Monday, October 13, 2008

Saturday Night?

This Weekend:
So as some of you know, I am making my way to Minnesota this weekend and I cleared my schedule for Saturday night. I know you guys just had a major Boozeapalooza party and are in the planning stages of a Halloween party or something, but I will be in town and I would like to hang out with as many of you as possible.

SB, I will most likely be spending the night at the KofC Clubhouse. Hopefully on a couch and not freezing my ass off under the beer pong table with my hands inside my sleeves, or on a random persons porch, or in the back of Dammer's truck.

Josey, I want to celebrate another law school victory with you, and possibly get in an argument.

Pablito, we only have so much time together before you become are first member to actually move abroad for real. Unky, Malta doesn't count.

Also, when I worked at CareerBuilder for a very short and un-enjoyable time, this dude was kind of my boss.

"That Timberlake Kid" not Christian Laettner.

Video 2:

Check out Soulja Boy talking about how he is the best at Halo 3. Sweet K/D ratio of .91.

Why are the Vikes so bad? 12 points against the Lions? Seriously?

Thank God the Bears lost, one of the best ends to a game I have seen in a long time.

Does anyone play video games anymore? Puyo, how is the 2009 Pontiac G8 GT?


Squatting Bear said...

couch should be availabe for you on Saturday, Daymonster. Also I think there is a decent chance the Unkys will be up here as it is there Fall Break this weekend. Maybe we can have a big gathering.

Daymonster said...

Best news I have heard all week.

locopuyo said...

Adeclipse and I were playing COD4 yesterday. I saw Josey playing Halo 3 a couple days ago and various people playing Civ rev the past few days.
A while ago I downloaded a program that is pretty much an xbox live buddy list, it shows who is on your friends list and what they are playing. I don't remember the name of it, I'll comment it when I get home.
The G8 is great.

locopuyo said...


adeclipse said...

Puyo is that why every time i get onto xbox live now it says that you just signed off like 1 minute ago? The past like week or so every single time i have gotten on it has either been i've missed you by 1 or 2 minutes. Just figured i'd ask.

locopuyo said...

I think that is just a coincidence. I've been using this program over a month.