Wednesday, October 15, 2008

KofC, I need your help!

So I need to host a booth at my companies party about our soccer team and I need some help.

A. I need to dress up like something that has to do with soccer. I could do the classic "dress up like a soccer player" but that seems kind of lame. One idea is to some how use my new full body green spandex suit. Any ideas?

B. I need to create a booze drink that is soccer themed. This is where I feel like you guys could really help.

C. I need to create some sort of activity at the booth. Like shoot a ball in a goal, but better than that.

Seriously I need to come up with this stuff by the end of the day so anything would be helpful.

The Daymonster


Pablito Neal said...

1. either the green man suit or an old school soccer player. you could get a big hair wig, headband, and wear short shorts.

i'll try and think of answers to the others

adeclipse said...

I vote go naked and claim that you're a streaker.

Unky Eternal said...

How about combining the booze-themed drink with the activity? My idea is to get some ping pong balls that look like little soccer balls and use them for a 5 cup soccer-style shootout beer pong game.
Problem solved.

See you saturday, monster.