Thursday, July 31, 2008

Possible Future KofC: Get To Know 'Em: FuggFirst/MCHolla

Some of you might have known that we have another wannabe KofC member. This man goes by many names, but many of you know him as MC. Here is his interview. As always say 'yay' or 'nay' in the comment section. Who are we kidding obviously we can join, we don't have high standards.

Gamertag: fuggfirst

Explain the significance of the Gamertag: i'm retarded when it comes to setting up anything w/ the internet, so I had a friend do it for me...naturally, he messed up what my gamertag should have been "fuggfrist"- as in fuck bill frist- a guy who tried to end online poker

Age: 21!

Location: NFLD

If you could go out drinking with any three people (alive, dead or video game characters) who would they be? Chris farley, Barry Badrinath, Cup [SB and Unky's older brother]

Favorite Video Game: Halo 1 and it's not even close

Halo 1, 2 or 3? 1 obv

Favorite Fast Food Restaurant: QB Club

Favorite non-alcoholic Drink: coke

Your greatest Halo memory/achievement: Senior year in HS, myself and some
friends played a ton of halo 1, every single night, any free time- we played. We found some juniors who wanted to challenge us, but would only play on their turf- so we ended up going to this kids house and they were given a big screen with comfy couches etc.. while we were given like a 18 in screen that was mounted up at an angle on the wall- and we were down 2-0
on ctf on bloodgulch so we decided to get intense and take off our shirts, so there were 4 guys with their shirts off staring up at a screen who made an incredible 2-0 ctf comeback out of their element- capped with a winning score by going thru the portal and flagwhipping 2 people who went through before getting a ride to cap the victory...

Your worst Halo memory: when I got put on academic probation due basically to playing halo too much.... just kidding- dont think i've ever really had a terrible halo memory

What kind/size of TV, Xbox, controller, setup do you use when you game: 50 in., 360 elite/reg xbox, hamburger controller for reg xbox (big controller)- def lights off and sound up so high that i think i'm master chief.

What are your strengths as a video game player? can play long hours and not tire too much

Weaknesses: I tilt and start saying things like "why won't you fucking die" or "die you fucking tard"- I don't play optimally at those points

Why did you buy a ps3 before an xbox360?
because I wanted something that I could play blu-ray's on, and my roommate mooches off what I buy and he really wanted it.

Do you like playing alone better than on a team. Why or why not?
That's a tough one. Obviously you have to make some sacrifices when your on a team, but the satisfaction of completing a ctf cap, executing a perfect bait-kill play with your teammates is highly rewarding, but there is something about being a loner that is fun and intense- so i'd have to say loner.

You like to gamble, relate stories about gambling and video games, specifically diddy kong: haha back in 3rd grade I ran into unky warthog. We hung out at school, and finally I asked him to come over and hang out at my house- and to bring his baseball cards. We play a couple of games of Diddy Kong, and I'm letting unky win by a large margin- I then ask, "(Unky), You're really good, do you want to wager some baseball cards on the next game". Unky happily obliges thinking he's the the real king Diddy Kong master puts up his coveted Chipper Jones $15 baseball card- I don't remember what i put up, but it doesn't matter- I could have put my soul up for sale or slavery for life...I wasn't going to lose. 5 min later I crushed him in dk, and swiped his ass clean! We've been best friends ever since... [Editor's note: You swiped his ass clean?]

How much do you miss party poker? omg you don't even know
Rank the croquet players from best to worst: Me, SB(excellent
cheater) Cup, Sven, Daymontser, Unky, Eric Perkins

Without using names talk about the person who owes you 800 bucks: Haha, I thought i was the shit sophomore year of college- had a lot of money, and just won a live mtt (Multi-table tournament) so I had like 1k on me. Villian knows that I won and hawks on me to loan him 800 bucks. "I have bills to pay, I will pay you back very soon" etc etc, naturally I'm a nice guy along with a retarded one and lent him the money- after countless facebook harassments about my money and phone calls I've given it up- he's out of GA, and in deep debt- worst investment ever.

A long time ago I left my poker chips at your house, when you returned them several months later there were 4 chips missing. Do you plan on replacing those? I believe they are down in my basement- so maybe one day!

A famous person once said, "all captains of basketball teams should be able to dunk." Can you dunk? On a good day.

How will your experience as captain of the basketball team benefit KofC? We will find out. [Editor's Note: Not so fast buddy, you're not in yet.]

Do you struggle to find time to play vids/poker during basketball season? Yes, very difficult, but I found that I can sacrifice studying to make sure that I get in a healthy dose of poker and vids.

Explain your affection for artificially flavored beers (Bud light lime and Summer Shandy) They just taste good.

Best boot time? 40 oz boot- 40 sec. Full boot- 2:15. [Editor's Note: Bullshit]

Anything else you want to add? Squatting bear is really good at rigging the deck at 5 card draw- don't play with him.


Unky Warthog said...

I call BS on the boot time. I'm also appalled by the croquet rankings.

he's in.

Squatting Bear said...

i'll second the notion of b.s. on the 2:15 boot, but maybe i'm just jealous.

also i'm clearly the undisputed croquet champion.

sorry about the five card draw rigging, i had to pay for candy and baseball cards somehow!

Squatting Bear said...

oh yeah i vote yay.

Daymonster said...

Also, why do all pictures of MC have his face right up against his GF. What should we call her fuggfringle?

Pablito Neal said...

i vote yay. does ep play vids, she does other guy stuff like shotgun

Dammer said...

McPringle, McFingle

I vote yay. I also vote you ain't seen nothin' till you've played me in croquet.

DJmaestro said...

As an outside viewer I also vote yay, and I've never played croquet, but I predict myself to be pretty damn good at it.

Unky Eternal said...

Solid interview. Hell yay!

Josey WaIes said...


Fugg, do you play COD4, if not why the hell not?

fuggfrist said...

boot times are real

ep does not play vids (i once pistolwhipped her 50 times in h1, to her 0 kills...prolly not a brag or a beat tho)

ep doesn't really play vids but she plays poker; her expertise lies in $2 sngs

I've never played c0d4 but am willing to try it.

I hope one day we could have a giant croquet match/tourney to settle the dispute of best croq player- hills or poo flings for the loser(s)

The said...

KofC Croquet invitational?