Thursday, November 20, 2008

Forum vs Blog

I think people got confused on what I was trying to do when I posted the thing about Daymosnter's forum... Basically I was testing out the templates to see how it works for when I made

I never intended it to be a replacement for the blog. But at the same time if KofC members would have wanted something like that (like a KofC forum not Daymonsters) I would have been fine with it.

At least it would more likely for other people to be the creator of the content and not just a commenter. If I stop posting shit, people stop commenting and then I have nothing to read on the interwebs.

Basically what I am saying is... Josey where the fuck did you go? Stop being so self important and post some funny shit. Pablito, post something. Anything. Fan Fiction? SB, write another thing about Josey. Eternal make another vid. Dammer, keep up the good work on MNBaseballForum. I'm too lazy to keep writing, someone needs to help me out. I went over a year... WE went over a year... we can't let this fail now.