Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Future KofC Get to Know 'Em: Rando/ShoesMcGee

For the people who were at the KofC Housewarming party, you might remember a lad by the name of "Rando", then again, you might not remember. Anywho, he came thinking it was a LAN party, but ended up staying for the festivities. Obviously once he met the group he wanted to join the ranks. I sent some questions a while ago and he finally got back with some answers. I will be the first to admit two things. 1) My questions are pretty terrible, it's actually quite difficult to ask interesting questions when you don't know anything about them. All I know is that he often goes to male strip clubs. (see below) This brings me to 2) I promise to stop using that picture of Josey, this is the last time I promise. I just didn't know what to do for the picture.

Here is the interview. If anyone has any better questions ask them in the comments section.

Name: Rando, Gamertag: ShoesMcGee

Age: 23

Where you live, yo?: River Falls, WI

If you could go out drinking with any three people (alive, dead or video game characters) who would they be?
George S. Patton, Gordon Freeman and Walter Sobchak.

Favorite Non-Alcholic Drink?

Favorite Food?
Cheese Curds... Wisconsin has messed me up irreversibly.

Favorite Sports Team(s)?
1986 Chicago Bears... Superbowl shuffle, FUCK YEAH (Editor's Note: That was the 1985 Bears, unless you were talking about the 1986 Bears that lost in the NFC Divisional Playoff)
Actually, not huge into sports, but I watch the Twins and Vikings if they're on. (Editor's Note: As opposed to when they are not on?)

Favorite Video Game system?

Favorite Video Game?
I wouldn't know where to start... Fallout, FFVII, Halo, Chrono Trigger, Starcraft, Company of Heroes...Can't think of any one that stands out the most.

Which is the best, Halo, Halo 2 or Halo 3?
What is Halo 2, I haven't heard of that game? The first Halo is the best.

What is your favorite FPS shooter?
It is a toss-up between Half-Life for single player, and CoD4 for multiplayer.

What is your favorite Halo 3/COD4 weapon?
Halo: The butt of my gun.
COD4: Toss up between the P90 and the M14.

What is your favorite Halo 3/COD4 map?
Halo: The Pit
COD4: Crossfire

Halo 3 Game type:
Team Slayer

Your greatest Halo memory/achievement:
Hanging out with Locopuyo and some friends, on the original Halo, and figuring out how to get on top of the map on Sidewinder and capture the flag in not that much time.

Your worst Halo memory:
Realizing how much time we wasted just fucking around to do that.

What kind/size of TV, Xbox, controller, setup do you use when you game:
42" Samsung, XB360(whatever the first one that came out was that had the hard-drive, premium I think?) Wireless controller, 5.1 surround sound, one of those helmets with the straws on it.

What are your strengths as a video game player?
I have massive thumbs... seriously.... I think that is a strength.

Short attention span when I'm losing.

Since we really don't know you very well, what is one thing that we should know about you before you enter the elite group known as KofC?
If you're playing on Live with me after 7:00 pm, I'm probably drunk... so keep that in mind and things might make more sense.

That's it. I say he is in. It's not like we are being selective.

In other news: Good luck to Squatting Bear at the WSOP. Made it through day 2. Go! Go! Go!


adeclipse said...

Sweet, i'm the first one to post on this. What is your ID on live? I'm on playing a bit still so you should ad Adeclipse to your friends list. I'll be on more since i'm done with the first summer session and second session is a lot easier. Anyways good to meet you. I'm glad i'm not the new guy now.

Daymonster said...

His live GT is: ShoesMcGee

ShoesMcGee said...

Hey hey, thanks for the invite, I'll be adding all of you guys on Live later tonight probably.

Unky Playboy said...

SNES pwn. Also, good luck SB

Unky Eternal said...

"If you're playing on Live with me after 7:00 pm, I'm probably drunk... so keep that in mind and things might make more sense".

That quote is reason enough to let mcgee join the knights.

Dammer said...

Welcome Shoes. I think we should decide upon how any current/future girlfriends for our new member will be named. ShoesMc(InsertName) or (InsertName)McGee? I like the second option I think.

Also...wsop status?