Thursday, December 13, 2007

Thursday's Notes and Links

Pablito Neal is nearing the 1.00 K/D ratio. He is currently at .98 and climbing. Pablito has made it his goal to reach this mark by the end of the weekend. For him to do it he would have to go +54 over the next 4 nights, or about +14 kills each night. I think he can do it and we should all cheer him on... Go Pablito!

I, however, seem to be on the opposite track. Last night was by far my worst night of play since Halo 3 came out. I should have quite after the first few games. Although throughout the night, the teams I played on had a record of 11 wins and 6 losses. I posted a absolutely terrible -42 Kills to Deaths. I averaged 11.5 kills, 6 assists and a terrible, 13.25 deaths. I apologize to all of the KofC members I played with last night, but most specifically Tilla and Loco, for my -21 in the two games I played with them.

The most interesting game of the night had to be our loss to some dbags on Snowbound. We lost 50 - 38 on Team BRs. You can check out the game here. The fact that we lost isn't there interesting point, it's the fact that we had 38 kills as a team and 38 assists as a team. 100% of all the kills we had were assisted. The chances of that happening on a map with a shot gun, a sniper rifle, a laser and a ghost seem incredibly small but some how we did it. No one had less than 6 assists and I, somehow acquired 17. Earlier in the night Squatting Bear had 16 on a Team BR Isolation game.

Speaking of SB, he had some good games last night, which might explain why he wanted me to enter all the stats from last night into the new (and possibly almost done) formula. I am working on getting it all finalized, but Pablito isn't on Google Chat. I think he called in sick and is cuddling with his kitten while watching Oprah right now.

You know all those people on Live that say they are going to totally kill you in real life.? Well they might be getting a call from the police in the future. Some douche in Maryland, Allieu Shaw, has been charged with two misdemeanor counts of disrupting a school operation. He was making threats over XBL about shooting up a school while playing COD4. He faces a maximum penalty of one year in jail and/or a fine of up to $5,000... sucker.

Mini Link-O-Rama:
If anyone is in the market for a huge, yet, sweet computer, check this one out.

Squatting Bear get these rims for you car... now.

For the other guys who are rotting at work with nothing to do except imagining customizing Foundry in forge, Bungie was thinking of you. You can download this pdf and draw your changes so as not to forget them when you go home tonight.

I think we should find a bar where we could host an event like this. How sweet would it be to play rockband with lights on stage through the sound system. We just have to make up a charity.

There's a sweet Halo pic on the BBC website and a good corresponding article. w00t!

If anyone has played BioShock, this will be awfully impressive. And you can buy it on ebay!

Someone found a love letter from Unky.

Congratulations Playboy!
Congrats goes to UnkyPlayboy (why no space?) on being the latest member to join the KofC ranks. No one seemed to oppose the new, supposedly charismatic young member so I can only assume we would like him in the clan. We just don't like his name, I guess. Since we really don't have the proper medium for a speech or anything, please say a few words of gratitude and thank whomever you wish in the comment section.
Not much is going on today in the world of KofC I don't think. So please get some good discussion going so I can pass the time until I go out drinking tonight.


Pablito Neal said...

i'm gonna do it! i was +31 tuesday night, +32 yesterday night! i can't play long tonight because we've got indoor NFC but this weekend for sure. i'm going to be playing during the day Saturday and Sunday. my strategy is to play with randos on team slayer and be really selfish and steal kills. hopefully the team will lose so my rank goes down and i'll get to play against even worse people!

adeclipse said...

Hey what happened to you putting that you were wrong about the -8 and -2 on the boards?
Just to clear that question from last night up.

Daymonster said...

DAMN... I was wrong. Man I really sucked last night. I totally forgot to check cause if i did I totally would have admited to it.

Damn, i have been wrong a lot lately.

Nothing is more depressing then sitting at work and seeing adeclipse, dammer, SB and Josey all on XBL playing halo 3.

adeclipse said...

Hahaha I was just kidding man. I really don't care about the scores. Also, if it makes you feel better i'm normally not playing much during the day, my system is normally just on.

Daymonster said...

How is scene it? Having the neighbors over for some wine and cheese with you and the wifey? Charades after?

Dammer said...

I enjoy Scene It, especially the sports edition. Daymonster you should bring you 360 in to work and play on your monitor. I'll bet you could get away with it.

Daymonster said...

I have a 46" TV mounted on the wall right above my desk.

I am thinking about playing it after work some day, and im not joking at all.

adeclipse said...

Scene it rocks. I love watching movies. ESPN scene it is a good game too. As for the wine, I wish I had some wine right now. I guess budlight will do until I get some.

Unky Playboy said...

Hey guys, thanks for the acceptance, I am honored to join the ranks! Unfortunately I won't have much time to play with the Knights before Jterm starts, but once it does, I am going to rot in front of the box 'til February starts.

There is no space because for some reason it said that Unky Playboy with a space was already taken.

Good luck with upping your ratio Pablito. And thanks again to all for the addition.