Friday, July 11, 2008

Squatting Bear is in the Money

Well I have only a few things to share with you. One is something that many of you know and that Pete has made it to day 4 of the WSOP and is now in the money. This means that he is the first member of the KofC to cash at the Main Event. So now we can say we are a competitive Video Game, Drinking (Josey), Poker (SB) and Eating (Daymonster & Dammer?) clan.

I think this goes without saying from all of us but, way to go Squatting Bear. All of us are proud of you. Except ShoesMcGee. I don't think he wants you to win. But he is new.

Speaking of eating, I am now no longer in the obese range, I am now a proud overweight person. I am on the high end of overweight but at least I am not grotesquely fat anymore (at least according to my BMI) So that's good. I am also growing a goatee, so we will see how that goes. So far, not so well.

And finally there is one video I think everyone needs to watch. I don't care if you can't watch youtube videos at work. You have to do it.

Well, that's about all I have for you today. It's Friday and I am taking Monday and Tuesday off so I am feeling pretty good today.

Dammer, how is your diet going? Also I agree, Shoes do you have a girlfriend? What's her name? We need to come up with the modified name.


Pablito Neal said...

holy shit! good luck sb! i showed my coworkers the chip counts and they were amazed. they've got an office poker game and some think they're pretty good. i'll keep checking for updates on the wsop site today!

DJmaestro said...

that a way SB! I always knew you were no slouch.

Unky Warthog said...

a. I am definitely a competitive eater.

b. i like that we have a new scapegoat in the clan.

c. plz win sb.

Squatting Bear said...

Thanks guys. I'm a bit short on chips today so it will most likely be a quick double up or early exit for me. It looks like I've got a pretty easy table today tho so hopefully I can make something happen.

Daymonster said...

SB's Table assignment:

B18-1: Mike Spinasanta - 249500
B18-2: Scott Montgomery - 162500
B18-3: Edward Roger - 477000
B18-4: Robert Betts - 277500
B18-5: Garrett Beckman - 192000
B18-6: Squatting Bear - 124500
B18-7: Jens Klaning - 689000
B18-8: Jeff Heyn - 103000
B18-9: Scott Landrem - 82000

Pablito Neal said...

sb's currently slaving away, 20 people have been eliminated so far. he's up 5,500


Chip Counts:

Daymonster said...

Word on the street is he busted.

He had KK and who ever busted him had TT.

Hopefully once SB regains him self, and possibly his sobriety, he can tell us a tale of how one KofC member took the WSOP by storm.

Squatting Bear said...


blinded down to 105k. Got KK in middle position with 2.5k/5k blinds. Raised to 12k, guy with 700k flat calls on the button, sb flats, bb folds. Flop T77. Button has TT. Good game me. I cashed for 27k, but I'm pretty upset right now. At least I didn't have a ton more chips, cuz I'm probably getting it in there with KK for a lot of chips if I have them, and with so few chips the hand played itself. Thanks for the support guys, I'll be back tonight around midnight.

adeclipse said...

regardless of what happened, that's awesome man. Gratz on getting that far.

ShoesMcGee said...

Nah I don't have a girlfriend. Those things are expensive

ShoesMcGee said...

Also, grats on the poker game SB

locopuyo said...

Epic Pwn yesterday in COD4.
Adeclips, Dajuicee and I won about 15 games in a row yesterday. We never lost and the enemy team never even hit 600. I didn't die 3 of the games and we dominated the top 3 spots pretty much every game. It was just a huge pwn, we were unstoppable. You guys need to play more.

Daymonster said...

My fucking Mic wouldn't work. I was there for 3 of those games.

adeclipse said...

Your mic was working fine, what are you talking about? I mean once you got by the ear bleeding static that you caused it wasn't so bad. Yeah we did dominate those games pretty badly. Pollo you definitely tore it up in those games. That one game where you went like 20-0 was pretty solid.

Also, yes we do need to play some more. I've still been playing most days at one point or another. So, if y'all are on i'll see you around.

Daymonster said...

anyone wanna try bad company. i hear its really fun

Dammer said...

Awesome SB. By the way, I was checking chip counts last week and could never find your fricken name. I think I'll be on after work tomorrow for some COD action. It's been far too long since I played.