Friday, April 3, 2009

21 Day Until Brokeback Big Guy

    For my first post on this blog, I thought I would come out with some information that is important to at least a couple members of this blog. There was a headline today on the website of the Wall Street Journal that was entitled: "Iowa Court Says Gay Marriage Ban Is Unconstitutional"

    A brief summary of the article states:

"The Iowa Supreme Court says the state's same-sex marriage ban violates the constitutional rights of gay and lesbian couples, making it the third state where gay marriage is

In a unanimous ruling issued Friday, the court upheld a 2007 Polk County District Court judge's ruling that the law was unconstitutional."

This ruling will take effect after a 21 day period. So, will there be an SB and Josey marriage in three weeks? According to a video discovered by one of the KofC's bloggers (Unky Eternal), there is significant evidence for this marriage. Only time will tell on this matter.