Sunday, October 11, 2009

Sunday update and questions

So it looks like the blog could be back, so I feel I should just say what's up.

Josey's informal engagement party was a success, last night. We watched a very exciting USA vs Honduras game where the US qualified for the World Cup.

Today, SB, Unky Rod, Pablito and will be on our way shortly to the Twins playoff game. One of us will take a few pics to share with the group.

Also, we still need to go to the Water Park of America soon. That's about it, it's Sunday, the Vikes are 5-0 and the Twins are in the playoffs.

Also, here is a video of little kids in some strange half wrestling, half MMA fighting:

Here are some questions for the members...

Dammer, where is the post-marriage post?

Puyo, update on your video games?

Unky Warthog, does law school still suck? You a douchebag yet?

Josey, what were you thinking? (joking)

Kelly Wales, what were you thinking? (serious)

Pablito, when will you get me an application?

SB, I don't really have a question for you since you are sitting right here?

Adeclipse, you alive?

Unky Eternal, are you kind of mad you don't have that lovely wedding gift?

Unky Playboy, who are you again?

Tilla, uhh, how's it going?


Unky Warthog said...

Law school is getting a little bit better. Either that or I am starting to care less about it. I'm sure it will begin to suck again once I find it necessary to begin studying for finals.

While you were watching the USA/Honduras game I was at the Iowa/Michigan game and had a blast. I went to the Arizona and UNI games as well but they definitely didn't compare to a night game against a Big 10 rival with the #12 ranking on the line.

Congrats Josey!

Any of those weekends that Dammer is free will work for me.

And remember, the best kind of beer is an empty beer.

Pablito Neal said...

yo daymonster, i got your link right here.

just make sure to indicate that i recommended you.

locopuyo said...

Only 97 days until 24 starts? Are you guys ready?

adeclipse said...

Howdy howdy from the land of it's still hot as shit even though it's fall. I'm alive still, just been working lately. I finally just started doing vhs to dvd conversions and video editing for people. I figured i needed to make a little money. Like i said at the beginning it is still hot as hell here. Yesterday it got to 94 which sucks for the fall. We have had a few days of it being cooler, and then I was up in Colorado visiting Dajuicee's new niece.

Other than that, i've just been watching Baylor get crushed in football this year, especially after losing our star quarterback. I'm very happy that football season is back.

How has everyone else been doing lately? Congrats to everyone who has either gotten engaged or married recently. I know there are a few of y'all.