Thursday, November 29, 2007

Thursday's Thoughts

I was hoping to post Unky Eternal's interview but he is undoubtedly too drunk/hung over to answer the questions... ahh, to be young again. I can say things like that because I am currently sitting in my cubicle drinking earl grey tea and an orange juice. While I keep checking my inbox for a response from Eternal I will pass the time with a couple KofC housekeeping issues.

KofC Picture of the Day
Random Screenshot I found while scouring, might be the picture that goes up on the website.

The KofC website is up. I welcome all criticisms and suggestions. If you are viewing it with IE the front page might look goofy, which I will fix soon. But in the mean time just download Firefox, it's way better anyway.

Official Song
I was thinking about the KofC Official Song, and I wanted to add this one to the conversation. Some of you have heard it but maybe someone here hasn't. I like it and so should you. Make sure you listen to the words and the shout outs at the end.

New Google Maps!
I just upgraded to the new google maps for my blackberry. It can tell where you are without using GPS, using the towers to triangulate your location. It's cool because it's faster than GPS and it works indoors but it's not as accurate. I know what you are thinking, Big Brother right? Well, this technology is used everyday and has been used on your phones for years, so I am not worried... yet.

Best Video Game Commercials
You owe to yourself to check out GameGirl's post about the Top 7 best Video Game Commercials. The list should really be the Top 7 funniest commercials, but they are all really good. My favorites are the Zelda one and the Banned Xbox 360 one with the accompanying audition clip. Enjoy.

Shit We Need to Learn How to Do... ASAP

I have tried this stuff over and over again but I can't seem to get it, anyone want oto play around in the maps tonight and try it out?

Clan Matches
We have been challenged by a couple of clans to some Halo 3 matches. The Winged-Warriors Clan and the UK GAMERS clan. I am not going to sugar coat this: The Winged-Warriors are way better than us. Here are some of their stats: Pastemaster, WW Horizon, Phade. But to be fair they are never drunk when they play, so it's really not a fair comparison.

Not much is known of the UK GAMERS except that they are 6 hours ahead of us, that might work for SB and the Unky's but some of us gots to get our sleep.

Essentially, I'll play whoever, it will be very depressing when we lose, but we gotta try to play some other people time. We would need to agree on our 4 people who would play, I would be out probably because we cannot risk someone lagging out in the middle of a close match.

Call Sign Conundrum
Pablito recently changed his call sign to "T08" which is supposed to resemble "TOB", he brought up the idea that we all make our names easy to decipher, I know "S27" and "M84" represent SB and Josey respectfully, but I don't remember anyone elses. It's a thought that there should be some rhyme or reason to the call sign, tonight I'll change mine from "O07" to something different but I am not sure what exactly. Suggestions?

Crossword Answers
Pablito wins the prize for finishing the crossword, he got almost all the questions right, and I am sure he is the only one who tried it so he wins the prize. You can view the answers here. The prize is.... ummm... at any point in any map you can ask me for a weapon I have and I will give it to you. Yeah, that's it. Sorry it's all I could come up with.

YouTube/CNN Republican Presidential Debate
I was so upset last night about getting booted out of two games in a row due to lag, that I actually watched the republican debate on CNN, twice. Almost all the questions and answers can be seen here. It was funny watching Guliani and Mitt going at each other over immigration, and then McCain and Romney going at eachother over Waterboarding (aka torture). But my favorite part had to be when Jay Fox asked a question about gun control.

Anyway, that's about all I got for today. Please people, keep commenting and chatting, today is going to be a long day and I need KofC members to get me through it.


Anonymous said...

quote on website is not from Ricky Bobby.

New pick could be nice

Daymonster said...

well, Colonel Sanders 'originally' said it. but since he didn't really say it, ricky bobby is the one who 'said' it, but i'll change it later.

who are you anyway?

Squatting Bear said...


i personally choose to believe that colonel sanders did in fact say it.


i have gone from playing least halo 3 of any kofc clan member to by far the most. please play more often people.

Daymonster said...

fair enough, will be changed tonight.

Dammer said...

I try, but 4 nights of my week are spent going to bars. I'll make an honest effort tonight, although I did just get an email about going to watch the football game tonight somewhere since it's on the lame-ass NFL Network...stupid networks making me go spend moneys and drink at bars.

Dammer said...

Oh yeah...I'm D44.....does anyone have a problem with that? D for Dammer...get it? Seriously though, if you want it changed let me know.

Daymonster said...

muwahahah I have the NFL network... PIP tonight for sure.

Daymonster said...

But I would have functioning internet over NFL network anyday. Jokes on me.

Pablito Neal said...

i've got the nfl network too. never watched it. wonder if i can transfer it to you dammer. i'll call comcast.

Josey WaIes said...

anonymous was me in class.

Dammer, you are offically a bar fly, how do you feel about that? Are the bars in your town that sweet? I mean I know that one has free beer, but what about the rest?

Dammer said...

You know, really the bars are my kinda places. Not upscale, but not trash. They have sweet hooks, like two-fers every day, or trivia on Wednesdays, or free High Life (which ended at the end of August...tear). The places where you grab a table with your friends and get pitcher after pitcher. You don't have to worry about loud noises, or eery calmnesses. On a related topic I subbed for a team at bowling tonight, and I've officially been added to their team. Over three games we got 5 pitchers (3 guys) and then went to the bowling alley bar afterwards. It's like if any of us created a team. The Futurama movie just came out, I recommend you all get it and the 4 previous seasons.

Dammer said...

Oh yeah, those guys drink Miller Light. I wanted to puke every time I put it to my mouth...the smell/taste is seriously so bad.

Daymonster said...

"I wanted to puke every time I put it to my mouth"

Unky Warthog said...

My tag has always been M-41. This is a reference to the name of the gun on the back of a Warthog. Hopefully this clears things up.

Dammer said...

Unky what are you doing tonight? Jake told me that Eternal said I was coming over to play this so?

Pablito Neal said...

sounds good dammer, unky, eternal. i'll be on for a good while tonight, hopefully we can get josey, sb and moster as well. and puyo??

Pablito Neal said...

that atmosphere song's good and could fit us even though many people in our clan aren't partial to hip-hop. i made a song suggestion after the fact too, should we have another round of voting?