Monday, December 17, 2007

When the Knights are Away, Unky Will Play

Sometimes being done with school is not always so great. Sure, you get to sleep in until 11 or 12, or whenever Unky Deb decides to pester you with some chores. But what is there to do once you actually get up?

Of course, I browse ESPN, reliving Sunday's unfortunate happenings and pondering outlandish obsessions (Dammer?).

Then I check my e-mail only to find that no new soft-core porn has arrived from the various sites I subscribe to.

Next I log onto KofC to find what tidbit of brilliance Daymonster has for us today, when I see a great post about Damnation! So I quickly log onto bungie. net only to find Unky has no friends online. How upsetting!

Left with a choice between trying to resurrect my dying poker career or playing H3 without the Knights I choose the former. I make a few bones, but it's really not all that much fun. And I find myself making some poor plays. So here I am, waiting until the Knights log on so I can pwn some nubblets. Hopefully I'll be able to rank up 3 to a 30. But let's face it, Unky's destined to, forever be, a Grade 3.


Daymonster said...

Most depressing post ever. You sure look happy in those pictures tho.

Daymonster said...

P.S. we have three posts today. Read them all.

Anonymous said...

done for spring break or done as in graduated?