Friday, December 7, 2007

Studying for Contracts < Posting

This is a two part post, we will start with the fun. As you can see I have posted a picture of some dude going off a sweet jump. I would like to know which K of C members would like to join me on the slopes this coming holiday break to go off some sweet jumps. My last final is the 17 after that I hope to be either playing halo, killing a deer, or going off sweet jumps with my snowboard. Please K of C members share your thoughts about when you would like to organize a trip to the slopes. I say we should all go together one day, and then come back and pick up some rollers. Slopes close around 9 so we would have plenty of time to hit the liquor store and play some halo. I know some of you are thinking why the hell do I want to go skiing or snowboarding with Josey Wales? Just because he enjoys hobbies shared by most 14 kids and I some how ended up in his halo clan does not mean I have to do shit like this does it? Well there are a few good reasons you may want to join me.

Squatting Bear, you need to get outside, you need a break from baking with Rose, and there will be booze.

Unky Eternal, you enjoy snowboarding, and there will be booze.

Unky Worthog, if you dont come who the hell is going to tell everyone else they are acting stuipd or like a little kid, who is going to get pissed when we all get wasted, and who is going to attempt to be the voice of reason when we start going of big jumps when we are drunk, no one thats why you have to come. Plus we like hanging out with you.

Pablito, championship manager and guitar hero will be there when we are done, and the soccer matches will be replayed later in the day on Fox Soccer Channel and you know it! (feed the cat before we go)

Dammer, we never fucking see you, you need to get away from your girl frined and come hang out with the losers you used to before you got your life together, and your girl friend attached that ball and chain.

Loco, seroulsy loco, where the fuck are you?

Tilla, you have to come because no one knows who you are, I mean we have never met you, which might be a good thing because you may want to drop out of the clan after you meet us. O and I realize you went to Luther, and you probably saw us a all the time, but you can go ahead and assume we were wasted all those times and dont remeber, sorry.

Finally The Daymonster, you need to get back to Minnesota to see your friends, you need to get away from your girl friend (dont tell her you are haning out with us, please!). Daymonster the slopes are the winter version of tubing, there are tons of assholes all around and you can battle them, you can yell at them from the chair lift, or waiting in line, or while you are actually going down the hill, so many people for you to battle trust me you will really enjoy it.

Yes we will also be drinking on the slopes, in case anyone forgot.

Second, it has come to my attention from Unky Eternal that someone is conspiring against K of C. Unky Eternal informed me last night that someone has conspired against the Unkys, SB and JW so we can not play together. I checked this out and it is in fact true. When SB and JW start searching for matches some warning flashes across the bottom of the screen for a second. I am not sure what this is but it is most likely part of the reason. I do not know what is causing this, but I am sure Unky is right and it is part of some larger conspiracy against our clan. I also realized that a few weeks ago Tilla was unable to join a game with SB and JW for probably the same reason, to the conspiracy is larger than we might think.


Dammer said...

What is this warning you speak of? What does it look like? What does it say? How can I hire assassins if I don't have a target?

Josey WaIes said...

The warning its some random string of numbers and letters, with a few //// marks in there , it appears only for a second or two.

Dammer said...

Yeah but, where is it on your screen? Is it in a 360 popup bubble like when you get a message over XBL? Is it only in Halo 3?

Josey WaIes said...

I only play halo three, it comes up when we are searching for games, at the bottom of the screen.

Pablito Neal said...

this sounds like a problem you should tell bungie about. or spend 5 min searching their messageboards about it.

Squatting Bear said...

i'm down for hittin the slopes.

dammer and toby,

the error is something like a our NAT network is not open.

Daymonster said...

Hey do this...

KofC helping each other

Dammer said...

Ohhhhh. In a nutshell NAT determines who you can and cannot connect to.

If you run the XBL connection test on your 360 you will be listed as strict, moderate, or open. actually has a description of what it means to be strict (Luther's was so obviously you don't want this one), moderate, or open (what you ideally want). It's a good place to look to find out what it means.

I did a google search for "Halo 3 NAT" and you can find lots of info about people tweaking the settings of their routers because of the same problem you're experiencing. I would try to post a link here directing you to a good one, but every page I try to go to is blocked at work under the category of "computer games".

Daymonster said...

the website i gave says how to fix it.

Josey WaIes said...

thaks for the tips all, hopefully we can fix it soon.

Who wants to hit the slopes and when?

Daymonster said...

I probably can't anyone wanna play halo tonigh tho?