Thursday, November 15, 2007

Thursday's Notes

I don't want to do a full post right now as everyone is still concerned with the Official KofC Song vote. It's neck and neck and looks like Tilla will be the deciding factor. Dammer, please inform Tilla that the polls close at midnight tonight.

But life goes on and there have been some interesting news that has popped up in the last few days I think we should be aware of.

Rockband Downloadable Content
Rock Band, as you all should know by now will be released in approximately 109 hours. Which might seem like a long time but that's one sleeping session for Squatting Bear. I already pre-ordered it from GameStop and will be picking it up after work and I drop off my final project for Grad School.

But for those of you who have it pre-ordered from Best Buy you can go to the midnight launch in your area. There is only one in Illinois and it's about an hour from where I live... tempting.

Also, Harmonix and MTV has announced their plans for DLC for Rock Band. Songs are going to be available the day it comes out with each song costing $1.99 (160 Microsoft Points) or a 3 pack for $5.49 (440 Microsoft Points). Some of the bands that will be available will be Metallica, Foreigner and Weezer. The entire list of songs and dates can be seen here.

Internet Connection
So here is a quick story. I scheduled time for an RCN contractor to come out and check on my internet issues. The only time I could do it was from 5-8pm yesterday. I tried to leave early from work but something came up (formatting issues for the KofC site). So I left around 4:50pm and hoped the cable guy would arrive closer to the 8pm side of the time frame.

He wasn't.

He called me at around 5:04pm and asked if I was there. Obviously I wasn't and he said I was going to be charged $79.95 for his time and he wouldn't do anything. Needless to say I flipped out. I was on the bus yelling at the cable dude and told him that he needed to come back and unhook it cause I was switching to DSL immediately. He told me that he couldn't come back and to call RCN to unhook my service.

Anyways to make a very long story a little bit shorter, when I got back to my apartment I called him on the number he called me at and convinced him to come back. He did, apparently he had another no show (how ironic). He added an adapter to my cable that is supposed to regulate the signal that he thought was creating the problem. He wouldn't change anything from the outside, much to my anger. But...last night I tried to test to see if it helped. The few games I played online seemed to have no lag but I didn't get a large enough sample size because I couldn't enjoy playing because no KofC members were on.

So anyone up for some lag testing tonight?

Bungie's Weekly Update
I really recomend reading this. It's really interesting and sometimes it's funny. In this week's update they show where the kills and deaths happen on Gaurdian. Like I am sure most of you suspect, the yellow room with the elevator thing is where the majority of the action is. [Editor's note: Unky informed me that the map is of Sniper kills and deaths, it's still interesting though.] Here is the link to where all the weapon heat map. I was waaaay off.

Also, these updates tell you what changes are being made to the matchmaking. Like you might have realized Social Team Doubles is gone and Rocket Race (which sucks btw, but this guy likes it) has taken it's place.

KofC "Juvenile"
Check out the one comment on our video on youtube.

Daymonster Feeling Left Out
I realize that many of the members of KofC date back to the college days where drinking boots to Beerfest was the norm. But I feel out of the loop during these conversations. So with that I offer two solutions.

a. I would like to reminisce about a couple things real quick. Striker '96, TimeSplitters, Open Gym at the Armory, and the Beer Pong summer of '06. There, I got it out of my system.

b. I would like to get super drunk watching Beerfest next weekend with as many of you as possible.


Daymonster said...

Wow. for not being a full post that sure was long. sorry.

Dammer said...

For not being a full post it sure grabbed my attention long enough to read it and make me want to play video games.

Pablito Neal said...

Make no apologies daymonster. I check the site really often and love it when there's anything new to read.

Squatting Bear said...

agree with pablito. also, on getting drunk next weekend, count this guy in.

Pablito Neal said...

oh yeah, i'm in for some drankin'. can only do it on friday night i think. are the boots still around somewhere? has daymont experienced them?

Unky Warthog said...

I am definitely down for some boozin'. Dave wants to as well. And...I have one boot on my computer desk.

Squatting Bear said...

bring it unky. friday works for me.

Squatting Bear said...

poker is dumb. working on 5 straight losing days here.

Daymonster said...

SB quit before your luck runs out. Also I'm down for Friday. We can drink boots and play rockband.

Squatting Bear said...

considering. my luck/play was so bad yesterday i closed my tables and started looking at law/grad schools. then i saw that i had to write a personal statement and i went back to gambling.

Daymonster said...

come to DePaul... I didn't need a personal statement or take the GMAT. come on.

Squatting Bear said...

oh, i'll be on around 8:30 tonight

Unky Warthog said...

I was defeated by Hawk last night. God Damn Brewery!

Josey WaIes said...

Good things come to those who wait Daymonster. I assure you steps have been taken, the facts of wich only few know to bring great joy to all K of C memebers and establish new and every lasting memeories.

Everyone will know of great things to come in due time.

In the meantime, do as you normally do, but be prepared to one day face a drinking challenge few have ever known, and be prepared when that day comes to push yourself farther than you knew you could go.