Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Happy Birthday Unky Warthog

As you have noticed, I try to give out Birthday wishes to member of KofC when I can remember (read when facebook reminds me). Again, apologies to SB and any other member who I have neglected.

Birthdays in general are pretty meaningless in my humble opinion. Except for those that fall on major milestones. 16: Drive. 18:Gamble and Pornography in most states. And of course 21: Gamble, Porn, Drink in all 50 states. Pretty much you can do what ever age restricted thing you want for the rest of your life. Except of course you can't rent a car without the big insurance charge and you can't get the senior citizens discount... yet.

Either way, that's one more person in the KofC that is of legal drinking age. Eternal are you there yet? Playboy, don't even have a guess at your age. Am I missing anyone?


Unky Eternal said...

Yeah, I'm 21. Big party night tonight...prolly gonna blackout within the next 5-7 hours.

Eating Challenge Status:

Haven't really started exercising yet... The one thing I have started doing is drinking water as a substitute for soda and stuff.

Dammer said...

I've been rocking the G2 life lately. Except for Tuesday and Wednesday morning, then I had Blue Agave. And each afternoon at work I have either: Regular Dew, Code Red, Mello Yellow, or Cherry Coke. But hey for the most part I don't eat anything after 5:30 at night.

Dammer said...

Here's an interesting little piece on sports video games that will interest most of you. Personally I like the part about CPU cheating.