Thursday, October 22, 2009

LOL Runner Available Now on the Xbox Live Marketplace!

LOL Runner is now on the Xbox Live Markteplace and can be found under Indie Games in the new games section.

Race against ninjas, pirates, robots and zombies! Unlock more than 10 different runners and 5 different tracks in campaign mode. Race against or with your friends in relays, three-Legged races and more!

Download it here.

LOL Runner Official Site


locopuyo said...

It's 80 points ($1), but I also have codes for free downloads if anyone wants them.

Dammer said...

I was just looking for this the other day. I ended up purchasing "The Drinking Game" out of curiousity. Huge failure, don't waste your time. LOLRunner on the other hand, I will probably waste lots of time on. Are there online leaderboards?

locopuyo said...

There aren't any online leaderboards. You can't do "Leaderboards" for Indie games.

You can do a workaround by having anyone else currently playing the game join your session behind the scenes and share all of their scores with yours saving them to your hard drive, but it's a hell of a lot of work.

Daymonster said...

I can have the audio done this weekend.

here is my first attempt
double kill

Dammer said...

Lawlseme "Double Kill".

Are you going to do a "Killy con carne"?

locopuyo said...


We can call the multikill and killing spree stuff whatever we want.

Made a radar, works great, also made a little nav point thingy to other players that aren't in view but close to being in view.

You can have radar off, show all players, or just yourself.

You can change maps now.

DM, Team DM, and CTF all working, up to 4 teams for TDM and CTF (2-4 for CTF on maps that support it).

Can choose default weapons or instagib.

Players drop their ammo when they die and you can pick it up.

HUD shows what weapons you have and which is selected, along with number of grenades.

Added native 1080p FULL HD, game renders in 1080p if your xbox is set to it, otherwise it renders at 720p.
(note Halo 3 and COD MW's native resolution is lower than 720p)

Pablito Neal said...

wow puyo, i'll try it out over the weekend. maybe we can have a lan party over here at the kofc clubhouse before or after ufc?