Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Little Help Please

So here's a quick story pasted from my personal blog:

"Returning from my visit to the USA I brought back my Xbox and several games so you'd expect by now I'd be a gamer again but it's a little tougher than that. First, we tried plugging in the Xbox power supply using a cheap travel converter (which works for laptops, cell phone chargers and other electronics) but that just caused our apartment's power to go out. We did a bit of research and found that a step-down converter was required so we ordered one and when it arrived had a little bit more luck. We plugged it in and it looked like it would work except when we plugged the Xbox power supply into the converter, nothing happened... So we returned the step-down converter and instead ordered a European Xbox power supply which had the same output voltage as my American Xbox power supply but it arrived today and when we tried plugging the European power supply into the wall, it caused the power to go out again! So we don't really know what the problem could be, it looks to me now that there might be something strange with the electricity in our apartment, but of course now when we try plugging in the European power supply nothing happens, so that means a fuse blew out in the power supply itself. It's all very frustrating and I just to want to play Oblivion again while Marlene is dying to play The Sims 3. "

Do you guys have any ideas on what I can do?? I'm really stumped after getting a European power supply and then it still causing a power outage in my apartment. The next step is we're gonna ask our land-lord (wife's uncle) if there's any limit to the electrical devices we can have plugged in simultaneously. If that fails I think we'd have to buy an Xbox Arcade Edition since I at least have a good hard drive with my current box, but do you guys have any other pieces of advice??


Dammer said...

Oh man, that's got me stumped. You could steal someone else's XBox in the area and see if theirs has the same problem.

Pablito Neal said...

Right, it doesn't make any sense!

Gotta be something wrong with the electricity in our apartment, but of course it didn't work at first because the USA and Europe have different voltages.

We wanted to take the Xbox to Marlene's parents' house this weekend to try it, but now I think the Euro power supply is busto so that probably won't work... Hopefully I'll get a new job soon, then after I'm paid, the first purchase will be a European Arcade Xbox.

Daymonster said...

I am bit worried that your problem might have stemmed from just using the outlet adapter and not starting with a step down converter.

I am surprised it didn't ruin your powersupply when you did that. In fact I think it might of.

But then you used the new power supply right?


Pablito Neal said...

got a new european power supply in the mail yesterday and it works great!! what a crazy coincidence that the first power supply we got didn't work, that really threw me for a loop.