Friday, November 16, 2007

Knights of Cydonia: Get to Know 'Em (Pablito Neal)

While Neal's answers are often short and without explanation, we get a interesting look into the mysterious creature that is, Pablito.

Enjoy the Interview. Please post any questions or clarifications in the comments section below.

Name: Toby Neal

Age: 22

If you could go out drinking with any 3 people, alive or dead, who would they be? Jesus, Muhammad, Buddha

Same question, replace drinking with soccer: George Best, Johann Cruyff, Ferenc Puskás

Same question, replace soccer with video games: Me on lead, Daymonster on drums, Dammer on bass (I understand he's really good though I've never seen him play) and 'Howlin' Pelle Almqvist with the mic. P.S. We're playing Rock Band

Halo 1, 2, or 3?
1, 3, 2

Preferred Halo 3 weapon? Shotgun

Least favorite weapon? Plasma Pistol

Preferred Halo 3 vehicle? Ghost

Least favorite vehicle? Banshee

Best Halo memory? Getting the leaked French Halo 2 and training nonstop so I could be amazing on the release date. [Editor's note: define 'amazing']

Worst? Constantly being cheated by standby-ers on Halo 2 Live

What is your favorite beverage? Guinness

What is your best drinking accomplishment? The vast amount of local beer brands I've had in the places I've traveled, also getting and drinking absinthe in the Czech Republic.

What size and type of TV do you play on? SB's giant TV

Why do you not own a 360? Mainly a money issue, not pulling in Administrative Assistant dough. [Editor's Note: It's team assistant, ass.]

What are your Halo 3 strengths? Making a game plan.

Weaknesses? Sniping

You just purchased a cat... does that mean you are gay? No, I have a girlfriend, but she's from another city, you don't know her (and she's a model, blah blah blah)

If you could be any of these Toby Neals which would you be. Techno DJ from Australia, Homeopathic practitioner in Toronto, English Photographer/Writer, or 16year old calculator Mario level maker?
The 16 year old calculator Mario level maker! Can you believe how many people have downloaded that? It's a tragedy I never uploaded the sequel and its 3 versions: Ultimate, Hard and Wyatt. [Editor's Note: My levels have been downloaded more][Interviewee's Note: Only 1 of your 3 levels had more downloads than mine and Ultimate World II would be wildly popular had it been available. I think my TI Graph Link is lying in a box somewhere...]

Which is scarier to you; Figuring out how to get out of Squatting Bear's basement with Josey, without running into Unky Deb on Sunday morning, or your computer freezing in the middle of a Championship Manager Match? I save often in CM so escaping SB's basement is much scarier. It's not that she gets angry, just disappointed. Makes you feel way worse.

Starting at what salary would you quit your current job and play Championship Manager 40 hours a week? How much would I need to live on? Maybe $15,000. Do I get overtime when I inevitably play more than 40?

Once you start drinking heavy with other clan members, what do you think is your average amount of time before you fall asleep unnoticed? 2 hours.

Follow up question, how have you passed out early so many times but avoided the wrath of the sharpie? (especially when Unky is around) I haven't drank around Unky much. I've been sharpied once in my life, in Prague by some Aussies.

How much stuff are you downloading of Bit torrent right now? I know you are! CDs: The Hives, Ingrid Michaelson, Tokyo Police Club and DVD: Almost Famous

What percentage is porn? 0%, use so my hard drive doesn't get too filled up.

Do you think your Austrian GF (who is cool, no attack), your fluency in German, and prolonged and constant returns to both Germany and its neighboring country Austria, raise any questions of your loyalty to the USA (K of C) drinking team? (specifically as we train to "compete in a super secret international competition to take on the Germans for national pride!") My loyalty to the USA politically is pretty questionable but to my clan-mates it's unwavering. If we were competing against the Germans/Austrians in a drinking competition I'd spy on their teams like Cherry did in Beerfest except I'd do my job right and hopefully not get executed.


Squatting Bear said...

nice interview. toby, pablito, halo at my place tonight? also, other KofC should play.

Daymonster said...

OMG I am going to break this computer, I just spend about 20 minutes making a picture with toby and the three dudes (who I have never heard of) playing soccer. I was almost done and the program crashed.

Tried it again, after about 10 minutes, program crashed. I should be saving along the way. But hey, fuck you.

Sorry tobs. maybe after i settle down I'll try again.

Pablito Neal said...

they're older players, especially puskás, from back when you could smoke and drink and still be a dominant player so i'd like to see what their skills were like firsthand

Dammer said...

Well job on the interview. Daymonster you should hire someone or something to auto-save for you, I know Josey could use the cash.

Squatting Bear said...

dammer, u playin tonight?

Dammer said...

Not sure yet. Cotton and Snell are staying with me since the National XC meet is at Stolaf tomorrow. They won't get to my place until 9 so inbetween happy hour and that I'm gonna try to play.

Daymonster said...

Are you going to that? Say hi to my mom if you do.

Pablito Neal said...

oh here's my definition of 'amazing' from the best Halo memory question:

having all the multiplayer maps memorized, knowing the new guns & being weened off the Halo 1 pistol and being comfortable with the slightly different physics

Josey WaIes said...

Josey will be playing tonight, once the library closes; covering SB ass, and getting kills taken from Daymonster, (get an assist one time, one time)