Monday, December 10, 2007

Notes from Monday

There is actually a lot to talk about today, which normally would get me all excited. But for some reason I am not in a posting mood. Yeah, it's crazy, I know. So while much of this could be expanded on, I am going to make this post relatively short, and hope you guys pick up some steam in the comments.

First and foremost, I think we are all in agreement on this, but Pablito and I wanted to make it official. We would like to formally welcome Adeclipse to the Knights of Cydonia. [Hold for Applause] Pablito and I had the pleasure of playing with him on Friday night. We played 7 games of a mix of Team Slayer and Team Doubles and we won all 7 games.

Here was Adeclipse's averages for the night: 11.5 Kills/Game, 6.7 Assists/Game and 10.3 Deaths/Game. I can say with honesty that he is a good player who communicates well and will fit in nicely with the KofC style. I was worried at first that a possible southern drawl would come off difficult to hear or annoying but, to be honest, it was quite soothing.

Although he does throw like a girl.

But anyways Christmas is getting closer and if anyone out there wants to get me anything they could get me this. It's pretty sweet but I am hoping they come out with a needler version soon.

Speaking of things getting closer, the three new maps will be released tomorrow. I am not sure how it works. Will they be released at midnight tonight? Sometime Tomorrow? I am not sure, but what I am sure of is that we should all play tomorrow night and test them out.

A lot of people have been talking about all the matchmaking shit that goes with the new maps. Well, I really suggest you read the latest update from Bungie. Looks like there are a lot of things that are going to be changing on matchmaking within the next few months. Nothing made me upset, which is rare.

A few things that actually effect us:
- They are going to be "some long requested BR Start variants and a wider map selection in the ranked play lists." I am not sure what maps they are going to change the BR start points but hopefully it will be beneficial to us.

- Team Objective will be focused on CTF (both One Flag and Multi Flag variants) and Assault. Territories, OddBall and VIP will be taken out of TO and moved into a different Matchmaking called Team Control.

- They hope to have a ranked BTB sometime in January.

I don't know how much stuff you guys read on the internets, as many of you have far better things to be doing (SB winning monies, Tilla getting married, Adeclipse being married, Josey tanning, etc.) but here are a couple of good videogame blogs I often check during my day.

And last but not least, I would like to revisit the idea of standard KofC emblem. Seems we ran into a little wall a week or two ago. I really don't care what it is and I am not sure who actually does. I think the person who cares the most on what emblem it is, might be Josey (no disrespect). So what if Josey determines his emblem (Green Wolf perhaps?) and we can either adopt it or then determine what should be the common theme.

I also, if I have time plan on making a few sample ideas and posting them so be on the look out for that! Exciting I know.


adeclipse said...

Thank you for actually accepting me into the group guys. I had fun playing the other night with y'all, even if i did horrible on that one guardian match. Hopefully we can play some more sometime soon. I just finished my last final for the semester at 10 this morning so i'm pretty much free until around January 14th or so. As for the Southern accent, do I have one? I don't really know what a southern accent would be, but that would be cool if i have one. Ok i'll see you guys around.

Dammer said...

Coincidentally the dancing elf thing is currently being used by my training class as a christmas greeting to our trainers. I would say that SB's dancing style is very similar to the moves in the link, although not as drunkenly slurred....if you can apply that to dance moves.

Josey WaIes said...

I think the emblem thing is a good idea. My point is only that I would like everyone to be free to choose.

I think if we all have something the same, no matter what it is, we dont have to all have the same emblen and people will be able to tell. I orginally suggested the same back ground emblem because I figured there has to be one back ground emblem that would fit behind everones primary, and I still belive there is.

I like this idea because then everyone is free to choose what they what for the emblem and can change it at will.

Daymonster said...

Yeah, I am down with that. What do you suggest? But the background needs to all be the same color, otherwise you will not be able to tell probably. And you can't have like the circle of the wolf covering it up, I don't think, for example.

I say we go with a Olive 'Blam' for a background.

Anonymous said...

The whole point of the emblems is so that you can quickly and easily tell who is who on the battlefield. They should be as different as possible to maximize the effectiveness.

Dammer said...

That's what callsigns are for I think. I haven't looked at anything but I have faith that whatever the KofC will choose will be fine.

Daymonster said...

anonymous... maybe in halo 2, but in halo 3 there are 3 digit call signs.