Thursday, November 18, 2010

Call of Duty

So, I figured I would start a post for Call of Duty since Daymontster mentioned not knowing that we had all been posting about it for a while. Plus, I do believe that this is the first post that i've started.

The Picture listed above is a chart that a guy made, who has made one in the past several call of duty games, that lists the damage, recoil, distance, reload times, and other useful things about the guns.

If you have anything new to say about classes, perks, kill streaks, weapons, or anything else post here.

One thing I have been noticing lately is that by switching to open sights on my guns I seem to be able to pull the gun up faster and am getting more kills per map. It is nice after having played some of the maps for a while that i've started figuring out where things are somewhat.

A while back I posted about how much I liked the Stoner63 LMG, and lately I have somewhat changed my mind on it. It is still a good mid-range gun, but I have been mainly using the AUG with open sights and extended mag lately. I find it's fire rate and recoil to be very effective. Also, I unlocked the AK-47 the other day. It is powerful, but very erratic with its recoil, so it is hard to land multiple shots in a row.

I have tried out a few guns lately to see how they perform with different attachments. The first was the AK-47. It has pretty good power, but its recoil is so high that it is hard to land multiple shots in a row. Another gun is the classified shotgun. Its only attachment is dual wield which is very powerful but it only holds 5 shots and you have to be somewhat close to the person you're shooting at to have an effect. I have found that you tend to run out of ammo pretty fast when running around with it. A while back I posted that I had unlocked the classified sniper rifle as well, and it really isn't as good as I would have hoped. It is a semi-automatic, but it lacks the power of the sniper right before it on the list, so I would not recommend it.

Anyways, let me know if anyone has anything else they have found while playing. We should try to get some people on to play some Zombies at some point soon. It was fun when we played with 4 people a while back.


adeclipse said...

If the image is hard to see here is the link to it.

Daymonster said...

I fixed the image so it was bigger.

Hope that's okay adeclipse.

I haven't read it yet, but I will in a second. Right now I am using the FAMAS and I like it so far.

I still haven't really played with any of you. Let's do that soon.

Daymonster said...

I wish there was a perk that lets you ADS faster. Is that the pro version of the faster reload?

locopuyo said...

my xbox broke, it always tells me there is no disc in the tray. I ordered a new one which will arrive sometime next week.

adeclipse said...

Yeah Daymont, that is cool that you changed the image. I would have made it bigger but I thought it would take up a lot of space so I held off on it at first. It isn't to bad right now, except it takes a second to load it seems.

Sorry I had to jump off yesterday. My wife got home and I was having a ton of lag in that game.

locopuyo said...

it's nice to be able to see the exact damage the weapons do, especially with the distance on there and silencers.
So basically any sniper rifle is a 2 shot kill with the sniper rifle and most snipers are a 1 shot kill if it's upper chest or head.

locopuyo said...

I realized when playing with my gf that to win the zombies you have to go back to that little circle platform at the very beginning after you turn the power on to win.

You can also choose the arcade top-down-shooter zombie game from the options as a level.

Oh I fixed my xbox by clearing the cache. Might play tonight and probably tomorrow. Hopefully I see you guys on.

locopuyo said...

I guess you can't win it teleports you to some other room.

p.s. I love you too.

Buck said...

I should be getting COD BO for Christmas... Maybe then I'll have something useful to post/comment about. Waiting sucks!