Sunday, November 4, 2007

SB's Sickness Forces Thought About Clan Health

I like many of you was saddened by Squatting Bear’s recent sickness. It is always hard to see a fellow clan member is such pain. I have also experienced emotional trauma due to his absence from our apartment. I do enjoy the occasional and short (2-3 days) periods of solitude, Squatting Bear’s absence provides. However recently I have been having nightmares (worse than normal). I have come to the conclusion that they are partly due to SB long absence. Just the other day, I had a nightmare that I woke up in the TV room and our TV was gone, it gets worse, when I went to go look for it, I found myself staring at Michel Mires, scary I know. So what can be done to avoid this happening to any two clan members who live in close proximity to each other? (Dammer and Tillia, Unky and Unky(dave), The Daymonster and a stack of money) How can we remain healthy and avoid long expensive hospital stays? I have the solution, that will keep all clan members healthy.

Vitamins, I have gone out and got some delicious vitamins. They are Flintstones if I remember correctly. Taking vitamins every day will keep clan members in good health. I suggest you all go out and get yourself some vitamins. I could not afford the expensive gummy vitamins displayed above however I know, Daymonster, Dammer, Tillia, have the funds to buy the good gummy vitamins. For the rest of you I suggest the Flintstones.

Unless you are super rich like The Daymonster you can’t afford to be in the hospital, take vitamins!
Final note, Unky doughnuts are not vitamins.


Daymonster said...

I actually went out on Friday and bought some vitamins, one-a-day for men (yes, I am a man) for my apartment and flinstones for Anna's place.

Thank you for the advice on how to keep healthy. Cause you can't play halo if you are sick and not at work... oh wait.

Dammer said...

I myself have been taking doses of Zinc and Vitamin C to protect against the dreaded viruses. I also plan on getting a flu shot at work, however I DO NOT plan on enjoying the shot....unless I get a delicious sucker afterwards...but not the kind with gum inside.

Josey WaIes said...

Good move Daymonster, your vitamins sound expensive, expected.

Glad to hear it Dammer, what does Zinc do for you?

Also correction I am nottaking Flinstones, but Animal Shapes.

Dammer said...

Zinc is a mineral that is vital to many biological functions such as immune resistance, wound healing, digestion, reproduction, physical growth, diabetes control, taste and smell. The main biochemicals in which zinc has been found to be necessary include: enzymes and enzymatic function, carbohydrate metabolism and protein synthesis. More than 300 enzymes in the human body require zinc for proper functioning. It is estimated that 3000 of the 100,000 or so proteins involved in human life contain zinc. Many cells secrete zinc, including the pancreas (which also secretes insulin), the salivary gland, and the prostate gland. Immune cells also secrete zinc. Zinc is an important mineral which is essential for protein synthesis and which helps to regulate the production of cells in the body's immune system. Zinc is a constituent of insulin and male reproductive fluid. Stored primarily in muscle, zinc is also found in high concentrations in red and white blood cells, the retina of the eye, bones, skin, kidneys, liver, and pancreas. In men, the prostate gland stores high amounts of zinc.

Pablito Neal said...

I take Centrum (from A to Zinc) and supplement it with a healthy diet. At work I like to snack on grapes, Clementine oranges or delicious honeycrisp apples (grown in MN). I'm not too fond of vegetables but I do eat baked potatoes pretty often and there's broccoli in my fridge. With all this I still had a minor cold last week, but it's almost all cleared up.

Daymonster said...


Plagiarism is important to the Knights of Columbus even in the comment section.

please cite your sources.

Dammer said...

Yessir Blogmonster, your wish is my command. Will there be a mass quantity of KofC members playing this evening? I intend to be online as soon as the Steeler game finishes.

Pablito, you are a far better eater than I.

Daymonster said...

I plan on being on after two hours of prison break and weeds.

I was telling SB that I played Halo at my gfs place where she pays 20 dollars (3 mbps) for internet and had no lag at all (with both of them on their computers and my xbox connected to the router).

Please tell me how I can move my TV over there and get rid of her roommate. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Dammer said...

I know of someone in college that sat naked in his room at all times and accomplished his goal of having the roommate leave in under a week. This may or may not work in your situation. Another option is to politely ask her to leave for the rest of her life. Moving the TV in should be a fairly straightforward process, I used my gf to help move my old one to my truck Saturday morning so I could take it home. You could just keep moving things into their place until the roommate has no space to live.