Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Crossword Puzzle Challenge 2007!

So, no one seems to be online today and no one is commenting (entertaining me) today. So I took matters into my own hands. I have made a KofC Crossword Puzzle. The first person to complete the crossword puzzle will win a prize, a prize not yet decided. But believe me it will be a good one.

The questions are part; how well do you know your fellow KofC member, part how well do you know Halo 3, and how well can you answer a couple random questions.

Below is the crossword puzzle you can download the image by clicking on it or you can download the word document. Either way complete it, return it to me, and you will win something so valuable and awesome that I cannot even explain it on this blog.

1 Developer of Halo 3
5 Too busy to play from sex.
7 Engaged KofC member.
10 Press X you bitches.
11 Hidden things in campaign.
12 Greatest Halo 3 clan ever.
16 Squatting Bear's favorite Vehicle.
17 Will be the best map once released.
18 Green mist thing that I never use
19 Has a cat.
20 Fourth grenade that has never ever been used.

2 Delicious Citrus Cherry Soda.
3 Josey's obstacle in playing Halo (besides school).
4 Goes tanning.
6 Dammer and Daymonster's least favorite Halo 3 weapon.
8 Josey's favorite map
9 What comes before Killtacular.
13 Underused game type for team slayer.
14 Who you want waiting at the back of the base when you have the flag.
15 Kill ten opponents within 4 seconds of each other.

Good luck. (Estimated time before Josey complains about one of the questions, 15 minutes. Starting.... now.)


Unky Warthog said...

You either have a typo or an incorrect clue for 14 down. Check it out.

Daymonster said...

the answer is correct, the questions is missing a 'do' but you should be able to figure it out.

Also we have been challenged by Winged Warriors... they look good I am not going to lie. Post more about it tomorrow.

Pablito Neal said...

haha, unky it's you

Unky Warthog said...

yeah i was looking at 4 Down.

Pablito Neal said...

Best I can do...

1. Bungie
5. LocoPollo
7. Tilla
10. S_____u__
11. Skulls
12. KnightsOfColumbus
16. Ghost
17. Standoff
18. Regenerator
19. PablitoNeal
20. Firebomb___

2. GameFuel
3. Homework
4. JoseyWales
6. PlasmaPistol
8. Valhalla
9. Overkill
13. ShottySniper
14. UnkyWarthog
15. Killionaire