Tuesday, October 28, 2008

KofC Podcast Episode 2: Auntie Eternalex Edition

Welp, I finally finished editing the second edition of the podcast. It's about 13 minutes long and mostly features an interview with Unky Eternal's "adoring" friend, Auntie Enternalex. It ends fairly abruptly at the end, because I couldn't find anything good to end it with. I still have some good audio of us playing drinking games and talking about religion, but that will have to wait for episode 3.

Something things I learned while doing this:
1- I talk really loud when I am drunk (who doesn't)
2- I get a speech impediment when I am drunk
3- It's really hard not to say peoples real names
4- I kept saying, "this is a really good podcast" and "this is good stuff" and the amount of time we have been recording, which after editing, is never accurate.
5- Puyo talks very quietly so he is impossible to capture on audio tape.
6- Some people think it's called a blogcast. Which I kind of like.
7- I thought I edited some of this crap out, but when I went back to it, it was all still in there, and I was too lazy to do it again.

Here you go, you can download the mp3 here (right click, save target).

Or you can stream it here:


Pablito Neal said...

that is literally the best podcast i've ever been a part of. the knights knews intro might need to be shortened...

Unky Eternal said...

A lot of good stuff in there...I vaguely remember some of it.

Daymonster said...

I really like eternals info

Daymonster said...

I meant intro... not info

Unky Eternal said...

lol... I didn't realize that was me talking in the intro until just now.