Monday, December 17, 2007

Ode to the Greatest Map in the World: Damnation

According to the Weekly Bungie update they are currently playing a new batch of Downloadable Content. I am sure this won't be released for sometime but it did get me thinking. Specifically, when the Bungie people said the next installment of maps could include "Returning classics demanded by the fans."

Now, I don't think my dream has much of a chance of coming to fruition as I think I am one of a few people that loved this map. But I want to make my case to the people at Bungie to remake the greatest map in this history of all maps.... Damnation. Who could forget that lovable, Covenant Hydro-Processing Center.

I am very sad to say I cannot find a decent screen shot of any action in Damnation. The only thing that even comes close is this.

I will make my case with this following list entitled: Reasons why Damnation kicked so much ass and should be made into a Halo 3 map.

  • Damnation had great scale and vertical variation. It played so well with varied ways of avoiding enemies with misdirection and circling behind them.
  • There were several ways to get across the map, each had their advantages and disadvantages. But there wasn't one that was better than the rest.
  • The power-ups and powerful weapons (Rockets, Overshield) were low on the map requiring constant movement.
  • The weapons re-spawned fairly quickly also adding to the constant movement and exciting encounters.
  • It was not a symmetrical map, which is great for Team Slayer. But it played like one with objective game types.
  • You could grenade the power-ups to provide exciting moments to battle for power-ups (more of an attribute of Halo CE than Damnation but I think it still applies).
  • The portals created an inherent danger more than man cannons have in Halo 3. There was something exciting and awesome about a door you couldn't see through. (Unlike the standoffs between the shield doors in Snowbound, for example).
If anyone out there from Bungie is reading this (about as likely as me not getting sick from these Chipotle Burritos, yes Burritos,) please make a Damnation version for Halo 3. Here are my only suggestions for change.
  • Make it so you can't sit in the portal and constantly melee.
  • Make the low waterfall route a little more accessible and useful.


Unky Warthog said...

I couldn't agree more with the entirety of your assessment. Of all the maps in H1,2, and 3, I have by far the biggest edge against my cluster mates in Damnation. Even after hours and hours of play, it seems like you can always learn something new in Damnation. Although I hadn't specifically thought of it, your observation that it was a good map for both slayer and CTF is right on. Excellent post. I hope Bungie reads it.

Unky Warthog said...

(biggest edge aside from maps without Hogs, obviously.)

Unky Warthog said...

*maps with Hogs.

Josey WaIes said...

Its funny you posted that, I just returned from having lunch after my last final, and I was talking halo with some dudes. I want on and on about how I like Damnation, and wish it was still around.

I hope it comes back, the major change will be with now fall damage. It will make damnation different, you will be able to jump around unconcerned with your health, not a problem it will just be different.

I would also like to see hangem high, and many others from halo 1, none from halo 2.

Daymonster said...

they already did the remake of hang'em high on halo 2. I dont think hang 'em high would work as well without the pistol from halo ce though

Dammer said...

My best Halo memories come from Damnation CTF against Donut (Ramathorn and gang). They were so intense. Your post was right on. I would say though that I might choose Hang 'Em as my favorite for slayer, but Damnation was by far the most versatile, even for oddball (which is so much more fun without the ball indicator). You could even piss people off by rocket jumping onto the top of the level. I don't think I'd want them to take away the portal camp though, SB would have nothing to do otherwise and it added that little bit of fear when you went through.

Dammer said...

No you're right, Hang Em isn't Hang Em without the pistol. I actually liked the Halo 2 Warlock better than Halo 1's Wizard I think, but that's because it didn't have stupid ladders instead of lifts and it looked cooler. H3 would play pretty well on that map I think, since the AR far outstrips the SMG in usefullness.

Daymonster said...

Yeah, I'll be honest I love the portal camp I would do that shit constantly.

I remember back in the day I would be sitting in there and I could here the kids down the hall telling each other I was meleeing in the portal, so when I heard that I would move to right in front of the portal and start punching again. They would go through backwards and get assasinated. Then I would here them say where I as and I would go back in the portal and assasinate them again. They never realized I could hear them yelling.
It was great.

Dammer said...

Lol. Nubblets are by far the most interesting creatures in the world. When will Planet Earth do a documentary on them? For some reason when I think of nubblets I think of those stupid little prariedogs that poke their heads in and out of their holes in the ground as people with .22's (Josey?) wait for them to do so.