Tuesday, September 2, 2008

KofC Get to Know 'Em: Maestro

How are you?
I am fairly buzzed from drinking this afternoon.

You just got back from the cross-country team trip to Colorado, what was the sweetest part of the trip?
The sweetest part was tying for 1st in our annual mini golf tournament. [Ed. Another KofC member representing the clan in activities other than vids, way to go!]

Second part of previous question: the seniors decided to not do senior night this year for what can only be a lame reason, since you're a senior next year please verify you're going to do senior night and bar-hop your way across Estes Park.
As has been discussed among us already, there is definitely going to be a senior regardless of what anybody says. [Ed. Thank God.]

Rock Band or GH?
I must say that I do like the way that GH distinguishes its different notes while playing, but Rock Band definitely beats it out right now. However, when the new GH comes out it might win this battle, the drum set looks sweet. [Ed. I hate how RB distinguishes notes on guitar/drum, but the singing looks pretty cool.]

You just turned 21, how does it feel to be of age, and what were you doing the minute that you turned 21?
Turning 21 is one of the top 2 best feelings of a person's life, but sadly when I turned 21 I was sleeping at midnight, and then running in the morning. However I did purchase beer, drink beer by playing quarters, and then proceed to carry my beer across campus to show off my age.

Everyone has a drinking habit......SB, Big Guy, and Eternal piss the bed, Dammer falls out of bed and randomly explodes in anger, Warthog swallows his own puke, Pablito talks in German and then sleeps like a petrified tree for 14 hours straight, Adeclipse blacks out and can't be held responsible for what he does, Daymonster pukes on people's vehicles (Ed. No 'monster I'm not mad, I just have only drank with you 3 times in my life and this is what popped into my head)......Maestro what's your habit?

I will say that I tend to go for the ladies. I really loosen up and come on to the ladies to a point where I probably scare them away, but hey I'm drunk so what can I do?

Follow-up: Will you ever get a girlfriend so that DanaWillEatU has someone to talk to when we come home to visit?
I am working on it. I realized that this year is the year to really go after it, and since a lot of the freshman girls are fairly hot I can't go wrong. [Ed. That's gotta be a lie, Luther girls are not hot.] Besides, once I get drunk I can at least get some bad decisions out of them, and on a sidenote, Rose Bear is still younger to SB than freshman are to me so I'm still good.

Daymonster doesn't like Smash Bros., I think that it's fun. Does Daymonster need to look past the button smashing and allow himself to have some fun? What are your embellishments/beefs about Smash Bros.?
I will say that smash bros is great, I thouroughly enjoy playing it, but I actually haven't played too much of it for a very long while. I will say that the only cool part about smash bros is the new characters. Aside from that, the new levels are sub par, and the game play is no different then melee, so what's the point of playing brawl over melee?

What's the longest distance “Buckack!!” you've ever done and was Unky Warthog the recipient?
First off, Unky Warthog was always the recipient, and he most likely always will be, but since Cody (God Dammit) is coming back for a ridiculous almost 2 years there will be some his way. [Ed. That's so sick.] The longest distance was from Brandt to Jensen (Unky had a Trombone lesson so feel free to laugh at that). 

There is one (and only one) game you can pick to play for the rest of your life, what game do you choose?
Wow, that's a tough question, but since you must realize that I have not been addicted to Halo or any of those other games due to lack of an Xbox system, I will say that I could play Zelda Ocarina of Time for the rest of my life and be happy with it. The advances that were made when that game was released, and the enjoyment of almost every part of that game is priceless. 

You recently ran 17 miles as part of your cross-country training, what is your weekly maximum for this season and do you think you could take Josey in a 30 mile race?
My weekly maximum is 80 miles, and I could easily take Josey in a 30 mile race. I say this because I could get through the first 20 miles at around 7 minute pace, and then after that I would have a decent lead on Josey so I would just have to gut out the last 10 miles. [Ed. Race-off with Josey in-between lawyer stuff?]

If you could pick one video game character to live like, who would it be and why?
I would be Link from the Zelda series. He gets every chick to want to marry him, and he pwns at teleportation by song and killing random enemies.

If you could watch in real life one video game cut-scene, what would it be and why?
It would be the cut scene when Greil from Fire Emblem Path of Radience fights the Black Knight. I have seen a lot of cut scenes, and this is so far my favorite.

Name one moment in video games that has touched you emotionally.
The moment in Baten Kaitos when Kalas your main character betrays you after 45 hours of intense gameplay. [Ed. Agreed!]

There is only one food you can eat for the rest of your life, what is it and would you consider eating it with syrup on top?
The answer is steak and yes I would consider putting syrup on top. [Ed. New recipe? ]It would probably make it even more delicious.

Chunky or creamy peanut butter?
Chunky is the way to go. I find it is like gambling because you never know if you are going to get that rotten peanut or not.

What's the best beer you've ever had? And by best don't limit yourself to taste alone, take into account any extraneous situations you may have been in.
Up to this point the best beer I have had was by brand a Keystone Light, but it came out of the very first Das Boot on the night that it arrived and changed many members of the KofC forever.


Dammer said...

I'll have an idea for a picture to add tomorrow. I went bowling right after work, and then ran and lifted at my company's fitness center so I haven't had time to make it.

locopuyo said...

lmao awesome

Daymonster said...

I enjoyed the interview thoroughly. I have no idea what 90% of the video games he mentioned were, but it's good to have some diversity in the group. Dammer do you know how to add admin rights for Meastro?

locopuyo said...

someone play too human with me damnit

adeclipse said...

So this is Dammer's brother? Sorry that I haven't been on this weekend much, and I know that I missed your tell the other day daymonster on Civilization.

I was helping Dajuicee move to Dallas this weekend and then one of my best friends died on Saturday, so my weekend was one big blur of crap.

I'll be on more in the coming days I think.

locopuyo said...

That's rough I'm sorry to hear that.

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Sorry to hear that Adeclipse. I was about to call you out on being MIA, boy am I glad I was just too lazy.

Dammer said...

Yeah that woulda been one big foot in mouth situation. Daymonster I went into the blog settings, and then to the admin settings and sent my bro an invite using his email address. I think that'll do it.