Thursday, November 29, 2007

Pollo's Whereabouts?

While typing my Environmental Economics (FWIW, public smoking ordinances seem to have no effect on the revenues of bars and restaurants. So if we were planning to look into smoking policies before buying our bar, there seems to be no need.) paper I engaged in this conversation with Loco:

locopuyo (1:39:17 AM): muahahahahahahahahhaa
biGpaPacRusTer (1:47:07 AM): wut
locopuyo (1:47:41 AM): secrets will be revealed
locopuyo (1:47:45 AM): soonh
biGpaPacRusTer (1:47:52 AM): plz do
locopuyo (1:47:55 AM): in a few days or so
biGpaPacRusTer (1:48:05 AM): will they explain your whereabouts in the past 3 weeks/
locopuyo (1:48:03 AM): muahahahahahaha
locopuyo (1:48:09 AM): mebe
locopuyo (1:48:24 AM): NOM NOM NOM
biGpaPacRusTer (1:48:31 AM): they betta
locopuyo (1:48:31 AM): = clue

Stay tuned.


Dammer said... we have hope of knowing, and knowing is half the battle.

Daymonster said...

true, i am very excited, and apparently so is loco.

Unky, where is eternals questions?

Another post is coming soon...

Daymonster said...

also, how did you post that 29 seconds after you had that conversation... I need some sort of verification this story is true.

Squatting Bear said...

i had a similar conversation with puyo the other day.

Unky Warthog said...

Eternal has received his questions but has yet to answer them as he was training for KofC (until he got too drunk to play well).

How did I post the conversation so quickly? I am constantly on my computer, usually cycling between KofC, webmail, and ESPN, and when Loco told me I happened to be browsing KofC. And clearly, that sort of news requires immediate notification.

Dammer said...

Well job. I am the type of person that likes instant gratification. Now if only Unky Eternal would instantly have his Get To Know 'Em finished.