Tuesday, November 13, 2007

I Feel So Dirty

I have a confession to make. I... um... cheated on Halo 3 last night. And not in the way we always do with Guitar Hero or the occasional game of Madden. I mean those are different genres, it's acceptable. Does your girlfriend get mad at you if you sleep with a midget? No. Obviously not, they provide different experiences.

But I did the unthinkable. I bought another FPS. I know, I know, it's terrible. But it gets even worse... It was really fucking good.

I purchased Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare for a couple of reasons. One, the reviews were really good and two after I beat campaign the other night and Guitar Hero III a week ago, I have nothing to play by myself during the slow 6-10pm slot after work and before the Knights of Cydonia get online.

The last few nights I have tried to play with the KofC but either they have betrayed me or the internet superweb highway has been in a traffic jam. The reviews I read said it had an awesome (yet short) campaign mode so I decided to buy it.

Last night I only played for an hour or so, beat a couple missions and then quit to try out multiplayer. Unfortunately I hadn't signed in so all my progress was lost. It's really depressing because even thought it was really fun, I don't want to play the first two levels again.

Anyways, I only played one multiplayer map but it was a blast. It's pretty different from Halo. Often in Halo you shoot without zooming in (except BR and snipes), with COD4 you are constantly aiming down the site as you strafe and dodge. You can pull out your pistol really fast so it's often used to finish off a guy after you had a battle with your AK or M14. In addition to the fun gun battles there are some really cool things that happen when you level up as you play. You get more options for classes when you enter a game, and eventually you can pick your class (you get to pick your starting and secondary weapon).

As you level up you get more attributes like the ability to enter last stand mode. Essentially when you get shot you fall down and pull out your pistol and you get a second or two to ice the guy that just killed you.

Another cool thing is when you die, it shows you the "Kill Cam" that shows what happened from your killers point of view. It's great to see how dumb of a move you just made or to see where the sniper is hiding that just nailed you in the face.

I could see how all of this might sound lame but really it's executed brilliantly and I can see how this is a game that would (similar to Halo) have unlimited replayability.

Unfortunately, the reload button is the X and not the LB so I definitely through more than my fair share of arrant grenades. In fact someone called my Unky in a game, it was quite embarrassing.

I am not saying that KofC should move to COD4 (although they do have organized clan matches) I am just saying that it's a great game and I will keep playing it as long as you guys keep betraying me on Halo.

Also there must be a bunch of Nubs playing COD4. Here was my line from my first game:

12 Kills, 7 Assists, 4 Deaths.

KofC Official Song Info
We are still waiting for a SB, Tilla and Loco addition. If they don't want to participate that's fine but please let us know. I have it all ready to go up but I need at least two more.
Also here are the rules that we (mostly me and Pablito) decided on. They are open for discussion but we thought it would be best to post the songs and possibly a one or two sentence explanation on how the song conveys KofC attitude.
Then we can all vote in the comments section. You can vote for two songs (in no particular order) but you cannot vote for your own song. Whom ever has the most votes wins the title as official song of the KofC.


Josey WaIes said...

That other game sounds good. Wish I had some time to play it, since my time is limited right now I think I will continue to devote all of it to Halo.

Song idea (which was originally mine) is good, I would make one suggestion, have the prerson who suggested the song write the discription, clearly they have a reason they chose it, it would not make sense to have one person write the commontary for all of the songs.

For those of you who do not have a song in, "come on!"

Daymonster said...

obviously the person who chose it writes it...

on that note, email the reason to me, or just post the lyrics if thats what you want.