with my game playing experience. From why my Internet is so slow, to why the pistol from Halo 1 was so quickly swept aside. I would need the massive amount of alcohol to get up the courage to go on the huge rant in front of these people.

Halo 1, 2, or 3?
Halo 1, without a doubt. Halo 1 had everyone spawning on equal playing ground, if you spawned in a battle you had a decent chance of killing people as getting killed. Then Halo 3, then Halo 2 in a distant third.

Preferred Halo 3 weapon?
Probably the shotgun. Then the BR, but the covenant rifle is becoming a close second.

Least favorite weapon?
Plasma pistol (does anyone use that POS now?)

Ghost or Banshee?
Good question. It's gotta be Banshee though, It causes a lot of problems for the other team (assuming they don't have the laser).

Best Halo memory?
The first time I played Halo 1. We were at was at Holden's house after playing some soccer. And the map was hang 'em high. I had no idea what I was doing, and I remember thinking it was dumb you could only have two weapons. I got owned but I knew that my life would never be the same.

My freshman year of college, we were playing a 8 v 8 blood gultch CTF. It was tied 2-2 and the other team had the flag, I tried to portal to the rockets as the other team was about to cap. I picked up the rockets just in time to get a long range hit on the warthog. Unfortunately they flipped and landed perfectly, and ended up capping. Obviously upset, my "friend" BastardChi said something that put me over the edge and I punched him. I have never lived that down. But I stand by my decision.

Oh... also, everytime I smashed a controller.

Ceder or Cupid?
This is the toughest question I have ever been asked. I don't know how good Cupid is at Halo 3, but I think I would take him over Ceder right now. I feel Halo 3 would play more to Cupid's strengths that I observed in Halo 1. But back in college, probably Ceder, as playing halo would generally prelude or precede massive amounts of drinking. And it was always more fun to drink with Ceder than with Cupid. (No disrespect intended.)

Who hates your more, Unky Deb or your standard NFC opponent?
Unky Deb, has a more long-standing constant hatred of the Daymonster than NFC opponents. The standard NFC opponent hates me more vehemently during the game and the few minutes after the game, but I assume (hope) that they forget about me and my tactics after the game has past and they go back to their normal, lame lives.

Why/how have you not seen Beerfest?
I am confused by this question, I, in fact, own Beerfest on BlueRay. I do however not watch it on an hourly basis while drinking boots in front of a massive TV. But that is not by choice, that is because I am at the mercy of the company I keep here in Chicago.

Aspire or moped?
Winter: Aspire… Every other season: moped. Both are death traps. But, if I got in half as many fender-benders with the moped, as I did with the Aspire, I would certainly no longer be on this earth.

Chicago or Minnesota?
Besides the fact that you generally need a DD everytime in Minnesota, there is no comparison. Minnesota is God's country, and I will never call any other place home.

What size and type of TV do you play on?
I play on a 37" LCD with one burned out pixel in the upper right corner that pisses the shit out of me. I play with a Elite 360, with a black wireless controller that is always hooked up to the charging cord, because I have never botherd to learn how to sync it to the 360.

What are you halo 3 strengths?
I can throw a grenade farther than any other player in the game.

Besides my terrible lag weakness, I am a pretty bad shot with the sniper (I am working on it) and tend to get a little over zealous when tards get the lead and then camp spots in maps.

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