Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Halo Wars: Strategy?

So, puyo and SB and I played last night from about midnight to 6am. We won 11 and lost 2. Anyone else get the game?

I don't know if we should all do warthog rushes. I think 2 people should, and then 1 builds ground units or hornets. Thoughts?


adeclipse said...

I just picked up my copy this afternoon. I'm not good at all though and probably need to go over the tutorial again on controlling everything.

adeclipse said...

Also, Dajuicee should have the game at some point tonight when he gets off of work.

locopuyo said...

yeah I agree about only 2 of the three should do hog rushes. I think 2 people rushing then the third person going for mid or late game units is a good idea.
If the 2 rushers are able to take out one opponent the third guy should be able to matchup against one of the guys left and the 2 people that rushed should be able to handle the other guy.

Daymonster said...

I have yet to lose when going for ODST though I did have a fairly close game. Those invisible sword doods are good

locopuyo said...

our 2v2 strat is really pwning, I wonder what would be good to add to it in a 3v3.

Evan said...

The best leader for a Marine Rush is Captain Cutter. Check out my Halo Wars strategy.

Captain Cutter Elephant Turtle

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