Sunday, January 4, 2009

Sunday Afternoon Time-wasting

Man it's been a while, I almost forgot about how much fun it can be to post. In any case, I'm wondering how everyone's Christmas/New Years was. Mine was pretty dang good, hectic but good. I went to DanaWillEatU's Mom's in Sauk Centre for Christmas, back to Owatonna to work on that Friday, to my parent's place in Iowa for the weekend, back up to DanaWillEatU's mom's on Sunday, back to Owatonna on Monday, work for two days, up to DanaWillEatU's sister's house in Hutchinson Wednesday night for New Years, back to Owatonna Friday morning. Needless to say I'm tired of riding/driving.

I don't have an engagement to announce following the holidays, but it's been crossing the mind quite frequently now. One perk of that day coming is that I won't have all of DanaWillEatU's family checking her ring finger every time we come visit.

My New Years report is far less glamourous than last year (at least I didn't get kicked out of a club), although it was quite fun. I mixed Crown and Coke all night with DanaWillEatU's brother-in-laws and watched Superbad and Eagle Eye. We all probably know how entertaining Superbad is, but I'm curious as to whether any of you know how entertaining Eagle Eye is. On a scale of 1 to 10, 1 being not entertaining and 10 being Iowa beating up on South Carolina in the Outback Bowl, this rated a 3.2 for me. I think I've gotten more enjoyment out of a Patrick Dempsey chick flick than I did out of Eagle Eye.

Holy cow, the TV just told me that the Baltimore Ravens' Ed Reed has 5 career interceptions in 3 post-season games, that's pretty damn good. Too bad the game isn't all that entertaining and I've been watching Smokey and the Bandit for much of it instead. I never would have guessed that transporting Coors east of Texas back in 1977 would be considered bootlegging. Here are some other online tidbits I've come across as of late:

- Nothing worse than an out of control beaver

- A mildly intense video

- As if we didn't already know

- A buddy at bowling showed this service from Google to me a couple weeks ago, I've already used it when I was lost trying to find DanaWillEatU and I's hotel

I'm going to make another attempt at coming up to the cities for a weekend, potentially the 24th. Go Vikings!


Daymonster said...

Good to hear from you dammer,

Couple responses to your post:
First, I got a lot of that crap about getting married but usually it was my family telling annamonster to not do it.

Second, I haven't seen eagle eye but some of it was filmed less than a block away from my apartment so I want to see if I recognize anything (it was based in chicago right?)

third, vikes suck. SB, get off the the T-Jack bandwagon.

Unky Warthog said...

SB is the conductor. If he left, the whole train would go off the tracks!

locopuyo said...

vikes punt team blows

Dammer said...

I've had many conversations at work about the Vikings and how they are the absolute lesson in futility.

Exhibit A: The coaching at the end of the first half was mind-boggling.

Exhibit B: Keeping TJack in the pocket over and over was playing to his glaring weakness instead of his strength.

Exhibit C: When they finally called a screen play for AP TJack held onto the ball too long during an all out blitz and couldn't get the pass off.

Exhibit D: An all-pro center had the worst sack of his career at one of the most important moments of his career (a la Gary Anderson?)

There wasn't a single outcome from the NFL playoffs this weekend that I enjoyed. And then Ohio State gives the game away last night and the Big 10 gets to be labeled as overrated for another season (not saying it isn't, just that I don't like it).

Dammer said...

Edit: "...had the worst SNAP of his career..."

DJmaestro said...

So I have been really stretching in order to find things to do this week since my j-term class doesn't start until Friday, and this morning I thought I would maybe play Twilight Princess again. As I started up the game I got faced with the decision on whose file I should delete. My finished game file, Dammer's finished game file, or SB's game file where he had only put 1.5 hours into the game and had only 3 of 20 possible hearts. I'm sorry SB but I thought that this was just a grand display of failure. I also thought it was kinda funny to see again. I'm sure that this is not the only instance.

locopuyo said...

Yeah, they definitely need new leadership. But the punt team pissed me off the most. I don't know how many punts I saw during the season when the ball would land at the one yard line and some retard would touch it as he ran into the end zone resulting in a touchback. I think they also tied the record for the most punts returned for touchdowns in a season too. The only guy that new what he was doing was Kluwe. It was like watching a bunch of wrestlers play basketball.

Dammer said...

Lol.....I've seen wrestlers play basketball before. Yeah the punt coverage/returning is definitely in need of a coaching change or something.


locopuyo said...

My 360 is on it's way back home. I should have it sometime next week.

Dammer, I put our easy and legendary speed runs on youtube. they are still on google video though. I'll put the normal and heroic up sometime when I get around to it. It's annoying you have to divide them into 10 minute chunks.

locopuyo said...

I'm going to be at the megalan today

Unky Warthog said...

wanna monch this evening?

locopuyo said...

sorry, didn't see the message till afterwards.

Dammer said...

Woot woot Steelers!! Way to demolish and demoralize them damn Chargers!

DJmaestro said...

I hope you all have been watching Jack Bauer kick everyone's ass once again in this exciting new season.

locopuyo said...

ja 24 all stars

adeclipse said...

Man Dajuicee loves 24, but i've never gotten into that show. I need to just watch all of the seasons on like a weekend to catch up.

locopuyo said...

lol, well it would have to be a pretty long weekend considering it's on its 7th season and each season is 24 hours long.

btw just got my box back about to jack in