Friday, November 30, 2007

Offical KofC Emblem Discussion

Well, some of us (Squatting Bear and I) were thinking about the idea of an Official KofC Emblem. Originally we were not big fans of it, but the more and more we thought about it, the more we liked it.

First, when we play against other clans with the same emblem it could lead to some further trash talking and future set up clan matches, which would be fun. Second, studies have shown that clans with the same emblem get 30% more kills than similar clans with different emblems. And finally, it might be a good way to show support for fellow KofC members.

Anywho, there are two general ways clans have their emblems. Either everyone has the exact same emblem in the clan or everyone has some sort of variation of an emblem where each member can make it their own.

I am not partial to either one of these schools of thought. But, I think I might be getting ahead of myself with all this talk. First we need to decide if we want to even discuss a clan emblem.

But, since I already have all this thought out in my head I am going to go ahead with it as if we thought it would be a good idea to explore the option. But if we all agree it's a bad idea, at least I wasted some time in my day.

First, I suggest everyone check out the Halo 3 Emblem Generator. This is an easy way to try out different combinations without having to be on your Xbox. Also it lets you direct link to the emblems you come up with so we can all see your sweet ideas. I think everyone should come up with some ideas of what they would like either the exact emblem to look like or the basis on which we would develop our clan emblem theme.

For example: I spent a couple minutes at the Generator and came up with this idea.

Obviously the theme is the grey box with the blue background (KofC colors). But everyone is free to use what ever logo they want, (Josey, Wolf. Daymonster, Bad Ass Unicorn. etc.) I haven't see this type of theme used before so I think it's a bit original, but, maybe not.

That's just one idea, I have millions (well maybe not millions, but tens) of ideas. I think we should go with an Official Song style vote. But maybe each person can propose two emblems with a short sentence or two explaining how it would be used and it's reason (example: colors changeable, background changeable, etc.)

You can email me the link to the image that the generator provides and the reasoning for it. If everyone thinks this is lame... screw you guys.


Squatting Bear said...

i think that the emblems you posted are not similar enough, people may or may not identify us as a clan

Daymonster said...

You don't think that if we came into a game with those all on the left side of our names that people woudn't put it together?

I disagree with you but I respect your (wrong) opinion.

Please create an emblem(s) to share.

Josey WaIes said...

I disagree with SB sort of, I like that the emblems you posted are different, but just slightly similar. I think we should go with this sort style. I was thinking we should allow everyone to choose thier emblems, and then just agree on some sort of secondary (its what is behind your primary emblem) that will be the same for everyone, we could all have the same color for this secondary emblem or it could be different. I think we should allow for as much freedom in choice as possible, and be only slightly similar, (i.e. the secondary emblem), I think this for two reasons. First, I almost always make some sort of negative remark when I see a bunch of people with the same emblem, because its sort of stupid, and second, individuality is cool and we should allow for as much of it as we can.

Final note, this idea is not that much different than Daymonsters, however his would require us all to be blue, but the secondary emblem wouuld only require a simlar shape behind your primary one, as noted before it could even be different colors, thus we would only need to vote on what emblem we are going to choose, everything else is left up to each clan member.

Squatting Bear said...

monster, go home so we can play vids.
work finishes at 3 again today

Dammer said...

People will definately identify our clanliness (which is next to godliness...or so the saying goes) based on Daymonster's creations.

Josey's idea is good, but I fear that not every secondary emblem will look good behind each primary. It definately warrants some research.

Daymonster said...

I agree. I think everyone sould have the same background and possibly color. We could have have two clan colors, for primary and secondary emblem or something.

Squatting Bear said...

all, vids at 5 or 6 or whenever u get off work.